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    15.09.2020 - 01.10.2020

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    My name is James Biehl. I am 29 years old from the Central Coast of California (Santa Cruz) home of the Redwoods and Pacific Ocean.

    Cheerful, Good with other people, Inventive, Positive Attitude, Funny, Attention to Detail, Independent.

    A willing learner. Not specially skilled. I am able-bodied and can pay attention to detail. Interested in the workings of small business (see below).

    Experience a back-to-earth / sustainable setting in the model of a business (tourism / event / retreat center type). Gain insight into the realities of operating a tourism / event business. Acquire hands-on skills along with "perspective". Increase appreciation for such a life.

    My dream is to start a multi-purpose center and community in Europe. I am currently "workings" towards this goal (it starts slowly, but with the right group) with a group of guys I know in Europe. I have also written a rough draft of a business model. I would like to gain more direct experience in this realm so that I can but my model to better test. (Please inquire if interesting in reading the model concept ID "The Centre - Europa".

    I come from a good and loving family. My father is a dynamic and passionate business owner and CEO of a medical supplies (distributor) company. His parents started the company and he was the first employee. Now, they are a competitive mid-sized company that deals world wide (www.ncmedical.com). I have gained some perspective from the company, but it is not my "calling" to join.

    My mother is a beautiful and loving woman with much energy as well, she is an artist and landscape designer. They are no longer married! I have one younger sister who is also artistic, graduated from USC in LA, and is looking to move to New Zealand with my mother and start a small business there as well! My maternal grandpa was a very bright mechanical engineer and my grandma was poetic poetic and very curious and intelligent about American and European history.

    Tourism: tour guide at the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. Gave 40 minute guided tours. Managed many different tourists. Enjoyed my job very much!
    Marketing and Sales: With my fathers' company, North Coast Medical.
    Warehouse Logistics: North Coast Medical.
    Personal Chef: 2011, 5 month culinary training, 2013: personal cook for a family of six. Some experience in catering.
    Independent work: have worked some as an ESL teacher while traveling (informally in Hungary / Ukraine), some independent work as a seller (eBay).

    All Unfinished University:
    2009/2010 Liberal Arts: University of Puget Sound, Washington, USA
    2017 Budapest, HU - Psychology
    2018 Vienna, AT -- Psychotherapy
    2019 -- University of Buckingham UK -- PPE - Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

    After all of these, I have come to realize that I am not cut out for a Bachelors degree! C'est la vie!

    I'm a cheerful guy who loves interacting with various people, which is why I mainly love travel. I can meet anyone, could talk a little or a lot, either one. I'm very interested in society, culture and history -- I like to make others feel good -- what can I say? But I also make sure NOT to be annoying, too loud, or too intrusive. I am sensitive and social, for sure, but also highly independent: I need time on my own. I can work in groups or alone, but I tend to want to be a leader of a group. I try to bring something positive to the group I find myself with.
    Although I can seem quite carefree and lighthearted, I actually care very much about finding a way to work hard and contribute to others and the world. I value truth, honesty, justice and communication. People tend to get the impression that I am a somewhat mysterious and experienced person, but I am not as much as I may come off as.

    Experiencing Europe gives me an experience that fill in what I don't have as an American, which is important to me. I have traveled to Europe some half dozen times on my own since 2011. I find Europeans to have some developed characteristics that are usually missing in Americans: honesty, a certain level of comfort or natural confidence, a good kind of pride or value of culture, logic, sincerity, reserve, and peace, actually! I don't want to put too many words to it nor do I want to be too down on all Americans.

    I don't like dishonest or rude, loud people. I generally don't like modern culture, poor music, unhealthy food, lifestyles, and I don't watch TV. I like books, history, literature, and good music and of course, honesty.

    I used to be an active drummer, but circumstances have prevented me from that. I enjoy learning about and experiencing culture, world literature, history, politics, and music, etc. What can I say, I am like a sponge -- absorbing as much as I possibly can from my environment, and at times if I'm squeezed, I can ooze it all out and share with whoever happens to be around! Story telling and even slowly writing some short, experimental memoirs of my travels.

    All in all, I am a strongly independent minded person, thoughtful and also quite warm in heart. My friends would say I am a very "original" person who doesn't conform. But at the same time, I am NOT known as a rebel or extremist, in character.
    Physically, I am tall, strong and in great health -- so I can be useful doing anything or learning something new.

    Note: Although I have few WorkAway references, I have some professional references available here:


    -- James Biehl

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    Good with people, tourism, attention to detail, learning something new or teaching others.

    I'm not a skilled craft person, per se -- But I'm always willing to try something new!

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    I'm not exactly a typical American person, but very interested in other people and the countries that I spend time in outside the USA.

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