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  • Country: Nigeria
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In 2017 we built a low-cost nursery and primary school for children in our community here in edjeba via our foundation aiming to educate children from low-income backgrounds here in our community and beyond. In line with SDG 4, we intend to give ......

  • Country: Nigeria
We are a Pan-African organization. Our focus is to use creative means to improve areas of development in Africa. We create events and activities to unify people of African descent but also work in collaboration with people all over the world to ......

  • Country: Nigeria
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We are the proprietors of a purposeful and skill-driven mentoring kindergarten & elementary school, where we pioneer early childhood technology education at that level. Our children are eager to learn and grow. We aim at giving the school an ......

  • Country: Nigeria
My name is Shedrach. In 1998 my mother started a small creche right in her sitting room. Because of her obvious love, passion and experience in her job, the creche became popular around the community. In 2014 myself and my wife decided to resign our ......