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    Hello folks!Konitiwa🇯🇵

    My name is Shuhei and I'm planning to travel for more than one year in American and African continents from June 2023, thus passionately hoping to encounter nice people with various backgrounds and learn about the cultures and ways of thinking.
    I have done many kinds of volunteer activities such as farm work in Fukushima, babysitting, refugee assistance in NGO, Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics village.
    Looking forward to becoming part of your community!:)
    -----My history, very briefly↓-----
    ・〜16 years old
    An ordinary Joe who'd never been abroad.

    ・17 years old
    My first international trip to Taiwan with money I earned at sushi restaurant, my suitcase disappeared on the first day, realising the joy of travel abroad.

    ・18 years old
    Study abroad in Ireland for two weeks, my english didn't improve, yet I at least learned how to deal with cultural differences..and how to drink

    ・19〜20 years old
    Majoring international relations, self-study French.

    ・21〜21 years old
    Gap year in Europe, studying French, traveling, volunteering in more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

    ・22 years old
    Final year of study, traveling by *mamachari from Hokkaido to Kagoshima in Japan for 4 months.
    *A bicycle moms use to go to supermarkets nearby.

    ・23 years old
    Working at a small staffing company for hydropower plants abroad, learning basic electricity in a country where a half of employees are Pakistani.

    ・24 years old-present
    Engaged in the refugee assistance in Tokyo, I was supposed to do my master in Sweden or Belgium but things didn't work out.
    A movie called "Secret life of Walter Mitty" made me realise I am not living for working and inspired me to travel.
    So, I have decided to take a gap year and travel to places I never visited.
    Starting from June 5th from the states to Argentina by land.

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Französisch: Fließend
    Japanisch: Fließend
    Arabisch: Grundkenntnisse
    Spanisch: Grundkenntnisse
    Persian (Farsi): Grundkenntnisse

    Mehr Infos zu meinen Sprachinteressen
    I am going to travel to Central and South America where I think Spanish is a must language.

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  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    ・Photography(Digital and Film)
    I have been taking pictures of my friends, their families since I can do portrait for you or anyone, foods, architectures if you are interested in.
    My web site is below↓

    ・Babysitting/Children care
    I have done voluntary work for refugee children aged from 5 to 17
    Since I have two younger brothers and all of mu cousins are much younger than me, I am used to taking care of children.

    ・ Sports
    I have played soccer(7 years) and handball(3 years), pretty good at any of sports so if you need someone to teach you these sports or just a member to play, I would be delighted

    ・Teaching Language
    I can teach you TOEIC/IELTS
    I have obtained DELF B2
    I have volunteered as a Japanese teacher.
    We use Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, so I can teach you how to write these if you are interested.

    I have worked in sushi restaurant.

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