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Register to be a host has been set up to promote and encourage exchange and learning.

From you, the host's point of view, you will need to be interested in cultural exchange and able to provide a welcoming environment and some volunteer tasks as well as accommodation and food for your visitors.

In exchange you can expect to receive new friends who are interested in helping and learning about your way of life and of course you will have the opportunity to learn about theirs. Help offered is generally for around 5 hours per day, 5 days a week. This can be anything which is within reach of a willing visitor.

Some typical examples of fun exchanges have been; house painting, creating a garden, boat sitting, house sitting, baby sitting, doing the school run,  sharing cooking, helping with the shopping, giving a hand with general maintenance, teaching and learning languages etc.

Remember travellers come for a different experience to that which they are used to in their own country. Many are students on a year out, but some are skilled professionals on a break and others come simply to practice a language. This means that they should be made to feel part of the family. Hosts should interact with visitors as much as they can. However please remember is NOT set up to provide cheap labour or replace paid workers. It is a cultural exchange in which both parties should benefit.

Benefits of being a Workaway host

  • It's free
  • Get on top of those jobs you've been meaning to do
  • Meet new people, make new friends and share adventures
  • Let the world come to you
  • Exchange skills. Learn and teach new skills
  • Learn and practice a new language
  • Get fresh ideas and perspectives on your project
  • Create new inspirations and dynamics
  • Become part of the global community
  • Revisit with your own city/ town!
  • Have more friends around the world and places to stay

When you register as a host,  travellers, students and language learners who have shown interest in the areas that you have specified are able to contact you through the website. It is then up to the Workawayer to contact you and entirely up to you whether you decide to offer some kind of exchange or not. Remember we only provide interested parties with a way to contact you ( your email is not given out or visible on the site) and the general area in which you live. After the first contact has been made, you can then provide more specific details should you wish to.

You are also able to  view details of Workawayers who have contacted you, including their photo and any other information they have provided upon signing up.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long do my visitors stay for?

This is entirely up to you. We recommend that you arrange, at first, a short period of time (5 days to a week) as a trial period with the view of extending should both parties wish to (some volunteers have ended up staying up as long as a year and many become life long friends!) This gives both parties an "opt out clause" in case of unforeseeable circumstances, or if you simply just don't get on!


What type of accommodation am I expected to provide?

This could range from providing a tent in the garden, a caravan, to the guest room of your house. The important thing to stress is that volunteers should know what type of accommodation to expect before their arrival.


What about food?

Food is normally included in the exchange, and in most exchanges the tasks of cooking and clearing up are also SHARED. This means that you are not expected to prepare three meals a day for your volunteers and likewise you can not expect them to cook for you everyday on top of the work you provide (Unless part of the exchange is cooking!) Again the best thing is to make your wishes clear from the start to eliminate problems in the future. Remember it is a cultural exchange, so you should just carry on with your normal eating times and cook with or provide the necessary without any special change. Should you wish to eat in the style of your visitors then again this is entirely up to you.


How do I register with

Click on to the link below, where you will be asked to provide some information about yourself and/or your organisation, information about the type of work you want to be done, information about the type of accommodation you can offer and some general information about the type of helper you are looking for (smoker/non smoker etc.).

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