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  • Country: Chile
I am a Marine Biologist by Profession, Master in Environmental Law and Master in Natural Resources, I live with Frida who is my dog and with my dad from Monday to Thursday. I am currently starting a new business dedicating my efforts to teaching ......

  • Country: Chile
  • Feedback: 3
Together with my girlfriend we are the owners of a lodge in Atacama region. Our lodge has 6 years of operation.The lodge is located on the Atacama region coast,located 74 kms. to the north west of the city of Copiapo and 1000 km. north of ......

  • Country: Chile
  • Feedback: 2
hi i'm interior designer and furniture, also a musician I own a bar and now I want to make a new project which consists of a hostel for foreigners with green building and make an urban garden .. I need volunteers to accomplish this project ... I ......

  • Country: Chile
Hi, It is not an organization it is my family house wish has been alone for awhile. I am alone trying to keep the garden, trees, perimeter walls and all maintenance alive and functional. It´s a big house we use to live 9 person here and now ......

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