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Arica y Parinacota

  • Country: Chile
  • Feedback: 54
We just opened a new hostel wishing to boost the touristic activity in the north of Arica. Located in Villa Frontera (Gallinazo or Chacalluta), 10km away from the city center but close to the beach ! Owned by a classic 'Ariqueña' surfer family, so ......

  • Country: Chile
  • Feedback: 36
Travellers! In our Ecological Farm, Yoga Monasterio, located in the mystical Valley of Lluta, Arica of Chile, a project has been developed that is in contact with different areas of permaculture such as bioconstruction, organic garden, natural ......

  • Country: Chile
  • Feedback: 2
The Hostel is located in Arica, in the region of Arica and Parinacota, 8 km from the Archaeological and Anthropological Museum of San Miguel de Azapa. The establishment is located about 500 meters from Morro de Arica and 800 meters from the Plaza de ......

  • Country: Chile
I live alone in my apartment near the beach, I usually recive not many tourists but it is very entertaining to meet them especially when they speak in English as they help me to practice mine;)

  • Country: Chile
Hola, we are a small hostel in the beautiful town Putre which is located on the eastern border of Chile. Putre is surrounded by a group of snow-covered volcanos, small rivers and green hilltops on each side. The town is small but it has everything ......

  • Country: Chile
  • Feedback: 7
We are two persons, mother and son, living in Arica, a very nice city situated in the north of Chile at the border with Perú, with many beautiful beaches with surf activities, a valley and a lot of diferent places to visit. We are looking for one ......

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