Calling all nature lovers to Santa Marta, Colombia



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 Min stay requested: at least 1 month

  • Description


    Hola gente linda, que tal?

    No avaibility before March 2019.

    Minimum Stay (without outdoor experience) : 1 natural month.

    Nowdays I definitely prefer receiving people who are really ready to stay a full moon's cycle (28 days, 4 weeks) excepted if you have good experience living outdoor and sense of community logic.
    I can make exception if your first message is motivated and full of love.

    Globally it is about gardening, farming, maintenance, ecobuilding, healing and free art, having fun.

    Volunteers are not here to run any money bizness, only family business.

    The common objective is to meet nature in order to know it, understand it and learn how to live happily with. It is very very very important for our future. So you are very welcome if you want to participate in this huge project, if you wanna help yourself and save the magic.

    If you are interested in this project, you should read entirely this profile which is a bit long I admit but really necesary in my opinion.

    If my opinion isn't important for you... why do you want to come?

    SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR CITY PEOPLE: You are very welcome off course.

    Just be conscious that you will have to erase the most you can your toxic habits come from the city itself. If i see that you do nothing to change when i do you some remarks, I think the last solution, before I get REALLY boring and rude with you, will be your departure.
    I am not judging anyone, I am just used to host different kind of people, and know that cities are the most toxic places to live and have side effects on bodies and minds: worst quality of air, worst quality of water, worst quality of food and worst quality of peace for the mind, too many useless addictive distractions.
    By experience, it will be a bit more difficult for you to adapt cause you will be more out of your comfort zones, mentally and physically.

    I do not want busy ecotourist anymore, the ones who are looking for a cheap place to stay and just wait to go to tayrona park as soon as they can... I want travelers, joy seekers, no more profesionnal consumers. I hope you would understand that.


    I will ask you to work for yourself first of all, then to help building the future of this paradise in the way you prefer (if i agree with your idea off course ^^).

    I would ask you to clean with machete this big garden, to plant consciously more selected trees, selected seeds, harvest cacao, decorate if you are inspired (Am so bad...) and mostly the need of the moment according to your preference.
    There are a lot of different choices and also pretty much space for creativity).

    Sometimes I employ Kogi people for hard work that would knock down any volunteer in few hours, You can join them anyway to learn and have some cultural exchange.

    You will be given a main task as a leader (only if you agree ^^), a secondary task as a helper and a free collective task as a member of a community.

    Just be conscious that the conditions of living are quite basic (no electricity but great power, no WiFi but awesome connection), that is the best way, in my opinion, to connect fully with Nature, Gaia, Pachamama et caetera... And volunteers are making it cosier each time ;)

    I have some nice food growing on the land, but no burgers. We are planting in order to have more quantity and variety in quality. So i can't guarantee food as you think you need right now, i do not cook for you neither. But I share anything growing on the land and we have kitchen place.
    So I ask 3 hours a day and i won't really check the clock. I only look if things are progressing and be sure that you are not damaging the site or taking some stupid (useless) risk.

    You can also ask for a free healing journey under my watch, and some ayahuasca seminary when Taita Florentino Agreda Chindoy or his brother, Taita Juan Bautista Agreda Chindoy (Kamëntsá from Sibundoy, Putumayo, Colombia) are coming to Santa Marta to share the medicine. I will help you in the pre-diet/ post-diet and go with you to the ceremony that a Taita will lead.

    Theses journeys are based on food (how to eat more efficiently to eat less, find your true relation with food, as a consumer or as a lover?), physical activities (how to improve your body's performances in many ways, energetic gymnastic, hiking, water massage, workout, gardening, breathing.... ), Meditation (preparing the physical to enter the spiritual), fasting and water.

    I can personally offer some healing process with masterplants I studied. (Not talking about Ayahuasca. I do not lead Ayahuasca ceremonies, I will not give you Ayahuasca, I am not skilled and allowed to do this, only the Taitas are.)

    What you NEED to have here :

    - your own knife (i have good knives to sell on place, between 2 and 10 dollars)
    - your own lighter (fire...)
    - your own flashlight (really useful to find your lighter for exemple)
    - your own bagpack that you should have always with you (be a bee)
    - trousers (trust me, even am not famous)
    - good shoes (your feet are priceless)
    - patience (we are in Colombia my friend, NO RUSH, keep cool, breath deeply and eat chocolate)
    - some cash ( the closest ATM is in Santa-Marta, 1h30min from your camp)


    Arrivals are on FRIDAYS! (So you have 3 nights to rest and 2 days to set up your campsite.)

    Monday, Tuesday, Thurday and Friday:

    5h-7h30: Wake up naturally with the sun, breath deeply smiling, sing something softly, dance as you feel it and laugh like a child. Be kind to everything. Thank the universe to let you live one more day on Earth. Enjoy it the best you can.

    7h30- 8h00: gathering to have tea and prepare the day

    8h00-11h00: working on your tasks (do your duty first)

    11h00 FREE TIME YEAAAHHH! (On Friday noon, I invite us to share a nice lunch to close the working week in family)

    22h00: be quiet please, reduce the noise, reduce the volume, find peace and have a good sleep.

    On Wednesday, you are free to organize your 3h of work and sleep as much as you want during the morning ^^


    If you think you need something and don't know how to provide it by yourself, just ask me.

    Light a fire before sundown, just a good piece of advice (You will get why.)

    Be free, be yourself, say what you want to say, when you want to say it, and please take care how you tell it.

    It would be very appreciated if you listen when someone is speaking to you, please.

    If you do not get something, NO SHAME, do not say YES if it is NOT OK.

    There are very very few stupid questions but many many stupid persons who never ask.

    Being ridiculous won't kill you.
    Being too stupid probably will.

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    Saying NO isn't offensive in absolute, it depends basically on why you say NO and most of all... how you say it ;)

    Come and plant a seed in the earth.

    You are RESPONSABLE of the future of the trash you bring. If you dont know how to recycle it: burn it! If you can't : BRING IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND THIS SH.... please.

    Organic wastes are not wasted here.

    I really insist on this point, the trash management, i can be very upset if i have to repeat all the same basic things and clean after you cause you are inconscious of your own behaviour or too lazy to clean your own s....pace.

    Cigaret's filters despite me.

    If you go in any place with respect and humility and a damn big mf HUGE SMILE, every thing gonna be allright !

    Show respect, humility, happiness, honesty, will and everything will be alright. Keep disturbing the harmony we built after i told you then warned you... It is a free land, you can leave.

    Whatever i will tell you, it will be with love, be sure of that. Love can be harsh sometimes...

    If I dont love you, i ignore you (easy for me), no energy wasted for this ones.

    You can be happy here and now... If you want!
    It doesnt mean it is easy, but you still have the possibility, so the choice.

    Work on your spanish skills.
    In America, if you speak english AND Spanish, you can travel way more easier, not only visiting, even in Brazil, portuguese is very close. Speaking spanish is a great skill to have on this continent if you want to connect with people outside of the touristic biznesses. Also people are friendlier when they see you are interested in their language, culture. It is just about practicing. Minimum required: Hola que tal? Buenos dias, gracias, por favor, perdon.

    If you dont get what means "Kogi" or any other word, ask our very good friend ECOSIA, a google's little brother which is ecoresponsible, respectful of your personal datas and plants trees when you search! Can also help to find online translation app.

    Open your eyes. Look less and watch more. So you can see properly.

    Open your heart. Think less and feel more. So you can love unconditionally.

    Everything you do should be with love. Do your best.


    I am building my life in Colombia on a land I bought in march 2015. It is 4 acres farm with 1 acre of cacao and many other different trees and vines in few quantity but variety (way enough for mysefl), i hope you like el chocolate orgánico.

    I am very glad to be officialy the guardian of these piece of Earth. I want to participate to develop a global system with the less money possible between people. And i need people to help me, but nothing boring, I promise. Like you want, what you like to do, as long as you want. I have a lot of funny things to do and incredible neighboors with beautiful dreams too, ready to host.

    I have also two cats, Leticia the snowy tigress and Kapax, la panterita negra, an adorable ladydog named Pluma, an astonishing view on the ocean and Tayrona Hill, big rocky river access full of natural pools and lovely waterfalls, drinkable water from this river using a private pipe, many fruits and vegetables and i want more.

    I like to discover new things (culture, music, language, habits, sites...), to learn about places and people who live there.

    I deeply love music and I dance way better than I play. I am working on my voice cause it is the first instrument we met and the only one we have always with us. I learned dancing techniques with cuban salsa and i love to teach it.

    I enjoy a lot playing any game, I feel it's the funniest way to link with people. I am a good restless player, loving technical difficulties...I feel that life is a very serious game...beware.

    I am one of the best guardian cause am a Dragon, my inner nature, 36 yo in this life.
    Do not be afraid, am not a monster. I am kind, when i want, and basically I want peacefull kindness. Make me repeat myself too much when I am kind cause you do not pay attention to cool/warm love... I will probably put cold fire in my vibe, and if you still don't get it this way ... better you leave before I choose hot acid fire. (I keep volcanic cannonballs for real enemy if war is coming inside Shamballa)

    I consider myself as a positive gipsy pirate gardener natural love healer using jokes, massages, plants, water and music.

    My favorite active meditation is gardening.
    My favorite TV show is a real firepit.
    My favorite moment of the day is sunrise.

    PHILOSOPHY : Don´t worry, be happy!

    I only know what i lived. I can only truely judge my self. I feel responsible for every thing i do, i say, i think, every vibe i send. And i would like, that the ones who considere themselves as an adult, try to do the same, please.

    Be responsable, por favor.

    If you do mistakes...because you are human... just face them. Accept them, accept your humanity, learn from them to better yourself, thank yourself to have learn something else, cherish life. Dont turn back as a child. Be a child when life is hugging you and be an adult when she is teaching you. (Thats not an order, just my opinion).

    I do my best to spend the less time possible thinking about what I dislike because I love too many things, I love life and it's full of passionating subjects.

    I'm studying the most important things to know in order to live in happiness:

    2) Air, how to relax... breath... (meditation, singing, sport, etc.) 3 minutes without breathing, you can die. Love is in the air. 10 minutes a day of laughing is very healthy.

    3) Water, this is a very powerful element containing the essence of life, present in any living being as a potatoe is, as air is, as a rock is. 3 days without drinking water, you can die.

    4) Food, plants, every thing we can put in our body to make it run at his best for what we have to do in life. Let your food be your medecine said a funny guy. 3 weeks without food, you can die.

    5) Sleep. (Quality better than quantity) How sleep works. Why is it important. What dreaming means. How lucid dreams work

    6) Body/Health. How does my body works, what are his infinite capacities in many ways, i like to use consciously my body, this is the source of free energy. Guess what? Damaged health can get worst if you keep damaging it or let it get rotten, till you die before your body time, big news uh?

    7) Mind. Being conscious of what are the priorities of the moment refering to the time scale to free your mind, find the inner peace in order to live happily then to reach Nirvana and maybe stay there ^^

    1) BEING CONSCIOUS of what is happening now, of where i am now, of what i am feeling now , of what i am doing now, why am I doing that and realize that you are probably breathing ... to stay alive. 3 second of incounscious stupìdity we can die (could be less...).

    We should love everything positively, especially Water,so let give a hopeful love thought each time we see some water, even dirty, then it will be charged positivily and it will wash the negativity on Earth. Water is life. Water is everywhere, inside everything, we are made mostly of water, water is sensitive and has memory, think about it.

    I will receive you as a brother, sister, all in all as a friend!

    I try to be truely honest with my friends and i hope they are doing the same with me.

    My name is Clément. (Useful information when you will contact me for the first time)

    Thank you for reading the main part.

    Mi finca, su finca!

  • Type of help

    Type of help

    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Animal care
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project

  • Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    You can learn everything about yourself in the nature. Spend time here and getaway from it all.
    Many interesting people to meet around and amazing places to go as the Kogi's village, bathing in rivers, going to the ocean where you can surf or chill lonely on amazing wild beaches.

    You can learn about building, farming, living outdoor, cuban salsa, harvesting, regeneration, start fire ...and so much more, like learning the cacao process, canyoning... the short list.

  • Help


    First mission of any newcomer is to be comfortable in his skin so on his camping site.

    If you want to build a hut for your stay, lets do it for exemple, then we will speak together and see in wich project(s) you want to participate.


    The ones who agree to use their physical body to work smiling.

    People who like to work wood, earth or rock, to paint on any material

    People who like gardening.

    The ones who know how to use plants in many ways: food, medicine, cosmic ;)

    People who want to use permaculture techniques.

    People who want to be part of a free and flexible community.

    Ecobuilders in order to upgrade the campzone.

    Any nature lover ones in fact!

    Everyone has something to learn from others and also something to teach from his experience of his own and unique exceptional life story. No problem if you are beginner in a field you want to practice, just be conscious you are beginner, no need to impress the Sun.


    Any surprise is welcome and if you have some books to offer in order to build a collective library, it would be very nice.

    Seeds, anyone (except GMO's...) If you can find seeds of amazonian tabaco, Turnera Difusa, Tea Tree, salvia divinora, San Pedro, Cubensis spores, Kratom, Chakruna, Iboga, asian bamboo, ginseng, saw palmetto, Dracaena, I will be grateful.

    You can also bring any cool glass you found on your way, in order to have different funny glasses in "L'Atelier", the creative bar ;)

    Bring Music, in your heart first, live or Mp3, ( I can't use your favorite spotify or YT playlists ... :P )

    Bring your food if you want your favorite goods in the quantity you think you need (almost anybody can survive 3 weeks with only love and water... not kidding).

    Your brain in good order. (we can fix it here if needed ^^)


    Your Best Smile !

  • Languages spoken

    Languages spoken

    Español, Français, Italiano, English, ein bisschen Deutsch

  • Accommodation


    Hammocks, tents and homemade shelters, it should be better and better, depending on the volunteers themselves.

  • What else ...

    What else ...

    It takes more or less 1 hour by bus to come from Santa-Marta to "El Trompito", just 3km before Tayrona Park's main entrance. Then you will have to hike up 45 min.

    You will received more detailed explanations by mail.

  • A little more information

    A little more information

    • Internet access

    • Limited internet access

      Limited internet access

    • We have pets

    • We are smokers

  • How many Workawayers can stay?

    How many Workawayers can stay?

    More than two

  • ...

    Hours expected

    Maximum 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week

Puente de madera, Trompito Bajo
Leticia y Kapax
vista hermosa
sembrando coco
procesando cacao
piscina natural en "Aguas Frias", 5 min de la finca
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