From Mental Health to Minimalism, 12 Podcasts to Inspire and Inform Your Next Travel Adventure

While we all have a little time on our hands and flights firmly on the ground, there’s no reason we cannot still fuel our Wanderlust. You’ve maybe already ticked off the usual ways to stay inspired such as reading blog posts, catching up on Workaway interviews, watching documentaries or diving into a good guidebook but have you considered podcasts?

Podcasts are the perfect pastime jam-packed with helpful hacks, hilarious mishaps and relatable stories that at times, can feel like chatting with an old friend. With so many podcasts now available you may feel there is not enough hours in the day, so we’ve rounded up a top 10 that we hope the Workaway community will enjoy.

Whether on overnight buses or commutes into work, these stories are the perfect excuse to step away from your screen, pop your headphones on and escape to somewhere new.

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1. The Worst Traveller | Listen here

Fed up of those perfect pics posted on Instagram? Crave behind the scenes of backpacker life? Enter, the Worst Traveller.

From death threats in India to walking across frozen lakes in Canada, Tom Page invites your “ears on a journey around the world” but most importantly, with a heavy dose of disaster along the way.

The Worst Traveller only started last year so it is the perfect antidote to today’s current climate when we’re all stuck at home. Offering hilarious mishaps yet essential info, at times it will inspire you to hop on a plane, but at others, you’ll be grateful you’re sat at home ha!

podcast cover the worst traveller tom page

2. What the Pho Travel Podcast | Listen Here 

Join Nick and Amy as they share their tips, fun facts and chaos from their adventures around the globe.

Each episode is around 1 hour and covers topics such as how to travel in a campervan, volunteering and travelling on a budget as well as topical world issues such as the current Pandemic, Saving the Amazon and the Venezuelan Crisis.​​​​​​

With a sprinkling of guests, British humour and a down to earth to approach to travel, you will be taking notes in between fits of laughter.

what the pho travel podcast for lockdown

3. Nomads At The Intersections | Listen Here

Host and campervan nomad Noami Grevemberg launched Diversify Vanlife in 2019 due to a lack of representation of BIPOC within the van life community. Alongside co-host Anais Monique, this podcast is a platform to share the voices of those who are often unheard within the travel community. Through eye-opening interviews, you’ll hear from BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled and other underrepresented travellers and how they have overcome crossroads and challenges from life on the road

Although quite new to the podcast scene (the pilot was in October 2020) guests so far have covered vital topics such as environmental activism, life as a non-binary nomad and reclaiming Indigenous Sovereignty. 

podcast cover diversify van life nomads at the intersection

4. The Travel Diaries | Listen Here

For those who love interviews, this podcast should be top of your downloads. Considered the UK’s #1 Travel Podcast entertainment journalist Holly Rubenstein interviews different travellers each week about 8 chapters of their travel journey from childhood memories to their future bucket list.

Favourite guests include sustainable travel expert, Juliet Kinsman, Lonely Planet Founder Tony Wheeler and even Sir Richard Branson. Despite the big names, it’s eye-opening to hear such relatable stories and that when it comes to travel, we need to embrace both the ups and downs as they shape us to the people we are today.

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5. Man Down – The Anti Man-Up Movement | Listen Here

For many people, struggles with mental health is a motivator of why they travel. On the other hand, life on the road can be tough and often we are told to “man up” and be grateful for these experiences as we could be in worse scenarios.

This podcast hopes to change those views. By speaking with inspirational men about their mental health journey, these interviews will reveal vulnerability can be inspiring. Opening up instead of “manning up” is a powerful way to create connection and improve daily life for not only us, but others around us.

lockdown inspirational podcast mental health for men

6. Zero To Travel | Listen Here

This podcast’s ethos is “helping you travel the world on your terms no matter what your situation or experience” which immediately caught our attention. We can confirm it lives up to this promise and SO much more!

Jam-packed with inspiration and interviews they cover important topics such as transitioning from full-time work to full-time travel, getting off the beaten path and how travel can improve your mental health. Whether you’re a newbie or nomad, there is something to learn in each episode and a reason to return for more.

Thankfully, it started in 2015 so there are LOTS to listen to and keep you entertained until it’s safe to explore again.

inspiring travel podcast motivation

7. Armchair Explorer | Listen Here

If you’re on board with all things adrenaline, this is the podcast for you. From free diving to gorilla trekking, climbing Everest to walking in space The Armchair Explorer podcast does not disappoint when promising adventure storytelling. 

Each episode provides a platform for some of the world’s greatest adventurers to share their experience paired with enticing effects and music, so you immediately feel part of the action

Hosted by Aaron Millar who is an award-winning travel writer as well as  author of the books “50 Greatest Wonders of The World” and “50 Greatest National Parks of the World” you know you’re in good company!

adventure adrenaline podcast travel armchair explorer

8. On She Goes | Listen Here

On She Goes is a travel and lifestyle podcast made for women of colour, by women of colour. Not only does it aim to showcase and uplift the voices of all women of colour, but to also encourage women of colour to travel more adventurously and more often.

From road trips to romance, no stone is left unturned with crew and with 5 seasons to enjoy there is plenty of content to catch up on. Their episodes are particularly inspiring for those who currently fear solo travel as they dispel much of the media’s fear-mongering to female solo travel - an all-round inspiring listen! 

podcast inspiring woc solo female traveller podcast

9. Happy Place | Listen Here 

If you need a break from all that adrenaline, snuggle up with Happy Place which is the podcast version of a hug.

After the success of her top 10 Bestseller HAPPY, Fearne Cotton interviews inspiring people such as Wim Hof, Alicia Keys, Hillary Clinton and Matt Haig about how they find joy every day and how they’ve overcome life’s biggest hurdles

Whether you’re feeling fed up from a lack of adventures or frazzled from non-stop working this podcast is both calming yet motivating. From authors to activists, popstars to politicians it’s easy to find an interview to enjoy and well worth taking an hour out of your day to find your own Happy Place.

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10. BBC Earth | Listen Here

When it comes to nature, science and our big beautiful planet not many podcasts can compete with BBC Earth. Now in its fourth series, these immersive tales will not only guarantee itchy feet but an unrivalled passion to protect mother earth.

Despite each episode being only 30 minutes, you will quickly be transported to the sand dunes of the Sahara or dense jungles of India allowing you to switch off and appreciate nature in its bustling, beautiful glory - guided by experts who dedicate their lives to keeping it that way!

bbc earth nature virtuel travel podcast

11. Low Tox Life | Listen Here

The Low Tox life podcast goes hand in hand with the Workaway ethos. Through various experts, this podcast shares how to nourish your mind, body and soul through experiences and education instead of buying yet more stuff.

Episodes include advice on sleeping habits, building an Eco home, Climate Change, meditation and living in the present moment. It is the perfect podcast for life right now as we learn to appreciate the little things and how usually less really does mean more.

lifestyle podcast sustainability eco wellness workaway health

12. The Minimalists | Listen Here

On the topic of less is more, no podcast round-up would be complete without these legends. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus proudly call themselves Masters of Minimalism and with an audience of over 4 million people (and 80 million downloads!) I’d say, they deserve that title.

Best of all with over 270 episodes, you can enjoy endless hours of advice and inspiration as they share ways in which minimalism can improve your health, home, relationships and career.

A favourite feature of this podcast is the “quickie” episodes that are 15 minutes or less, perfect for the shower or quick coffee breaks. While minimalism can feel overwhelming, their relatable approach proves it can be easy to live a meaningful life with less.

minimalism lifestyle podcast less is more

If you’ve been missing your travel mojo, we hope these podcasts help find your spark again and fill the adventure void while backpacking is on the back burner. We’d love to know in the comments if we’ve missed any of your favourites and in the meantime pop the kettle on and TV off, you have some listening to do!


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