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    Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

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    01/12/2017 - 30/04/2020

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    my name is Pavlina but most of my English speaking friends call me "Pav"... just to make it easier. I was born in the Czech Republic (not sure you have heard of... it is a small country in the middle of Europe) but I lived in 5 different countries and I am (somehow) able to speak 5 languages.... well, OK, my Dutch is very basic but at least something :) My dream is to be fluent in 6 languages ....still a journey to go! Oh,yeah....

    I lived and worked in Belgium for 3 years but realized that "the office work is not for me" so I left my job, my friends and country behind and went for travelling. I started my trip in January 2017 and went to Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia), then I returned back to Belgium to earn some money and officially finish my stay there. I was also travelling in Iran for about one month. After I went to Southeast Asia again and spent 4 months in Vietnam and Taiwan (travelling and volunteering). After this trip when I was running out of money, I decided to go back to my country of origin and spend some time there. And now? I am ready for a new adventure!

    What do you need to know about me? Hmm...I have tons of energy. You will probably not see me sitting still and doing nothing. I love being outside in the nature, doing sport, talking to people, cooking/baking (oh, I really love baking), learning new languages, reading and definitely travelling.

    My biggest passion is sport (and travelling, of course). I wished I was a professional sportwoman.... but dunno which sport, preferably all .... or at least cross country skiing, skating, cycling, climbing, hiking (not sure there are the professional hikers), obstalce running and everything enough challenging.

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    Babysitting / child care
    Elderly Companion
    Cooking / shopping
    Help in the house
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice

  • What skills do you have?

    This summer I worked as a tour guide, I had 2 types of tours.:
    1 - guiding people in the nature - I picked them at at the train station, then we went to the national park or mountains and I guided them there. We walked about 15km. Most of the clients were young (up to 40 years old) but I also had people that were over 75years old for this trips :) I did the tours in English and French.
    2 - driving people between big cities and guiding them on the way (Prague - Munich/Berlin/Vienna and Bratislava). We had 3-4 stops on the way (castles, nice historical cities or a beautiful piece of nature). The group were up to 8 people, all the tours were in English. For more info, check the reviews on the company website:

    As said, my biggest passion is sport hence being a volunteer at any sport event is just a pleasure. I was volunteering at Obstacle Running Courses in Belgium (Strong Viking) and the Czech Republic (Gladiator Race - 4x and Spartan Race) and the tasks I was responsible for:
    - registrations
    - being at the obstacle and helping to overcome
    - kids race
    - cleaning up

    When I was at university, I was volunteering in the largest international organization run by students. We did international internships and were responsible for education of young people. We organized the conferences where we delivered training, workshops and seminars about different topics. This was very useful when I was in Myanmar where I worked on the Youth Empowerement Project. Together with another 9 volunteers, we prepared workshops about presentations skills, career planning and self-awarness to over 1000 university students. This was an amazing experience. I love teaching but do not like following rules and standards. I always try to be creative but effective as much as possible.
    My teaching experience
    -English teacher for the language agency in Kazakhstan for 3 months
    -Teaching Czech, French and English in the Primary School in Russia for 2 months
    -Teaching English via skype (using mindmaps) for 6 months
    - Language school Panda in Vietnam for 1 mont

    I grew up in the village so I am quite familiar with working in a farm. I did it as a summer job when I was a student. I know how to plant and harvest different kind of vegetable and fruits, take care of animals (rabbits, ducks, chicken, pigs , cows).... I mean I am not an expert but know the basics.
    I am not afraid of any job and I am more than intersted in learning something new.

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    English, French, Czech, Russian

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volunteering and travelling in Myanmar was one of my best experience so far
I was organizing after-school activities for these kids in Russia
the best part of my stay in Myanmar - spending my time with these kids! Here you realise that language is not an issue at all ....
rope skipping with the kids in Myanmar
Volunteering at obstalce running courses - this picture is taking when helping with the kids run
Iran - the best people ever! In a climbing gym, I met a girl who offered me to hike with her friends in the mountains which was one of the best experience I had in Iran. We reached the peak of 4000m and it was amazing! I learnt so much
Delivering workshops i Myanmar (groups from 10 to 70 students) - it was quite a challenge not only because of the organisation but also because of the language. Not many students spoke good English.
2 days guiding trip with these people in our mountains in Jeseniky
guiding part 2: with the clients on our way from Munich to Prague, this is a stop in Regensburg
in the finish of Vltava Run - 360km relay run along the river Vltava.
Gladiator Race - helping other competitors to get over the obstacle
Guiding part 3: with the clients on the way from Prague to Berlin, this stop is in Moritsburg
Climbing in Taiwan
Spartan Obstacle Run