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    This profile is not completely up to date. Most importantly I'm living here with my loved one, so that means we are already two here. We are both equal co-creators of these projects, and have different ideas as well as preferences in various aspects. We both love food and nature, and we will share with you what we know and can ^_^ Most importantly (regarding changes to the below), we're not really looking for people to like liiive here now, and not sure if long-term stays are managable except if one of us is on vacation alone or something. Also that means maximum one workawayer here at a time (with three people it gets kinda crowded heheh). Usually, stays of one-three weeks are optimal. Our availability to host will vary with the seasons as well as other work we need to take care of. Anyway, feel free to get in touch, and we'll let update you on our schedule and current progress!

    ~ Dis-claymore ~
    I know this is way too long, so up to you if you like reading or not. There isn't enough space for a trillion grazillion people here so it's supposed to help make it ultra-clear for both sides what to expect. If you feel like this is a purrrfect match for what you seek to be doing then probably I could bend space-time to prioritize your visit. I'll read your profile so I'll probably know from your reply + your profile if it fits the needs of the current phase of the project. Aaaanyway

    Brief summary of the situation here and some reflections on the state of the world:

    Looking for someone to help breathe new life into up to 0,6 hectares (6000m2) of land that currently isn't given much care by the landlord. Exactly how much that can be utilized depends on how well we plan the "right plant in the right place", and how productive those results turn out. We need to expect having to cooperate with him on finding a middle ground on how we want to do things. If I was the rightful owner of this place it would be running permaculture style - but I'm not so I guess the goal is to show 'em that permaculture is cool, tasty and neat. Aaand "weeds" are there because they serve a function in the ecosystem, and most of them are pioneer plants that help decompact the damaged soil. Anyway, I'm not rich so I'm not in any position to own property yet. Give me 2-6 years heheh. So for now cooperation is key here. You can't convince an industrial farmer that he is wrong about anything. They have their own unique set of struggles in life. Scarcity of time, more expensive equipment, increasing prices for electricity, fuel and fertilizer, increasing pressures to produce more and faster and cheaper, and a reducing level of respect, empathy and interest from society. The "weeds" are getting pesticide resistant, and so are the "insect pests". Clearly they didn't study ecology, but hey, that's not their fault. Things were a bit different back then, and so was our world view. So we need to acknowledge their struggles too, and make everyone try to understand we're all in this together and helping each other learn how to optimally produce food - and not degenerate the abundance within what used to be holistic agricultural ecosystems 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

    They know it too that they are struggling, and even if this is "just a job" to some of them, by comparing inflation and their relative salary drop compared to the growth for economists this is a losing game. The very definition of UNsustainability is that it will not, under any circumstances, last forever. But only if you are out-competing a farmer's own production of crops - will they be interested in learning the secret art of regenerative and crisis-resilient agriculture. And that time will come eventually. Maybe not this year (who knows), but we are getting there. Modern agriculture really only has two trajectories at this point: adaptation or collapse. Vertical farms in high-tech steel cages won't survive peak oil and the age of cheap energy, and it doesn't address the growing concern of biodiversity collapse due to the continued overexploitation and depletion of natural resources. Don't take my word for it - look up what environmental scientists at IPBES has to say about this complicated topic 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬📈📊📉
    (this could have been a cool documentary oh well )

    What will you actually be doing here, and what have I been doing so far - and where is this going:

    Anyways, so you'll be co-living with me in a flat for free (see full description below in other sections), and I'll cover all of your necessary expenses for work and experiencing a fruitful existence. No set working hours or concrete plans. But in return for staying here in my humble shelter, I expect you'll invest some of your time and energy (20 hours/week) into:
    - (expected) eco-agricultural projects on the property land
    - (expected) participate in knowledge exchange with other eco-agricultural projects in the region etc.
    - (optional) aid in the creation of a small network/community of suburban agriculture volunteering
    - (optional) other NGO work in the region that you personally find rewarding to participate in
    - (optional) household chores
    - (optional) other creative projects that could aid yourself and others in self-discovery
    Exactly what you spend your time and energy doing is completely up to you. We all have different skillsets and interests. So with that as a starting point we can mutually agree upon what is a good balance for us ⌛⚖️

    Me? I am.. uhm many things. I have many roles, and I've tried developing several skills. I guess for simplicity let's go with considering me a biologist heheh 🐞🌱🍄 As of now I'm 26 years old, and I want to be a steward for the restoration of a healthy equilibrium between humanity and the natural ecosystems at large. I'm a bug whisperer, a semi-professional mushroom picker and a potential red-lister of the voiceless and undiscovered. I'm frequently a union representative in hoooman networks, and a mysterious protagonist leader of intersectional environmentalist action. I have many roles in life beyond that, but I guess that feels pretty close to my calling right now. I'm trying to store my money in the soil (where it captures CO2) and not in banks stuck in the soon-to-collapse "infinite GrEeN growth on a finite planet" paradigm 🤔 Whatever money I am able to save over the coming years I intend to dedicate to restoring land with, and potentially creating ecovillages in the future. I know I have a long way to go, but hey I'm really trying my best. Feel free to do a background check or inquire about anything else you'd like to know. If you want to know how people experienced staying with me in the past, you should be able to find me on other hospitality networks where I've been present since 2015 🤝🌎

    During the first year of living here (2021) I've been piling up on resources necessary for experimenting with different aspects of more restorative ways of agricultural activity, as well as getting in contact with an extended network of people in the region with similar visions and goals of establishing permaculture etc 💡 I tried experimenting with the land this year but quickly realized I would need a helping hand to get the necessary tasks (basic maintenance such as watering, weeding, composting etc) to successfully guide the intended plants into maturity. So ehm my crops didn't get the attention they needed heheh ⏲ For me last year (2021) has been about working my way out of bankruptcy and into some extent of financial autonomy ⛓️💼

    During the second year now of living here (2022) I hope to utilize some of the land, at least somewhere up to 0,1 hectar (1000 m2) to more successfully and effectively allowing intended species of plant and fungi to thrive within a designated area that we find ourselves having the capacity to maintain. We will not be using the whole area of 0,6 hectares, and we'll be to some extent cooperating with the landlord on how things are maintained and planned. Exactly how many square meters and which sub-regions and microhabitats of the plot we'll get to use is still up for discussion. The gardening work will still be in an experimental phase, so there is no pressure or expectations of getting it all right on the first attempt. There's plenty of room for learning from trial and error. This year I'll be taking some courses in permaculture garden design (including PDC), and obtaining national licenses for becoming a consultant for edible plants and mushrooms. I really don't know everything, and I can't guarantee yet that we'll be able jump straight into massive scale permaculture (or that we'll have the time/resources/finances/influence to adhere to all of its principles). This is year one of this project alright, hehehh. But it's the starting point of a new beginning, and a more agroecological lifestyle. So if you can give me a helping hand with the green work and household maintenance and that kind of stuff, I can help you out so that you don't have to worry much about finances and logistics 😇

    In 2023 onwards - how much land we get to experiment on and so forth depends on the progress and results of 2022. So we'll see how things go. Small losses and victories are to be expected, but let's hope for an exciting adventure and interesting challenges ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Goal for 2035-2050 - widely implementing scientifically supported CO2 drawdown strategies, healing soil and communities through food forests and mycelial networks, and successfully prevent the heating of the planet by 2 degrees and biodiversity collapse. Thus avoiding the United Nations current predictions of 70-90% soil degradation, global food scarcity and potential civilizational collapse ☮️🕊️

    Background story and more details regarding why I moved to this place, the area, why I'm looking for a flatmate, and requirements for those that wish to join the journey (maybe this part isn't so relevant, you don't have to read it):

    I find myself to be more content when I live in a community with like-minded people, and for the time being I live by myself in a semi-detached apartment for two. In my pre-pandemic past, I travelled a lot around the world. I learnt quite a lot from those times, and among other things I discovered that I actually thrive and prefer living together with other altruistic-minded people rather than being completely on my own. So yeah, this apartment is in the second floor of a house in the suburbs. The location is a little bit of the grid and hard to reach, but simultaneously it is close enough to the urban realm to reach the city center (Sandnes) in 15 minutes by bike. The apartment is quite spacious and includes bedroom + living room / office / kitchen (33m²), hallways (6m²) and loft (28m²). In addition, it also provides a balcony (3 m²), as well as access to garages and a large garden where you could BBQ (plant based) and enjoy the sun (or during wintertime make a snowman). And so behind these facilities, the property also includes this large field where we could grow at least a few hundred to a couple of thousands of plants. So if you have ever considered gaining access to a plot, now here is one that I got included in my rent for living here! 😃

    The hyperindividualism that society is promoting isn't what I've been seeking, and I have learnt over time that I find it more important and more meaningful with a sense of unity in everyday life. I'd like to share what I have and open up this space for another person to participate in a shared vision. Of course, I'll respect your privacy, as well as your need for time alone, so just be clear on what you expect and how you want things to be, and we can work together on finding optimal solutions. According to the rules of Workaway, the workawayer sleeps in a separate space, and that will of course be arranged and made sure of. As for the interior and decoration of the flat, that can be changed according to what we agree upon (as long as we follow the rules of the housing contract heheh). So it's really just our imagination that draws the limits here. By coming to stay here, I'd like you to envision yourself as an equal and view us as a team in managing this green work. I am not your landlord, employer or even solely a host. You'll be living here, and I could help you get that formally registered if you intend to stay in Norway for a long time. You'll have the full autonomy to live your own life, and as a team, we just help each other out in achieving our personal goals, and making our dreams turn into reality 🙌

    I am and will be fully responsible for paying the rent (7000 NOK + electricity). So in finding someone to join in on living here, I am of course not looking for money, but I am in search of a friendly soul to share time with where we inspire each other to follow our dreams. It is entirely up to you how long you want to be a part of the team. You could stay for one crop season (or just parts of it), or potentially even several years. The place is fully furnished, and anything you need I'll try to provide it somehow. The sharing economy applies over here, and I'll grant you access to anything you might need, including my humble selection of bikes ♻️

    The offer only applies if you are, or would like to live as a vegan / vegetarian. Age: 18-38. Its a big plus if you already like or would like to try out biking, because the public transport out here is somewhat limited. There's a 40 minute walk to the nearest bus station. Of course we could find a solution for cars / electric cars as well, but I am mainly looking for people who know how to take care of their own health, and do not plan to live as self-harming couch potatoes (and have started envisioning a non-fossil and less energy intensive future). Also a plus if you are acquainted with the values ​​of the Couchsurfing network (after the pandemic it kinda doesn't really work anymore but oh well). It would be fun if you're a bit artsy, but absolutely no requirement of any sort 🌈


    If you actually managed to read all of this, dang, you deserve a medal hahah 🥇 And maybe I can find some interesting books for you 📚

  • Arten von Hilfe und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Arten von Hilfe und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Karitative Arbeit
    Hilfe bei Ökoprojekten
    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Handwerkliche Arbeiten

  • Kultureller Austausch und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Kultureller Austausch und Lernmöglichkeiten

    I'm a long time host on another hospitality / cultural exchange network for travelers, and an empathetic teacher. I'll help you find whatever you seek. We could exchange our understanding of cultures, we could practice languages, or I could simply help you get the maps and intel you need to explore the region on your own. Whatever you could be seeking, I'll help you find it! 😁

    Plenty of people have lived with me before, and they all had a good time 😄

  • Arbeit


    No prior skills required. Just the will and commitment to figure things out as you go, and an open heart and mind for learning and discovering new concepts, principles and interconnections that may differ from previous beliefs and assumptions.

    It will of course be great if you already know a thing or two about composting methods, regenerative agriculture, and permacultural principles / forest gardening, cultivating fungi in logs etc. but absolutely no such thing here as knowledge prerequisites. Of course it would be awesome if you have some experience with various kinds of gardening or foundational farm life skills, but this is not a job application with a required 1-5 years of work experience hahah 😂

    If it seems we could share some sort of mutual vision, and you're willing to live plant-based, then I'll give you a chance - and then we'll help each other figure things out as we go! 😊

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Norwegian: Fließend
    Swedish: Fließend
    Danish: Gute Kenntnisse
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    Spanisch: Grundkenntnisse
    Lithuanian: Grundkenntnisse
    Russisch: Grundkenntnisse
    Slovak: Grundkenntnisse
    Urdu: Grundkenntnisse
    Chinese (Cantonese): Grundkenntnisse

    Dieser Gastgeber bietet Sprachaustausch an
    Happy to help others learn languages I have some level of profiency in, as well as learning from others in any language they know! 😊 But again, the focus and main reason for staying here is the garden/land 😉

  • Unterkunft


    Shared flat. You will of course have your own space in which you sleep alone (in accordance with the rules of Workaway), but other than that most of the spaces in the flat (kitchen, toilet, desks for computers etc.) will be shared by default and divided upon need/request. Keep in mind I am just a humble 26 year old guy that somehow managed to find a nice spot out in the suburbs with some land on it, and did my best to fill up the space with second hand furniture. I'm not a 50 year old that owns a lot of properties and have tons of empty rooms from when my kids moved out like 5-10 years ago. I literally just started working in a full-time job and earning money myself, so it's not like I'm equipped with the finances to sustain an entire family on my own. However, I'm finally very much capable of helping one, maybe two people over longer periods of time. More people than that only for shorter durations of time or if we split food costs etc. I'm still having to deal with the burden of my student loan debt and everything, so I'm just doing my best with the cards I've been dealt in life 😌

    There's only one spot here for permanent/long-term stay, but I have plenty of guest beds and mattresses too for temporary / seasonal stay / guests. Again, the rules of Workaway state that we sleep in separate rooms. There are plenty of configurations that would allow that to be respected. Check the floor plan map to see possible sleeping spots (marked with a green circle). There's the bed room, the living room (in the couch / on a futon (mattress) / foldable guest bed), and it is also possible to set up a guest bed in the attic. For the sleeping space in the living room, this will be configured as a private space for Workawayers to sleep and remain undisturbed through the delimitation/room partitioning by a shoji (a Japanese inspired foldable+movable wall). In summer there's additionally the option of sleeping in a tent outside in the garden, which is pretty harmonic out here. Not a lot of cars driving by this road, so it's really peaceful and quiet compared to urban life. For larger groups and families you'll probably have to settle with sleeping in a tent. You'd be free to spend time indoors too (and use the shower+kitchen), but providing everyone with their own space and keeping things neat could get tricky for big groups staying over larger periods of time. Anyway, if you need tents, sleeping bags, mats, beddings or anything else like that - I'd be happy to provide it. So you can safely put me on the responsible end for making sure the necessary facilities are being provided. Again, I'm just a 26 year old with marginal access to resources and financial freedom - just like ± around what is expected if you compare me to my age group. Well I know some people are super rich and inherit tons of property and that kind of stuff, I'm not one of them heheh. Anyways, get in touch and we'll try to figure things out 👋

    My contract doesn't really allow me to have pets here. Cats, dogs and parrots and so on could damage the furniture/interior, and thus the landlord doesn't encourage that. Other kinds of pets, or lets say dogs under constant supervision (or if not very loud and living outside) could perhaps be allowed, at least for shorter durations of time. Of course, we have to be respectful of the neighbors in the two floors below too 🙏

    Regarding food. I'll pay for the all the ingredients and stocking up on whatever is needed. But I'm probably not going to spend much time cooking myself. If you want to cook feel free to do so, but it's absolutely no requirement or expectation. I've survived just fine out here on my own. I can also show you where+how to go dumpster diving hehehe 😎

  • Was noch ...

    Was noch ...

    In your time off you can feel free to do and explore whatever you like. Also there won't really be anything such as a clearly defined worktime unless you explicitly request that yourself. This place is a bit of the suburbs, so the nearest public commute station is 3 km (~40 min) away by walk, but I'll lend you a bike so you can get around. From the city center (4,5 km ~ 15 min by bike) you could get around onwards pretty much anywhere you'd like to explore 🚲

    Local sights? Hmm have you been to Preikestolen? Plenty of nice places around to check out 🏞️

    If you want a paid seasonal job (April-September) where you'd be weeding for a company that is growing flowers to install in urban spaces, I could help you get in touch with them. They have a lot of international workers, so if you're doing well there's a good chance they'll admit you to the crew. That would of course be outside of the original purpose of staying here, but just mentioning it to let you know that I could possibly help you land a job opportunity paying you probably 10-18€/hour if that could somehow be of interest to you in a more long-term sense 📅

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    Kann Digital Nomads unterbringen

    I have good internet connection and a spare desk that I could share. The facilities include a docking station connected to a double monitor, keyboard+mouse, a professional meeting speaker, camera and drawing board. Other office/art supplies may also be available or can be provided 🔌🖥️⌨️🖱️🖨️💾

  • Platz zum Abstellen von Camper Vans

    Platz zum Abstellen von Camper Vans

    Plenty of space around here for parking 🚙

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    Kapazität - wie viele Workawayer maximal


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    Maximum 3-5 hours per day, 5 days per week

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