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  • Country: Bolivia
  • Feedback: 258
We are people who share a passionate love for nature that also have worked for years in wildlife management projects at different contexts (Bio-parks, Rehabilitation Centers, Noninvasive Research and Wildlife Sanctuaries) In late 2011 we ......

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Feedback: 83
Welcome to our Community Center, a 96 acre plot of tropical forest. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to public health in rural Bolivia. The center offers service learning opportunities for university students from abroad, and multiple day ......

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Feedback: 16
Somos una familia que trabaja en desarrollar un proyecto de Educación Ambiental en la localidad de Villa Tunari, ubicada en el Trópico Cochabambino, considerado el centro de la actividad turística, distante a 157 kilómetros de la ciudad de ......

  • Country: Bolivia
We are a family of laity within the Catholic Church, but open and welcoming to all those who wish to collaborate with us to build a better future for the children of Copacabana (La Paz, Bolivia). Earlier this year the Social Center began working ......

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Feedback: 4
Our association is a non-profit, political and religious association, based in the city of El Alto. It is a grassroots youth organization dedicated to strengthening neighborhood development, focusing its activities in social, cultural, communication ......

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Feedback: 12
Our project has just reached 15 years of age, helping kids and youngsters who live on the streets of La Paz/El Alto to rehabilitate from various addictions and be able to get an education and learn to live and work honestly away from drugs, ......