From: Slovenia

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    Individual account

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    Spain, Turkey

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    03/01/2019 - 20/04/2020

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    Good Workawayer

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    In 2017 I finsihed 5.000 km walk without money with my ex partner. We walked with only basics in a small backpack, without a tent or mattress the majority of the way, with only light summer sleeping bags, even in winter. We slept outside by the road, in forest, anywhere. Mostly we stayed with people we met along the way. Helped them with their work a bit, but mostly helped people with clarity and freedom in their personal life and relationships with a special personal theraupetical exercise. We walked partly through south France and then continued in Spain. Together it lasted 18 months. This is to get to know my spirit a little bit.

    I am practicing maharishi joga, fitness. I practice transcendental meditation and tantric principles in everyday life.
    I dance contact improvisation whenever I can. I love things like biodanza, experiental theatre open classes, tantra workshops, and similar dancing / contact workshops. I like physical meaningful contact with people.
    I used to train aikido for 4 years.
    I also have interesting story to tell about my supernatural experiences that started when I was 17. It's what makes me someone who is very open to chanelling energy and seeing deep into things.

  • Type of help

    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Help with Computers / internet

  • What skills do you have?

    One of my developed areas:
    Natural materials building, conventional building, general maintanance and refurbishing. FIxing damage to building, to interior. I have been in construction from my early childhood but not professionally. Only from June 2018 I am learning to work through the eyes of a professional. I have been working in a natural building construction companies and doing my own projects since than. I am good with brick and stone building and paving. I still need help in constructing the skeleton of the house for example. I don't know all the building materials. I know how to work with hay, clay, lime facade, wood construction to a certain degree. I am handy with all sorts of tools. Have been using most of them. Generally I can do most of the work connected to construction.
    I don't know plumbing, only the sewage to some degree. I know how to set cables for electricity and switches but not how to connect it all to the fuses in the fusebox.
    My other developed area:
    Leadership, communication, public speaking skills, leading or fascilitating or supporting a workshop or lecture aligned to my values of tantra in everyday life, human physical contact and movement. I am especially good with arranging the space, speaking to people, setting the space, the intention, keeping things on track.
    In leadership I am good in connecting people through their values, bringing in intention, effectivity, integrity, clarity. I am also very good to use a support to a leader, second man.
    I am well trained in various courses and experienced through professionaly working with people in one on one consulting on personal matters, relationships, working with breakdowns, setbacks, lack of clarity, human pitfalls. I have developed several skills to bring clarity, power and freedom into an area and persisting problem of your choosing. I use tantric principles for everyday life, child integration, cognitive psychology and energy channeling. Also have an exercise for this I can lead your through, called Deep Matrix. I only do it with someone who is open to working with me.
    I am also a creative writer and full of ideas to anything you might be stuck with professionally or anywhere I would say. With authentic ideas and approaches or solutions. Ideas for promotion, for marketing material, flyers. Ideas on how to approach to clients, to doing a workshop, to doing an online event, to set the space, ...
    I also have some skills in wordpress and editing design, layout, texts. Although I don't prefer to stay in front of a computer for a long time.

  • Languages spoken

    Slovenian, English, Spanish, German, Serbo-croatian, Italian basics, Turkish some basics.

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  • What else ...

    I don't drink alcohol or do any drugs.
    I don't judge people for having a drink. I however do not prefer alcohol or drugs being involved in the work area/time. I prefer to avoid being with someone who is a cronic alcoholic or marihuana smoker, or engaging in a conversarion when someone is being obviously drunk or drugged. I am not someone who would hang out in communities with marihuana and/or alcohol being on everyday's menu. No worries if you love vine and enjoy it occasionally with friends. Noone is 100% amazingly healthy in this life, including me.

    I like to have a clean place where I sleep and can do yoga, and meditate. To have a place I can retreat to. I need my 2 hours a day in a safe calm space to center myself.

  • Some more information

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    • Driver's licence

    • Allergies
      Something really dusty, that has been that for a long time. I might get alergic to it, having difficulties in breathing. Usually I have a proble with dusty wool. I am sensiteve to artificial strong paints and odors from toxic materials.

    • Special dietary requirements
      I eat a lot of raw green veggies, fruits, legumes. I especially eat a lot of salad. A vegan diet with more fresh ingredients is preferable. I preferably do not eat meat, or only occasionally. I used to prepare my own food. I avoid cheese, milk, sugar, fry