How Workaway deals with feedback.

Feedback is probably the single most important function on the site that helps us grow. We have a dedicated team who view EVERY single feedback that is received via the site.  We love reading about all the fantastic opportunities and connections that members have made from both the Workawayer and the host side. Thankfully over 95% of feedbacks are positive.

It also enables us to keep the site safe for everyone.

Dealing with negative feedbacks from our side can also be a very sensitive issue and it is one we are constantly tweaking and updating. We won't allow abusive or insulting text or feedback containing overly personal criticism. Everyone has a valid view point on what they do or do not feel is acceptable and we are very aware that occasionally clashes of personality can escalate to a war of words.

We are aware that different sites deal with feedback in varying ways. From Tripadvisor (anyone can leave feedback,) to Airbnb  (only users can leave feedback within a certain time period,) Couchsurfing ( friends not members can leave feedback,) and even Wwoof (no feedback can be left at all!) Over the years we have been compared to each of these sites and we have looked long and hard about the fairness and validity of each system.

Here at Workaway when bad feedback is left the following happens:

  1. A member of our team looks at the feedback and if serious will start an investigation taking into account the opinions of both parties and previous feedbacks.
  2. The rating is published on the site but the text is kept confidential. We do this to stop an escalation of a situation where people often want to retaliate to the opinions left. We allow the Workawayers to be contacted privately by any paid up member to find out further information should they choose to. This enables members to find out other member's opinions without the site having to deal with accusations of slander and defamation.  If more than two 1 star ratings are left within a certain time period then the host or Workawayer are taken offline and an investigation started.

Members can also leave confidential feedback which can only be seen by our Workaway team. We keep these on file for our reference to help us with future decisions if needed.

Sometimes members have mentioned to us that its hard to find hosts with bad feedbacks.  This is because we remove those hosts from our list.

However we can assure all members that if a host or workawayer is online and has received a bad feedback the negative feedback symbol WILL be shown on their profile. Neither hosts or Workawayers can remove this symbol once published.

Workaway is growing fast and has benefited 1000s of people. We love what we do but rest assured safety and being fair to all is our number one priority.