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  • Country: Argentina
  • Feedback: 5
I live in Villa la Angostura, considered one of the most beautiful spots in Patagonia, Argentina. It is surrounded by lakes and the Andes range. It is located 30kms away from the Chilean border. I live with my 13 year-old daughter and I teach ......

  • Country: Argentina
  • Feedback: 11
Hi, mi name is Javier and I run a small brewery in Andacollo, a small town nested between the Andes mountains in the province of Neuquen, Argentina. It's located in the valley of Neuquen river next to Cordillera del Viento (Wind Mountains). Situated ......

  • Country: Argentina
Hello, my name is Sebastian, I'm 36 years old, I live in Moquehue. I have a touristic lodge with 5 cabins where we offer a place to stay in Moquehue Lake coast, Other services we would offerare like for example: wakeboard, kayaks, water ski. I also ......

  • Country: Argentina
  • Feedback: 3
My name is Juan, i run a restaurant and cultural center in Patagonia in a really quiet environment, no gas, no electricity, no pavement. I love cooking, growing my vegetables, traveling, sports in contact with nature, reading, writing, movies, ......

  • Country: Argentina
  • Feedback: 14
If you were thinking of traveling to Patagonia Argentina, we inviting you to know our place and enjoy the wonderful experience of living in an environment of forests, mountains and lakes with its beautiful beaches. Chaco is located in the center of ......

  • Country: Argentina
  • Feedback: 2
My name is Agustin , I am the little son of an Argentinean farmer family with my woman Gisela (a catalan girl in Patagonia) and my little daughter Flurina, we're building a WOOD and ADOBE house very close to San Martin de los Andes in the north of ......

  • Country: Argentina
I have a big life changing project, which is to finish my house, rent it and leave the country... Most probably to Europe. Even though I love my house and my neighbourhood, I feel I need to go and discover what's out there. That's why I need your ......

  • Country: Argentina
  • Feedback: 18
Hey volunteers! I'm Juan, and I’m from Neuquén. I'm looking for people who like learning languages. I have had a really nice experience using Workaway so far, but I'm not very interested in work exchange. I offer free bed and board and have WiFi as ......

  • Country: Argentina
  • Feedback: 4
We are a hostel in San Martin de los Andes. A tourist village with strong summer season and winter and low in autumn and spring. We live surrounded by mountains and lakes, you can ski in winter, mountaineering and lake activities in the ......

  • Country: Argentina
Hello we are a family (4) live in the mountains in the Andes and manage a sled dog kennel (30) dogs perform tourism, recreation and activities. train dogs to compete professionally ... it's our passion. need volunteers wanting to help with this ......

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