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  • Country: Serbia
  • Feedback: 10
Jelena, her family and group of enthusiasts is who founded an equesterian club which provides touristic riding, team building and hippotherapy (hippotherapy is free of charge to users). During years we apply for projects and grants and starts eco ......

  • Country: Serbia
  • Feedback: 6
We are 4 member family,moved from capital city Belgrade,Serbia to farm,10yrs ago.We working like self-employed and use our products from vegetables,herbs and fruits to prepare our own food.We are wwoof-er hosts more than 7 yrs and have great ......

  • Country: Serbia
We are a centre for healthy living, located in the nature in village Vrmdza, at the foot of pyramid mountain Rtanj, East Serbia. We are educational centre for healthy living in nature. We have educational program and we are organizing seminars ......

  • Country: Serbia
  • Feedback: 27
I am Nana, 37, Mother of 4; only :D. We're living on the countryside in Serbia (Sumadija). Half Swiss, half Serbian. We have a Horsefarm, growing up a horse-riding-vacation business. Soon i ll have again, new pages for the business. We have 15 ......

  • Country: Serbia
  • Feedback: 22
We are a Serbian couple, Dragan and Vera, from a small village that loves to meet and host people from all over the world. Our family has been for 10 generations here in Kamijevo! Together we keep honey bees and produce/sell bee products, cut and ......

  • Country: Serbia
  • Feedback: 4
We're a young couple who moved from Belgrade to eastern Serbia, with the aim of regenerating the landscape using Permaculture techniques and making a permanent home for ourselves. We're in our 4th year of developing our farm and this year we have ......

  • Country: Serbia
  • Feedback: 17
Hi people!!My name is Drago.I live in Guča (Serbia).I live with wife and 3 children. We live on countryside into a really green and quiet area and I work with fruits.In last 8 years Im doing camp during Trumpet festival in Guča and have lot of ......

  • Country: Serbia
We are a family living in a non touristic village of Ljubanje, close to the city of Uzice in south-western Serbia. We have many agricultural surfaces and activities and we would need some help to keep everything going.

  • Country: Serbia
  • Feedback: 7
I am doing my best to support concepts of travelling, humanity, living modestly and naturally without stress, peace and friendship among nations, religions and races, being materialistically poor but rich in nice experiences. I am aiming to develop ......