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Countryside home, old race horse stable yard just outside Dublin City, Ireland

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    ***I promote 15hrs a week rather than 25hrs and you take care of your own food :D - (I cover the essentials like oils, herbs, tea, coffee, and toiletries). Also work times / days are very very flexible! Which means you'll really have the freedom to explore Ireland.

    Update April/May/June 2024! Please read 1st
    - With the inside of the main project now complete we are moving on to exterior work and landscaping :D. Please see below what skills we are looking for and the jobs we will have. Please note paid work only happens from November to early January. All details below are for Workaway positions. I also have several rooms potentially available for long term incase you are thinking of moving to Ireland - let me know if you'd like to talk more about this.

    What jobs we have currently :)
    1. (PRIORITY) Exterior walls rendering - this requires someone with a high level of building experience who has done this work before. A concrete mixture must be applied to the outside walls before we can paint
    2. (PRIORITY) Exterior walls painting - open to all with working arms!
    3. Creating a tool shed - we have a stable full of great tools but NO organisation or shelves etc. This is best for someone who is excellent at designing a small functional space and fitting shelves etc to stone walls.
    4. Artists - open to any kind. Simply put I would love to host artists. You would not be required to do any Workaway work but would instead be given a studio space to create a piece of art that can stay here after your stay. This could be anything from a painting, sculpture, mosaic, piece of furniture. I am open to all suggestions :). If you have something in mind please share it with me and any of your current work to help me make a decision. If you would like to know more about the tools we have here please let me know.
    5. (PRIORITY) DIY Conservatory/Greenhouse - we have a simple design concept for a greenhouse that fits into an existing space so only requires a clear flat PVC roof and front section (3 other sides have existing walls). For this you must have a high level of carpentry skills / construction
    6. (PRIORITY) DIY Porch - this is very similar to the greenhouse just much smaller but same materials and design
    7. Organising/tidying of stables & selling contents - we need find anything we don't need that we can sell and put it online so it can find a new home. We have a lot to let go of to help clear some physical and mental headspace.
    8. (NEW) - Skilled mechanic - I am restoring an old 4x4 vehicle ;)

    NEW* - Summer Internship: I am on the lookout for someone with Graphic Design skills, high computer literacy (typing, research) and excellent English. I am working on two new business ideas that are currently in the research, design & feasibility stages. If I'm not busy with this then you would be free to continue with any of the "Workaway" tasks :). It will be structured the same way so 15hrs a week with very flexible hours [and you take care of your food ;)].

    Who's here right now?
    - At the minute we have 3 of us here with two more people due to arrive over the coming weeks.


    Young sociable host 😊 (Heads up this is quite long but is intended to cover as much detail as possible!)

    Opening Note! :)
    "I have worked as a workawayer before myself in India on a mango farm. For me the most frustrating part was that I had to work so much and never felt like I had enough time to see the area or the country. I felt a little bit like a slave rather than on a cultural exchange! I want that to be different for anyone (or couples) that are interested in staying with me. Personally I don't think 2 days off a week is enough time to be able to travel while helping with your host, this is why I promote working only 3 days a week for 5 hours with flexible times & days then have 4 days off. I'm a young guy and I know that we are all eager and excited to see the country we are visiting so you need the freedom to do that! With this I feel it makes more sense that you can make your own food or we cook together / share when we feel like it. Not that it is expected but an option. Any questions at all please ask, I'm an open book! I hope that helps. Best wishes, Theo (host)"

    Second Note! :)
    "The best fit for me will be someone who has Building/DIY experience, this is really important :)"


    My name is Theo (Irish - 34) and for the last number of years I have been the caretaker of what used to be an abandoned Irish race horse stable yard just outside of Dublin City centre (30mins car/bus, 25mins train, 1hr cycle), the outside space is approximately 100ft x 100ft (30m x 30m). Once home to numerous famous Irish race horses the yard had been abandoned for over 15 years and was in much need of care and maintenance. I found it by chance and after meeting the owner and building a trustful relationship he has allowed me to Iive and work here and in return I am responsible for restoring and renovating different parts of it each year. Thankfully he lets me decide what work I do and how I do it (for the most part) and is a very easy going kind man. The space has loads of potential!

    To share a little about myself I am a sociable person who likes outdoor activities (climbing, tag rugby, rowing etc) and things like poker, chess, almost all music, food experimenting, dancing, barbecuing with friends, finding awesome clothes in thrift stores and I will almost always say yes to anything new that isn’t likely to kill me. My favourite of all is music festivals (the smaller ones these days) which I think are one of the best experiences in the world!!

    For the last 7 years I have been growing my winter business which is a boutique online Christmas tree delivery service , I essentially become Santa Claus. Although I no longer deliver very often myself as our teams do :). This business is active from November - January and the yard becomes a hive of activity with over 20 awesome crew coming and going as they deliver each day. This potentially could be a good opportunity for well paid winter work for the right person (it would require either a drivers license to drive a van or excellent English to be a passenger delivering.

    For the rest of the year I usually try to travel as much as possible and then spend the summers months back in Ireland trying new things / small jobs or working on projects while relaxing and socialising. I have recently returned from Mexico and have previously spent long periods in India, Cambodia & Vietnam while also taking shorter trips to other closer countries.

    Over the last few years I have worked a lot of different summer jobs such as being

    ***A qualified English teacher*** Experience with EF Dublin language school and an TEFL certificate from London.

    Also a chef, decorative artist, vintage furniture restorer, massage tool salesman, construction worker, recycled camping chair festival sales man, tent specialist & harvester and this is not even including the 5 years I spent living and working in London city in the corporate world! :D

    Right now I am living with one other person, Jono who is a friend from Australia (33). Jono actually originally came as a Workawayer about 9 months ago but has since stayed to live with me. Both of us eat meat but its not essential. From a language perspective I am Irish born and English is my first language. I have an average level of French and a basic level of Spanish, both need a lot more work so would be great to work with someone with either of these languages or a new language experience all together. I’m open to all nationalities.

    This will no longer be my first time hosting but I have experienced being a workawayer myself and appreciate that everyone wants time to travel and experience the country they are in.

    I can provide accommodation and then if you can pay for all your food you are welcome to cook in our shared kitchen/sitting room. Of course you are welcome to any of my herbs, spices, oils, coffee and other items so you just need to get the raw ingredients :). I hope this works for you so we do less hours but you can take care of your own food, but lets also cook together when we feel like it! I also have a car here that can be borrowed for small journeys if you can add insurance. I’ll also be collecting my bicycle (we now have 3) which you are welcome to use for anything needed. Last but not least I also own two sports motorbikes which can be used again with the right insurance :).

    That should give you a bit of an idea of who I am, feel free to ask all & any questions you might have.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best wishes,

  • Types of help and learning opportunities

    Types of help and learning opportunities

    Art Projects
    Help with Eco Projects
    DIY and building projects
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Help around the house
    General Maintenance
  • Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    I have a very open house and mindset so welcome anyone who comes to stay with true Irish hospitality. As mentioned I like to socialise and hang out with friends, you would be very welcome to join most of these occasions if we connect :). Where I am most active would be outdoor / indoor climbing, tag rugby, rowing and then playing chess / poker. Also our local pub for cold Guinness (which is also on the canal), or our local pool/snooker hall.

    What is in the area & how far is it by car? *Please remember Ireland is very expensive **I also have several bicycles
    - Pitch n Putt Golf (10mins)
    - Gym & Sauna (4mins)
    - Yoga (4mins)
    - Snooker / Pool Hall (3mins)
    - 250 acre Park (5mins)
    - River to swim in (5mins + 15mins walk)
    - Local pubs (5mins)
    - Driving Range (7mins)
    - Tennis Courts (1min)
    - Rowing / Kayak Club (2mins)
    - Karate Club (5mins)
    - Indoor Climbing Centre (25mins)
    - Hikes (30-45mins)
    - Astroturf Football pitches (7mins)
    - Dancing Clubs / Bars (25-45mins)
    - Chess Club (20mins)
    - Poker Club (20mins)

    Within Celbridge is the old Georgian building called Castletown House that also has a large park and river. Celbridge itself is a small town with lots of character and your regular Irish food shops and pubs/restaurants. Arguably we are one of the best connected towns outside of Dublin while also being very close to the city centre. Bus Celbridge to Dublin (almost 24/hrs, takes around 30 mins and is a 5 minute cycle or 20 min walk form the house), Train (up until around 11:00pm, takes around 20 minutes to city centre and is a 5 minute cycle or again a 20 minute walk from the house). A perfect mix of country life and city life is on our door steps. If anyone is looking to understand more about having their own business I can certainly provide insight and experience from my own journey, the ups and downs. I have been running my own business for over 7 years with a team of 30+ individuals which has been a huge learning curve! I really promote self sufficiency and anyone with a creative or entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Help


    About The Stable Yard & the house project

    The stable yard is on a quiet country road fully enclosed with 4.5m / 15ft high walls and has 38 disused stables internally with a small single story living space on one side (15m x 4.5m / 50ft x 15ft). When I first arrived the yard was completely overgrown with graffiti all over the external walls, rubbish littered around the yard and the house had lost its roof and looked more like a horror film set then what used to be a great little living space. The single story house was the main focus and is currently almost fully complete with mainly external work. The work includes painting, putting concrete down and lots of other inside and outside random jobs. There are also other odd jobs inside and outside that we might like to do depending on time and energy such as working on our motorbikes, brainstorming new wreath designs or also coming up with individual projects just for fun. The building work is an area out of my skill set (although I am quite handy) and I’m hoping to find someone who is a confident and reasonably experienced with DIY/builder who would be open to working on the project for the summer. Its not a large job but it does need the right person to help with the project which isn’t me, I'm just not skilled enough to do it solo. We will have paid professionals joining us for the more dangerous work like electrics, plumbing or anything of concerning height. I'm discussing with two builders currently who will come in on a weekly basis and help direct us in case we are making any mistakes and oversee the project.


    The plan would be to hire / borrow all the tools needed for the job and then work on it together 3 days a week (Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday, 10am - 4pm, with a 1 hour lunch break). My estimate is that it would take 3 months, this is just an estimate, it could be done a lot faster. If we finish it earlier then I’d be happy for the person to stay and just help with smaller jobs or come up with ideas together that could be fun and productive.


    Main work in 2024
    - The full focus is now outside as we finish the external walls of the house, build a garden lawn, porch and hopefully a greenhouse :D

  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    English: Fluent
    French: Intermediate
    Spanish: Beginner

    This host offers a language exchange
    I would love to improve my Spanish or French but am also open to new languages :)

  • Accommodation


    Firstly we have pretty damn good internet (for the middle of nowhere ha!) Typically we were getting 10-20mbps download speed with our own antenna. Fibre broadband is currently being installed on our road and should be ready within 3 months for 100+mbps.

    Your accommodation would be very small / basic but fairly modern! We all used to live together under the same roof but now we have three separate living areas with the old mobile home that you see in the pics being the space you would share.

    PLEASE NOTE: The mobile home is very old and a bit damaged / broken in areas so if you are uncomfortable in a little dust or dirt then this is not for you. I lived in in for almost 3 years and loved it but I'm not fussy! Its comfortable and can be kept warm and dry but it does need some more love put into it in some areas! Remember it has very thin walls. The best way of looking at it is a much better version of camping :) - I don't want to oversell it. Any questions of more photos let me know, very happy to send.

    There is a second luxury mobile with two double bedrooms and then a converted stable. I’m glad to say it doesn’t look like something out of a 80’s horror film ha. We have 3 small double bedrooms in one mobile, two larger double beds in the fancy mobile (it more like a modern apartment) and a basic converted stable (pretty cold right now so best so those who can handle the chill), an instant hot water shower room, a bathroom and then a larger open plan communal kitchen / living room / dining room. Its quite a cool space and we feel really lucky to have it and be here. We are constantly making small improvements to the inside and outside so it is a work in progress! Its a little rough on the edges so if you prefer something that is 5* this is probably not for you. I’ve grown up working at a lot of music festivals sleeping in tents / tipis / yurts and caravans so this is, for me, a bit of a luxury! We have all of the modern appliances which is awesome, a proper coffee machine with grinder for fresh coffee, a Ninja air fryer for quick tasty meals, a gas oven, washing machine, medium fridge with a larger on outside for beer and frozen food and a microwave. Of course also a toaster and kettle for hot water. A good set of music speakers for us to play when we want. The bedroom that would be for you or you and your partner (I can organise a proper double bed if you were a couple) is very small but it can fit a double bed and cupboard space for your clothes and personal items, you are also welcome to take an entire shed/stable as a workshop for extra space for you own stuff if needed.

  • What else ...

    What else ...

    We are SO close to Dublin City centre! I love it. Where we are is really quiet so we can make noise but if you want to its very easy to go into the city by bus / train or even bicycle (by bike is probably 1hr long so a little longer). As mentioned above we have lots of activities around us and many weekends I will either go for outdoor activities or for a party in the city or locally. I’d encourage your to join when you wanted to :). Outside of that if you have any questions at all please do ask me, Im very happy to answer! Best wishes, thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you.

  • A little more information

    A little more information

    • Internet access

    • Limited internet access

      Limited internet access

    • We have pets

    • We are smokers

    • Can host families

  • Can host digital nomads

    Can host digital nomads

    I work form home most of the time so good internet is really important to me. We have great internet as we bought our own system! Happy days!

  • Space for parking camper vans

    Space for parking camper vans

    We have lots of space so if you have your own campervan or mobilehome we can offer you space to stay. We also have 16 amp and 32 amp sockets around the yard so you will have access to full power 24/7!

  • Can possibly accept pets

    Can possibly accept pets

    I love animals. We have horses next door to us and sometimes baby sit our friends dogs. Because it is a closed yard they can be loose in our space and we can dedicate a stable / shed for them to sleep in. Its a great place for any pet owners. We are just about to take in 5 chickens for fresh egg and also honey bees from a bee keeper close by! Very excited about this :D

  • How many Workawayers can stay?

    How many Workawayers can stay?

    More than two

  • ...

    Hours expected

    Volunteer work only, PAID POSITIONS VARY :)** 3 days a week (Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday, 10am - 4pm, with a 1 hour lunch break) - these times are flexible so we can make it work best for all of us :)

Host ref number: 316664865294

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