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    Pego, Spain - from Oct 2021 until May 2022
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    I have been touring the border of the Pyrenees in my motor home where it is cooler. I have started today exactly one year after I started work in Switzerland to look after Bengal cats, to work for a cat charity in Northern Spain looking after cats! I am very happy. The building is purpose built with planning permission and immaculately clean and well maintained. It is for cats and dogs. The land was donated by the town hall. The ashphalt road goes right up to the building where I can park my motor home, and there is plenty of space nearby not far from the premises where I can park. I will help with cat care like I have so many times before and I have my motor home to live comfortably with all the amenities when I am not working. It has been my destiny that I should start my training here on the very same day as exactly one year ago in Switzerland. I stumbled upon the opportunity almost by complete accident. I am not looking for any voluntary work now as I am very happy with what I have found the I found by using my own initiative and not through workaway.

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    I'm interested in:  

    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Helping with Computers/ Internet

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    DIY and building projects
    Being an elderly companion
    General Maintenance
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Charity Work
    Language practice
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    I am retired and have developed my own land from scratch where I lived, in Spain near a town called Pego that is on the Costa Blanca. I have recently installed security cameras connected directly to the Internet so that I can view my land while am away. I am 70 and NOT looking for voluntary work as I already have work but I can put you on my waiting list if you want!!!!!!


    I love caring for cats and have rescued many over the years. I helped the local cat charities. I am a DIY enthusiast and do a lot of work in connection with that including construction, ground maintenance, house keeping, mechanics, administration and account keeping. I am able to work on my own initiative from the instructions given on what tasks to perform. I am reliable and honest.

    I am very good at organizing things such as tidying up and putting things into good order. For me to work properly I do need to get things properly organized that is the number 1 priority.


    Last year (2020) I cared for and looked after all the practical aspects of up to 25 cats and kittens from birth at the specialist breeding cattery of Bengal cats. The number of cats varied as more kittens were born and others sold. There were 5 breeding (female) cats many varied numbers of kittens, 3 Tomcats, one “daddy” and a younger lined up to become a “daddy”,

    I also cleaned the house, did housework, gardening, various DIY and repairs jobs. I also took a little dog Pepino for daily walks.

    Before this I also worked as a volunteer in Deblin for a friend in the Czech Republic, where I looked after and fed hens, geese, rabbits, and helped with various aspects of Barn care, some harvesting, gardening and I decorated the entire interior of a newly built bungalow. My stay came with a free attic furnished accommodation and in this case was cooked a delicious dinner every day. In Switzerland I had a small sum of money to buy my own food with and we (My host and I) went to Lidle Supermarket once a week to top up our food supplies.

    Many years ago, I also worked for Radio Caroline as caretaker of the Ross Revenge, at Tilbury near London. This was a very exciting and busy time. The Ross Revenge is a ship that was the offshore home of Radio Caroline when it broadcast from International waters, before the station came ashore. Radio Caroline eventually got a license from the UK authorities after waiting for 50 years. The ship is still used from time to time to broadcast from and is anchored on the river Blackwater in Essex.

    I also ran a caravan site when I was living in Essex. I cared for a lady that had Alzheimer’s reconstructed her business that I also computerised. I maintained her big house, including the housework, maintained her grounds and the caravan site itself.


    In May I was on my way to Brittany in France for a housesit there through the website Workaway, when the host suddenly cancelled after I had set off and driven 420 mile and almost to the French border.

    For this reason I have reduced how far I will travel to just to Spain.

    I was offered several placements but all have failed because advertisers on the Workaway website have advertised that there is a space for a camper van but when I have looked into it they have forgotten to take into account whether there is suitable access even though I have only a 4 berth motor home! People really do annoy me at times with their lack of consideration foresight and vision. I much prefer cats and animals that are more intelligent.

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    English: Fluent
    Spanish: Beginner

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    I am quite good at English and I suspect that this may because I am English, although I cannot actually remember being born, I guess I must have been, and that it was in England..... I can certainly help in matters of the English language.

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    From time to Time I have a silly mood and apparently I have just had one. That said I do take my work seriously. I am fitter than most fiddles of my age.

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      Being punched on the nose, shouted at, abused and irritated, other than that I am not aware of any other allergies.

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      Yes. I am not fond of eating rocks, glass, soil, wood or metal, but apart from that I am not too fussy but avoid having too much of the eating of meat, but if I am paid for it I will eat anything you like so long as it will not make me ill or sick.