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    Hello world!
    I am someone who lives to travel and immerse herself in other cultures and languages. I come from a family of fine artists with whom I share a lifelong interest in the metaphysical and the "esoteric" . Raised as a vegetarian, I am now a fruitarian for many years. This has given me amazing vitality and glowing health. I enjoy working outside, swimming, bicycling and hiking in the woods.

    I am an animist {perceiving Divine Essence in all Form} who recently taught a nature connection and animal communication workshop in Costa Rica which was very well-received. I have a sanguine, easy-going way about me, a quiet temperament and am genuinely curious about my fellow humans. I love exchanging feelings and ideas , practicing French and Italian (and learning new ones).
    My three greatest loves in this life are Nature , the sea and animals.

    I have volunteered at bio/organic farms in Rajasthan, India and Cahors, France where I helped out weeding, planting, and selling at market. I was a guide at a Nature Park in REthymno, Crete where I taught tourists about the native plants like the castor oil and carob tree. In Costa Rica, I fed and cleaned the living quarters of 50 chickens, I walked and fed the dogs, helped prepare raw vegan meals, and did housecleaning. At a sanctuary in New York, I tended to cows and chickens. Also in New York, I rescued injured pigeons in Central Park. I fed and looked after cows, donkeys, goats , horses and elderly/ill cats at a sanctuary in Bergerac France. I mowed the lawn, shoveled hay and mucked out the stables.

    I eat organic, and am a devoted supporter of organic farming and pure food.

    I am especially keen on learning all aspects of Fukuoka/Permaculture and the care of Fruit Trees in particular.

    I am a certified TEFL instructor.

    All my life I've been involved in the natural healing arts. I am currently certified in Reiki for animals/humans and in the ancient art of the laying-on-of-stones. I teach an interspecies communication/animism workshop.

    Beings who have taught me along the way include: Oracle Girl, Andrew Harvey, Penelope Smith, Teal Swan, Masanobu Fukuoka, Natural Hygenist Herbert Shelton, Findhorn Garden, the mystical shamanic writer Robert Shapiro, Anastasia/Ringing Cedars of Russia book series, Nicola Amadora, Nature and the Animals of our planet.

    I am happy to provide character references upon request.

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    Learning languages (and teaching them) is easy and fun for me.
    I am a superb writer with a broad vocabulary who still knows proper English grammar ( increasingly a lost art)!
    I am certified as a TEFL instructor.
    I am certified as a Reiki Master and offer Reiki for animals. I'm also certified in the ancient art of the laying-on-of-stones healing therapy.
    I teach an Interspecies communication workshop where we focus on animism, animal communication, "feminine science" and nature connection. This is my favorite thing to do.
    Aligning strongly with the Aesthetic, I am infuitively able to combine colour, shape, style, lighting and sound to create a cozy and harmonious "sanctuary" environment.
    I am athletic ( swimming , bicycling, rebounding and yoga) and in very good physical condition.
    I can get on well with many diverse personality types, feeling into the ( often wounded ) being behind the personality or behaviour.

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    There's nothing better than a good deep laugh that bends you double! I am especially fond of board games, card games and jigsaw puzzles. I like to spend as LITTLE time on computer as possible 😣 but as much time as possible outside in nature with animals . Always, I have loved books and bookshop browsing. I quit watching television about 17 years ago.

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      Not that i know of.

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      Yes, I am raw vegan, actually fruitarian. I don't eat cooked food. I do eat all raw fruits, (incl: avocados, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers) and whatever my body asks for . I always prefer bio/organic ( not sprayed with chemicals) if possible.