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    Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama

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    05/12/2019 - 02/04/2020

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    my name is Axel and I am 55 years old and from Germany. I am most likely not the typical workawayer, looking for short-term fun activities in beautiful locations or party towns. Since I am quite concerned about the ecology of the planet and how we treat this earth and our fellow humans, my primary interest is to help those of you who are trying to revert the planet back to its natural pristine beauty and alleviate the problems we now increasingly face in regards to ecological destruction, environmental pollution, food and water shortages, sustainable energy use, and the like.

    In particular I am looking for places that value nature and are trying their best to heal and preserve the planet by taking care of their immediate natural surroundings and trying to establish a balanced life in tune with nature and the living communities located there. This could be an ecological project (lodge, hostel, farm, or similar) involved in eco-tourism, reforestation, natural building, permaculture, food and water security, or other ways of sustainable living. I am also very interested in helping at hostels in beautiful natural surroundings (beaches, national parks, etc.) to promote a closer-to-nature lifestyle and show people that there is another way to live than the normal 9-5 urban grind.

    For the past 6 years (after I left my tenured position as a Biology Professor), I traveled extensively throughout
    Northern and Central America, and Europe, getting involved in many of the activities mentioned above, including learning about permaculture, sustainable earth bag building, gardening, aquaponics, soil production, composting, waste treatment, etc. With my background in plant biology I am also interested in plant breeding and seed production, micropropagation, greenhouse maintenance, hydroponics, and plant production in general. I also have some skills in IT and can help with computer work, setting up websites, blogs and social media presence.

    I have 5 years of experience as a workawayer (and also as a host) in various places in Costa Rica (which I have visited at least a dozend times during the past 15 years) and Guatemala helping out on ecological farms and in backpacker hostels where I did check-ins, handled the bookings and payments online and offline, and cared about the guests and their questions. I enjoyed the hostel work so much, that my partner Christine (our profiles are linked) now want to explore this inspiring side of life together to perhaps, in the not too distant future, run our own small hostel somewhere in the world. We both do love the company of people of all ages and walks of life who have something to say other than gossiping about football, TV, or politics, and who are eager to share there travel experiences with us.

    I myself cannot cook (and I dont like to) but Christine is a very famous cook. However, I am happy to clean the dishes (which is meditative for me) and tidy up the space. I love it clean and tidy. When it comes to diet I do like fresh foods and a variety of fruits and a variety of greens. I am not a vegetarian or vegan (even though I can live vegetarian or vegan for months) but I also enjoy cheese or eggs once in a while and even an occasional bite of meat if I know how it was raised and prepared (dont need to eat meat though).

    I left my 9-5 life (used to be a biology Professor with appointments in Germany, Costa Rica, and the USA) about 6 years by choice and sailed the Mediterranean Seas for 5 years nonstop on my own classic sailboat, which I recently sold. I met Christine on the sailboat (we both hold boating licences and repair boats and their engines) and we lived and worked together on the boat for the past 3 years. We can both get along with most people and love to chill out with people who have experiences to share with us. We also enjoy a beer or glass of wine in the evenings to relax but we dont like to get drunk or party all night long. I also enjoy my solitude in tranquil and relaxing surroundings. I love meditating and feeling the energy of people and places, hang out at a beach or river by myself, and watch the birds or monkeys.

    I currently (summer and fall 2019) travel Europe in my camper van, enjoying a land-based life after years at sea, until Christine and are heading of to Central America together. I speak english (and of course german) and understand some french and spanish and a bit of italian too. But I cannot as yet sustain a conversation in frensh, spanish, or italian (Christine is much better with languages than I am :-), even though my spanish gets better slowly :-) I dont mind getting my hands dirty in the garden, can help with basic maintenance tasks around the house (plumbing and electric, which I learned on the boat), or do painting (which I did as a student), varnishing and wood finishing (which I did on my boat), and a couple of other things. However, I am not an artist in any way. But I am quite good with the computer and social media, wordpress, website maintenance, blogs, etc.

    Christine and I would love to stay together as much as possible and get in touch with other free spirits in a place that is surrounded by nature and the sea (or a river at least). I also do enjoy my free time with a book and need very little company or attention. A good internet connection, at least for a few hours during the day, would be fantastic to keep my relationships updated and continue my blogs writings. I am a self-starter and can work independently. We are both very reliable people and are financially independent. We can commit for extended stays up to 3 months in a row, and even beyond that once our visa requirements (90 days) are cleared. But we would not mind to stay longer and to border runs if the place suits us as much as our host :-)

    If you are interested in connecting and have a place for us, individually or together, where we can be of help to you and/or your project in any of the above mentioned areas, we'd be happy to hear from you.

    All the best, Axel (& Christine)

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    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Help with Computers / internet

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    organic gardening, permaculture, farming, aquaculture, hydroponics, food forests, reforestation, teaching, biology, genetics, plant breeding, scientific research, internet services, blogging, writing, programming, databases, website management, boat maintenance, boat repairs, sailing, sailing instruction, hostel management, reception work, booking management (checkfront,, hostelworld, tripadvisor, ...)

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    english and german, basic spanish which needs a serious brush-up (but I can understand most of it)

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    I am a simple guy who gets along with almost anyone and under any condition. But even though I am serious and sincere when it comes to my work and my ideals (see above), I somehow dont like serious people or a stressful environment. I know there is a lot of work to be done to clean up the planet and make people aware of the problems our western cultural habits cause, but it can be done with an open and friendly attitude towards each other.

    I dont mind heavy rain or hotter climates but I cant stand constant bombardment with loud noises (cars, music, people, etc.). I have sailed the Indian ocean on a small sailboat with 3 other guys. 15 days nonstop on the water with little to do except watching the water, the weather, and the waves. Have lived the past 5 years permanently on a sailboat in the Mediterranean, which I crossed from east to west and back several times on my own keel. So not much can disturb my peace or shock me anymore. But now I feel a strong desire to get back on the land, put my hands in the dirt, and ease my eyes and ears in lush green tropical surroundings and do something meaningful for this world.

    Personally, I have only few requirements, except some space and a quiet and preferably remote location. I do not need fancy foods or meat or a lot of entertainment. I can entertain myself well enough with my own ideas :-) Give me an internet connection once in a while and a quiet place for myself surrounded by nature, some good company, and I am happy and well functional.

    In the long run I imagine living permanently in any tropical or subtropical location, either on my own property (which I will still have to find) or as a long-term partner on somebody else's place (if the opportunity presents itself and we our values align well enough).

    I am looking for some purposeful work, helping either the people, the environment, or the animals, and perhaps all of them :-) The earth and its people need healing in so many ways that I am sure there will a place for me where I can help. Let me know if it is your place :-)

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