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  • Country: Brazil
  • Feedback: 2
We are a family trio of farmers. I live, my partner and my 17 year old daughter. We are open minded and without prejudice! Our farm is on an island in the Amazon Rainforest called, Combú Island on the banks of the river Guamá, located 5km from the ......

  • Country: Brazil
  • Feedback: 18
We are a Hostel in Belém of Pará, the city of mangos, opened since september of 2014, so we are quite new. Belém is a city of almost 400 years old where you can live the nature of Amazon and the modernity of a big city. We are located nearby of ......

  • Country: Brazil
My name is Raphael Azevedo, I am an attendant at a public bank, I teach children and I also volunteer classes for unemployed adults in the city. I live alone and plan to continue with the project of offering low-cost or free courses for people in ......

  • Country: Brazil
We are a cozy and quiet hostel. We value the feeling of collectivity among all. The owners work together with the volunteers. We are a big family. We speak Portuguese, English and Spanish here. We welcome guests and volunteers from different ......

  • Country: Brazil
  • Feedback: 1
This hostel in Belém has as young founders who love to travel, decided to open a Hostel with all the characteristics that they consider necessary in a good hostel. Comfort, comfort and positive energy is the demand of the best Hostel in Belém, in ......

  • Country: Brazil
I live in a town called Maraba bathed by two large rivers, quiet city with cultural events and front edge to the Tocantins and Itacaiúnas River near has many islands and beaches, is 170 km from the town of Parauapebas city of ore mines, Sierra dos ......

  • Country: Brazil
The institution was founded by Shaman and writer Zeneida and Rachel in 1999 with the aim of developing and disseminating culture in Marajó Island.  One of the important achievements of the institution was the creation of an Elementary School. In ......

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