How you'll never travel the same way again after Workaway

It’s certainly hard to ever be sick of travelling of all things… but when you’re constantly on the road and doing the same things over and over again, it can get tedious even for the most passionate travellers. When this happens, does it mean you’ve run out of wanderlust? Or places worth going in the world? Of course not! Well, not if you change up the way you travel…  Our travel experience as a workawayer has transformed and inspired us for the better. It also made us realise that once you do a Workaway, you'll never travel the same way again! Follow along and let us show you how you could rekindle your travel spark: 

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Ditch those tourist traps for the best local spots

Do you really wanna spend your entire trip in crowds, lining up to make sure you don’t miss any “check in spots” where every other tourist will also go and diligently take as many photos as they could? Or would you rather check out the hidden gems or secret spots,  and discover the real places where the real locals hang out? As a workawayer you get to pick and live in a variety of places depending on what you want to see and experience. Moreover, being part of the Workaway community means you can always meet people who can recommend or even show you all those amazing places you wouldn’t know otherwise ;) We don’t know about you, but we are so ready to get off Google Maps and TripAdvisor so we could enjoy the stunning views from our host’s balcony, and go explore some off the beaten tracks with our fellow workawayers too!! 

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Nearby our Workaway project in the Dominican Republic were beautiful jungle trails which only locals or lucky travellers knew of, with waterfalls and authentic local villages! – workawayers Maddie and Alex

Give more meaning to your travels

While trips packed with sightseeings and famous restaurants can still be amazing, it’s hard to get more than a superficial understanding of a place unless we really change the way we travel. Like getting involved in a local project and volunteering! From our experience we’ve learned that travel is equally about what we can give to a place as well as gain from a place. Rather than just scratching the surface, by helping at Workaway projects and staying with hosts, we are gaining valuable life experience and learning from each other’s lifestyle, culture, languages and skills. What’s more, there’s almost nothing as meaningful and worthwhile as giving our time and energy to make a positive impact in someone else's life

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Some Workaways are the perfect places to run away from the busy city life and slow down for a moment. Stay in touch with nature and animals. And also learn something new, like how to milk a goat properly. You never know what comes next in life! – workawayer Magdalena

Stop rushing and start travelling at your own pace

We totally get that you'd like to check off every countries or destinations on your bucket list, but trust us-- you'd rather leave more time to stay longer at a place that truly intrigues you. Instead of rushing from one city to another, settle in with a welcoming Workaway host family so you can really connect with the people and the place itself. Did you also notice the best things often happen when you are being spontaneous? With all that time you have, you wouldn't have to miss out on any wild and romantic adventures either! And if you ever suffer from travel fatigue or feel burnt out, you know you can always head straight back to your 'home away from home’, so you can recharge and wind down with some familiar faces. 

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My stay at Steins’ husky farm started off with an agreement for 6 months - but I ended up staying 2 years! That probably says enough. My adventure with the huskies wasn't just a 'once in a lifetime' experience. Steins place became a home away from home and the dogs became my passion. – workawayer Marije

Cut down your travel costs to save money

We know oftentimes it’s not that we don’t wanna travel, it’s just that we can’t afford to stay on the road. Not gonna lie, travelling is not free, but it doesn't have to be expensive. Good news is travelling can be a lot more affordable and accessible than you thought. With Workaway, you are eliminating the two biggest travel expenses - food and accommodation, and on top of that you also gain a 100% immersive experience into the country’s local life. The only bad news? Your bank account might still not be too happy because you’d want to travel more, longer and explore a lot deeper! 

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workaway couple discover hidden local gems travel adventure budget

Our dream was to go to Hawaii, but it is one of the most expensive places out in the world. Thanks to Workaway and our amazing host who showed us all kinds of places we could be in one of the most amazing gardens ever.  workawayers Amanda and Samuel

Know a lot more new people and make a lot more new friends

As a traveller how many times have you had to say goodbye to someone a little too soon? Probably a lot! There’s this constant coming and going when you’re on the road. But when you Workaway and stay longer, you’ll get to develop meaningful and long-lasting friendships with other workawayers by spending quality time and working towards a cause together. You'll be able to form stronger bonds with the local friends you meet – your host, their family and their friends! Not only will you end your journey with lots of incredible memories and new friends, if you decide to head back to that location, you’ll know you’ve got your second family waiting for you. 

new friends found via workaway group shot second family

Workaway gave us the opportunity to discover the Xhosa culture. Living with them for a month was really amazing.  workawayers Yenny and Ivan

Become a more sustainable traveller

I’m sure by now we are all well aware that, to some extent, our wanderlust also comes at a certain price. Often though, the smallest choices we make can have a compound effect to help minimise our negative impact on the environment. By travelling in an immersive and responsible way, we are also leaving a lighter footprint and supporting the locals. Participating in social projects or environmental opportunities through Workaway is also a great way to make a difference. Take part in beach clean-ups while enjoying the sea breeze, get your hands dirty with an eco-building project, discover a vegan way of life with a local family or community… The possibilities are endless!

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give back volunteering beach clean up travellers explore meaningfully

One of the most inspiring parts about traveling is making a difference: a difference in our lives, other people’s lives & our planet! -- workawayers Jason and Melanie

With every adventure, we meet inspiring people and we learn something new. We travel at our own pace, open our minds and hearts to experience every place we go on a much deeper level. With Workaway, we also get to challenge ourselves as we lead completely different ways of life. Once you've seen the world how you're meant to see it, you will come home realising you'll never perceive the world the same way you did. We promise, you'll never look back!

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