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Volunteer in a quality low cost community school in Kampala, Uganda
We are a low-cost private school that serves poor communities in Uganda with an emphasis on slum areas. All our pupils are from the lowest income bracket. We operate a kindergarten (ages 3 - 6) and a primary school (ages 7-13) where we deliver high ......

 United States

Help out at our hot springs and organic orchard in Coachella Valley, USA
At our hot springs here in the Coachella Valley we have natural hot baths in rock-lined pools and a non-commercial hobby orchard with 9 date palms a Mango, Mombin, Barbados cherry and Temple orange. This is a very healthy warm dry desert climate, ......


Help on our farm in a rustic fishing village, Eastern coast of Barbados
I am a single mother of a 14 year old son. We are based in a rustic fishing village on the eastern coast of Barbados. We have a small farm with crops and animals and are situated on a cliff with breathtaking views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Our ......


Help wanted with childcare in Barbados And possibly Ireland too!
Hello helpers! myself (georgina late 20's)and my husband (ryan mid 30's) are looking for someone to come to Barbados with us to help us with our 2yr old son while on extended holidays (some work) for 8-10 weeks. We live in Ireland as I'm Irish and ......