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    Having lived on a farm my favourite time of year is lambing time, I'm also extremely interested in eco projects and sustainability. Currently doing up my own van. I really enjoy painting and climbing.

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    My name is Ursula, the same name as the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid. I'm an extremely bubbly and enthusiastic person, this also makes me the kind of person who thrives on a project and other people, I struggle to sit inside and be still for very long. Although there's nothing better than spending evenings surrounded by people I'm also very happy to get on with something on my own. I graduated from the University of Aberdeen in June with a degree in Anthropology. My studies were absolutely fascinating and in one sense allowed us to travel without leaving the classroom. However, I very quickly tired of remaining in the same place for so long and having to sit at computers all day stressing about deadlines! Hence I am relieved to have graduated now and can spend more time travelling and getting back into my much more freeing outdoorsy kind of life! Straight after I graduated I went to Paris to work at an outdoor centre for PGL. Here I learnt climbing ropes, archery, abseil and other activities and spent the days leading these sessions for children. I'm a summer camp enthusiast and having attended them myself since I was 10 I now work as a team leader and have worked or volunteered with various organisations in England, France, Germany and Italy. I am extremely tempted by becoming an outdoor pursuits instructor and plan to seek out some qualifications soon. However I am torn between doing a Masters in Anthropology too! Whatever route I take, I imagine I will end up working with children in some context. I spent my last two years at university volunteering for Childline, although many calls are unforgettable and have a lasting impact on you, I enjoyed the direct, constant and immediate access to support that Childline offers. Other things that distracted me from my studies included being the health and safety officer for the University hiking club. We had great times going to the Cairngorms and the Highlands, and I got really good at applying blister plasters!
    I have been on work-away before during my gap year before University. It led me to a fabulous Donkey Sanctuary in Spain! I also spent part of this year in Tanzania working on an education project. Finally, the best year of my life is without a doubt the year I spent in Tromso, Norway. With the polar night and day, we had months in complete darkness then months with consistent sunlight, it was incredible to live a life so completely dictated the skies and the weather. Occasionally snow was piled so high I had to ski to class. I really hope to return one day.

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    Adventure sports
    Van life
    DIY & crafts
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    Eco Projects
    Animal Care
    Charity Work
    Language practice

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    Life at a Farmstay
    Art Projects
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    As a kid we moved house a lot, but we spent a few years living on a farm where my Stepdad taught me a lot about the sheep we have, and since I left home I have been returning to help him with lambing time each year. The BEST time of year!
    I'm generally quite handy... I've renovated and painted a hostel, at home I do quite a lot of outdoorsy jobs like chopping wood and walling.
    I adore all animals, I'm a complete dog person and have my own at home. I trained her myself (not very well!) and also handle our sheep dogs sometimes.
    My parents have done quite well for transferring me their skills! My Mum is a piano teacher and I'm a really keen pianist having played all my life. However my main instrument is my flute, I have my grade 8 and used to perform a bit, but i mostly enjoy playing with other people. I play a bit of violin and oboe too.
    Having been lucky enough to live in remote places and go to University in Scotland and then Norway I've always had the opportunity to go out hiking, skiing, canoeing, climbing and so on. Alongside the summer camps I have both attended and worked for, I'm confident in my outside skills and experience.
    Recently I started selling my cards at the local cafe, so we'll see how that goes! I've always done bits of art and think it's a great way to explore things and have fun.
    I have had my drivers lisence since 05/02/2020. And now have my own vehicle (a Berlingo van I have converted into a tiny camper!).
    Finally, I'd say my largest skill comes from all the work and volunteering I have done with children from a variety of backgrounds for the last ten years.

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