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    From a cosmic idealistic country, I am an ad Film maker/Creative writer..

    By seating in the Nature you cannot connect with it, if Nature does not want to connect with you. Real feeling is not being there, but being yourself, without being anywhere. :)
    Every time I travel I loose myself. As i find a new me, and old one is lost. Lost somewhere which makes me learn new things and fault of process of life which is paved by the social minds. Its like a feeling of flying as a butterfly after being trapped in a cocoon, But stickiness of cocoon takes time to go away. ;)

    What we have learnt in life just increases our judgemental values, far from reality. What we seek is deeper then what we see, or we want. If you can avoid counting the number of dishes you washed, surely, you can gain the cleanliness of soul. India is a teacher, if you can be a student. Just your thoughts should be able to expect that.

    I grew up in rural and urban natural lives. Making me experience working on farms, cities and learn some things on different levels of cultures, society differences, Indian deeper roots, religious, spiritual and positivity through life. So looking at life in its best or worst way, with in its various colourful shades.

    My passion is film making but still I am trying to develop my spiritual understanding. Sametime in support of growing world awareness of organic life or climate changes comes as a beginning of a new era. And proud to be part of it as its time to deconstruct what we constructed just in few decades.

    We love the theatre of our lives. But, sometimes, we like the role of the other character more then ours, that we want to live through their eyes, whereas it was your eyes which spotted that character. :)

    Why you expect anything from anyone else, its you, who is incomplete. We can make things better by just thinking good for others.

    Spiritual Understanding. :

    Forgetting is a new step towards understanding and connecting to a new being. You cannot have the same mind as the other; so, you should choose whats better for you, not only by surrender but by rising yourself, too....

    Rural or Urban, the road of life has to pass through both. You can connect with one, but, cannot neglect the other. Both are dependent on eachother, and both are essential for eachothers identity. Both have their own form of energies. A less crowded or natural place, tranquil your soul or crowded streets rich in energy of people and rush, energies your Universe to rise above the ordinary. You can extract the equal amount of energy from both. Only if you are able to connect with them.

    Let us choose things that can make us grow.
    Why do we take life so seriously, When life itself is not so serious for you.
    As the most right people around us, are actually the most wrong.

    Let us share a soul shining its social, non - materialistic and non - judgmental attitude, in love with life, even if shattered by the surroundings or struggle in thoughts, exploring natural minds, want to change things for better. Yoga, and deep spirituality comes in handy or wants to explore the both more,, could be something we can grow with. - As sometimes more is less... as we grow together in search of various meanings.

    After understanding our own Universe, we can share Universes and its energies, Which makes us grow. Our Universes are connected, and once we find out, its just clearing the strata of life after that.

    Some of my walks have been through spiritual track. During some of my travels, with some hidden meanings, they unfolding in an unexpected way, and made me walk on spiritual and self discovering path, with some naturally rich saints. Enlightening many pores closed due to the hectic mind, but thinking the same thing. :) The experience enriched life with new meanings.

    If you talk from your soul, you can feel trees communicating with you, a connection with earth and nature. Same way, giving up fear clear the doubts from life. :)

    Alter/change western point of view on India.

    Creative Understanding. :

    We can enhance our knowledge on various things by exchange of our live's experiences, culture, creative, music, photography, writing skills, theater, spiritual love, yoga life, religious outlooks or just various other subjects.

    As a film maker I Worked on many successful advertisement, and small time documentaries, music videos,, and on various small films, (which most of them did not see the light of the day) :)

    I try to make some interesting videos or films on different subjects, or themes from the real world. Would love to show case things in a different light, which can be quirky, funny and informational in same time. Idea is to capture real life, possibly in interesting way. Which made me start writing new subjects for my movie idea. :)

    Besides other creative work, I like writing on film subjects (film scripts, which I will love to make :) ) and sometimes creative writing for advertisements.. :)

    I have also worked with some interesting volunteers, on documentaries or videos or information collection. Like ecological balance, and cultural differences. Also, freelance produced for many production houses, National and International, for shooting in India.

    Right now I am working towards making of my 1st feature film. Sametime, writing another feature film. Mostly, I am inclined towards action genre, dark truth, with satirical flavor. Being emotional and romantic comes naturally, and unlike Indian Films, (Bollywood Films) lead actress play a pivotal role in my stories. not just singing songs. :)
    I have recently finished writing a new film script. Now, will get bus raising its money for producing, or get a producer. I will be opening this project for multiple financing as well. So, if you have anyone in mind to become the part of the project, let me know. It will shot in India, but will have true international approach. For that you need to know the story. :)
    After I get a go (enough money funded) will start looking for similar passionate people to get involved in the project. :)

    India has a rich heritage in Religious, Cultural, Yogic, Ayurveda, Spirituality and Food flavors. Through which life shapes up...

  • Types of help and learning opportunities

    Types of help and learning opportunities

    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Help around the house
    Language practice
    Art Projects
    Help with Computers/ Internet
  • Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    I try to grasp as much from the people i meet, and their lives. So, i have a fair good idea of Mumbai and India. I think everyone will benefit from knowledge and it will be worth their experience in India.
    We can talk on cultural, spiritual, religious, caste divide, political nature, cooking, diversity of India, Ayurveda, Massages, and can give you deep insight on such various subjects and gain the same from you :)
    I can share my know how on Indian culture, religion, diversity, caste system, political outlook and various other things which might amaze you :)
    I keep traveling the country, so, can give you fairly good insight on mostly all the places in India.
    And if I will be free we can plan a trip together as well. Else If required you can ask me whatever you wish to know around.
    Leaving a Green Foot Print :
    India is a vast country. It will be better if you travel by Trains. As you are on vacation and trains will help you to discover the country side. 2nd Ac and 3rd Ac (Ac is air condition) are safe and comfortable way of travel in Indian trains.

  • Help


    Looking for exchange in life styles and sharing moments as a valuable addition in life.
    Being in creative field, there is always a quest to know more. So, we can share our knowledge on various subjects, and can be part of any of the daily chores (things). Sametime, we enjoy, enhancing ourselves, and our growth, by learning, sharing, creating new moments. :)

    Cultural, Religious, Spiritual, Life, and Dreams EXCHANGE :

    Getting accustom to real India, and not western point of view. I grew among and surrounded by religious, spiritual and peace entities, can exchange on quest of spiritual path. That can make you understand India through its soul and feel the required connection
    Over here most of us are Seekers, who want to turn into Believers.
    Believing in new one self, and new World of Universal Energy, positive Aura, Soul full of new enriched Vibes.
    Once we shun our ego and fears, we get to gain from each moment. What thoughts we choose, makath us, rising our soul. :)

    Also, understanding problems in life and search the path for loosing depression and problems through spiritual thoughts, meditation, and sharing the fear. Discovering the brighter side of life, and understanding own self leaving behind the bubble that traps us. Looking at the life with new view points, and gaining the all required steps towards internal peace.
    Spiritual connection with desired energies just catapults a soul into a universal beauty, experiencing cosmic energies.

    Time and energy are two related sources. Both compliment eachother when we compliment them. Only after we start understanding our universe, we connect time and energy, for better definition to life.
    And we have part of our universes, connected. Which part we belong to, is what we long for to discover, as we spend time together, and share energies.

    Why to take life so seriously, when life itself is not so serious about you.
    As the most right people around us, are actually the most wrong.

    Take time to breathe and share the moments, to end the struggle in thoughts, in mind, to enrich the soul. :)
    If anything is achieved within soul, and connection with your own Universe. Then the achievement is above and beyond your own beliefs, an uplifting and rising cosmic us. :)

    Everything is good, very good or excellent. The bad are only our thoughts of looking at things.

    So, we will be working on enriching us by sharing ourselves. As not only physical work is counted as life's achievement. Lets relax, make the body tention free, shedding its rust, and share eachothers life styles, to enhance our life. Exploring mutual personalities, and a chance to share, learn, exchange, with non- materialistic attitude, love with life and exploring new things, exchange of energies, and creating new ones...with different souls, and minds... Everyone is rich in something and we can help, mutually in various subjects...


    Cooking Cleaning, Exploring, Social Media, Conversations and Life Styles EXCHANGE :

    As we have life style exchange. We can enhance knowledge on various subjects by exchange of life experiences on culture, religious outlooks, meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Spirituality, creative, music, photography, writing skills, adventures, families, love, various emotions, relationships, theatre, Tantra, Massages or just any other subject making us explore new ways of experiencing the things around us.

    I can share my knowledge on Home Ayurveda (ancient Indian science) and Yoga for health. Also, on the foods that might help you make feel better in life.

    Nowadays, as Vegan Cooking is mostly being explored, so you are in Vegan food capital of the world. :) Endless Indian dishes where you can learn about Vegan or vegetarian dishes. , Will like to learn some new dishes / cuisines, which has your flavor. And I can teach some really good Indian vegan/vegetarian or Non Vegetarian dishes as I am a good cook on some of the Indian food. Sametime, we get to exchange our life styles, cultural views, life stories and talks beyond dreams and life. And we explore the city in its various diverse shades of life.
    Also, we will keep the place clean, as much we can. :)

    Ayurvedic / Tantra Massages :

    Also, I am not a massage therapist but grown up on Ayurvedic Indian Massages, which i can share and will like to learn more massage techniques from other professionals. And can share experiences on Tantra Massages. Which has a approach to the benefits of exchange on all positive vital energies. Its true indulgence increases the positive effects on oneself. This Not to be confused with Tantra meditation, as thats not a very safe way of meditation without proper guidances, and will not recommend as well. As it might do more harm then benefits in the process. As there is very big misconception on Tantra understanding, which most people are not aware about. Its a science beyond normal science. More we can discuss on it when together. :)


    You can spend few hours on social media and increase and exchange Ideas on how to increase awareness on social media. Which will help me on certain projects I am doing, which are related to customer selling, as well other projects related to my creative life.



    If we happen to work on something together - on some common theme, it will be nice to help with artistic drawing, or scripting or editing or shooting or working on the concept. There can be ideas on cultural differences between your country and India, or any thing unusual you like to tell.


    Novel And Film Script Writing :

    Soon I will be working on my new film. Just finished writing my new script, which I will like to convert in a Novel as well. So, any one with prior experience in writing a novel can connect with me, to give it a shape of a final paper back. And you will get the due credits in it, as well share of the proceedings, whenever we make that. :)
    Sametime, while spending time with me or writing to me, anyone wants to give tips on novel writing or on publishing, it will be appreciable.

    Illustrations / Graphic Novels :

    If you are good at caricatures, illustrations or equal drawings.
    Will need someone to draw the frames, or as many possible frames, as per time consumed for my new film script.

    Converting Film Scripts into Graphic novels. If you are good at illustrations and like to share your talent, will like to convert my film scripts into graphic novels, as then they become more interesting to read. Hence, getting more eyeballs for my project.

    Also, if you had been a working as a producer/financing of films, will like to connect on the same platform. As I will be looking for financing for my film, which can be a joint venture between two countries, or if you have leads of anyone interested in a new project. We can connect and discuss more on it, or if you happen to plan for India, let me know. After a while I will be connecting with rightly.suitable actors as well. So, it will be a true international project.
    All the words here are my personal feelings, stroked from the ways of life, which are and will be part of my creative writing.

    Value addition and skill on writing, screen writing, concepts, creative writing, blogs, social network writing. All sort of knowledge is valuable. If you are a writer we can work on some common themes or themes I already have in mind. And help me grow as a writer. In film script writing, poetry, creative or blog writing etc.
    And we can just share our life experiences on travel, or working on different things, or spiritual yogic, or music or anything you love to share, to enrich our life, too, and increase its craving to know more, and create new moments. :)
    Different Film Crew / Cinematographer
    I plan to start my film next year. The project is still at nascent stage and plan to start it in next year. If i get external financial support its good, else, will do it by myself on a smaller scale. I will be casting some International faces for my movie. If you are the similar field you can help in various stages of it. It will be joint effort film project, so, if you get combined to it in any form will be a positive addition to it. Then will form a team of like minded actors, cinematographer, set designing artist, and other crew members, So, we can talk or exchange emails or if you are travelling to Mumbai we can be together, and discuss it. And whenever it will start we go ahead with the similar understanding. Will be adding more details later, after 2-3 months.
    Illustrator / Designing:
    You can help me to design covers for my Film Scripts, as well, make some caricature, or illustrated, or drawing or artistically doing of some scenes of the film script.
    FCP or Avid Editing.
    It will be nice if you have avid or FCP on his/her laptop (if you carry it). As then you can teach me how to work on Avid/FCP as well. :)
    Also, I am planing to shoot a full length feature film on I phones. So, any kind of feed back or experience you have on this, will be nice to learn from your knowledge. Also, make me aware of your style of photography.
    Designing Animation characters for the same. as above. For that you need to be with your laptop and required software for it, as i have none. And which I can get once we start working on it.
    Pre-Production on the script :
    Assorting different parts of the film script, in form of characters, places, clothes, props. etc.
    You can teach me how to play the guitar. :)
    Youtube Series :
    I am planning new youtube series, which is pictures based and informative voice over. For which need to download pictures, or go out and shoot photographs depending upon the concept. Also, I need designing or art work for that. And if you have editing software we can edit and do that together and put it on youtube. Right now its still on accumulating ideas platform. So, when you with me we can plan these as well, as its a very funny informative series I am designing.


    Murals /Wall Painting :

    Being a simple person, I lack on room aesthetics. So, you can drop an idea to me, as I might not ask you to do, (if i do not know you can do it), and you can paint or use your creative ideas to draw on walls of the room.

    On the City:
    Magnetic Mumbai is known as a busy city, and a city of full of dreams to live, and fulfil. So you can have the best of the city has to offer in art, theatre, movies, poor, rich, culture, food and party. :) Its like a country in one city, you find no where else, in the world.
    Rest Mumbai has lot of stories of itself, and had been exploited by Indian filmmakers a lot, so you can experience those stories in real and share your cultural and travel life to the city. And together we can benefit by doing cultural exchange, and experiences.

    In the same process of exploring the city, you might like to meet and teach the street kids, or sametime tell about your country to the kids in different schools.

    She has to be experienced rather then understanding her. As this experience will enrich you, as you never thought it will. As she nurtures like a mother. :) So if you plan for India, you can ask me anything, as i might be help in that. I have travelled a bit around the country, and know its Rural and Urban nature, diverse minds, and rich heritage in various forms.

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    English: Fluent
    Hindi: Fluent

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    You can contact them directly for more information.

  • Accommodation


    Around the window you get to see the old and new of Mumbai.
    A walk around, and you will notice old western european styled houses, graffiti filled lanes. Giving an impression, for a while, that you are not in a big city But you are in the best part of Mumbai :) The street lanes have a impressions of old architecture, and stillness of time. Also, various books with me, to share interests, and learn more from yours.

    Mumbai Rains are equally gorgeous. You get to enjoy the smell of the earth mixed in air, as well, eat Indian rain weather fried food with delicious masala chai (tea). In heavy rains you might have to adjust a bit, as dampness might take time to dry in clothes or in beddings or in mattresses, or leading to lack of certain things.

    Anyone can use the kitchen, and as I am a foodie, so we can try some dishes together. Will love it if someone can teach me their dishes as well. I can be Vegan, Vegetarian, anything you will like me to be. As I am good with all kinds of food. Moreover, you can try Indian food being cooked at home. I stay in a nice surroundings so you will get to experience different levels of living of India. and night life is quite active around here. So whenever we wish we can go for partying around the places. There is no issue with any kind of travel transport. And airport is 20-30 minutes away depending upon the traffic and arrival time. Seaside is ten minutes walk. If you wish to have an early morning jog or a late evening walk. :)
    Its a break from hectic mind, travel, and thoughts. :)

  • What else ...

    What else ...

    Experiences of life are invaluable. For my dreams or passion, to make films, every experience counts. :).
    It will be nice to see how the souls rich in their various outlooks, will like Mumbai or India. Places all around Mumbai are easily approachable. by taxi, auto, local train or Buses. Mumbai in India is known as 'city of dreams'' and 'city that never sleeps'. So, you can enjoy all kinds of things you expect to do in a big city. And i will be there to help you have the best time. :) This city will give experiences unlike other cities, as Rich and poor all live together... The flavours of divide. compromise, adjustment, working high, living big dreams, not to give up, relations, love, romance, movies, arts. theater, politics, mafia, development, modernization, .... more more more ... all you can feel just around you :) And no other city in the world can provide you same :) That's why its India... which is spiritual capital of the world. :)
    We can enjoy Mumbai's party circuit and sametime explore its entertainment through music/movies/theatre.

    Leaving a Green Foot Print :
    India is a vast country. So, many prefer flights to travel in the country. It will be better if you travel by Trains. As you are on vacation and trains will help you to discover the country side. 2nd Ac and 3rd Ac (Ac is air condition) are safe and comfortable way of travel in Indian trains.
    If you happen to stay with a local family or teach children. Try to give them lessons on cleanliness, less use of plastic etc. . And no garbage surroundings. Indians love to hear foreigners more. :) And with children getting it as a part of their study will help them understand it better. Try to give the children assignments on it. (Note : Do not teach out of turn i.e buses or trains or road, or hostel as they will not like it. )
    Instead of giving money to fake NGO's or emotionally blackmailing Guru's or Ashram's in India, plant trees where ever you happen to spend more then a week or two. Even at the places you plan to learn yoga, you have enough time to do that.
    If you have knowledge of water harvesting. Especially rain water, share it with people, wherever you stay. Hostels, Ashrams. Home etc.
    It might be difficult in the beginning. But still try not to use toilet papers in India. We have an ancient way of using water for toilets. A new experience for you and an environmental friendly. Copy this for rest of your life, this will save lot of trees. :)

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    A little more information

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    Can host digital nomads

    There is wifi. if you feel like to be more independent there are many cafe's around you can go to, once they open up after the pandemic.

  • Can possibly accept pets

    Can possibly accept pets

    Till pets are friendly enough. Cats and Dogs may be but No birds or other pets are allowed. Mention it before you come over. :)

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    3 hours a day 5 days a week

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