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  • about 8 min
Just me, my dog, and the open road: meet Kristina, the workawayer who travels with her dog

Ever thought about taking your pet on your travels, just to be immediately put off by thinking about quarantines and vet visits?? Well meet animal welfare warrior and proud pet owner Kristina, who’s shown us it’s definitely ‘paws’ibe to bring your pet along on your adventures! Read on for more experiences and insights from our latest Workawayer of the month...

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  • about 10 min
The Beginner’s Guide to Workawaying with Animals

Looking after animals while travelling is definitely on many workawayers' bucket list. But there's a lot more to those fuzzy cuddly moments with cute puppies! Over to Workaway Ambassador Ellie, who’s volunteered with all sorts of animals during the past two years, and has some top tips on how to begin your animal volunteering adventure…

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