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  • about 6 min
Should I sign up as a host on workaway?

Am I too old to host on workaway? Or too young? Who would want to come to my area? What if I don’t speak English that well? Too much of this, not enough of that? Here’s a short list of potential self-doubts or preconceptions a new host might have with solutions to overcome them.

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  • about 15 min
Workaway experiences: The pros & cons of volunteer exchanges

Ilaria is the ‘Girl with a suitcase’ and has kindly allowed us to repost her blogpost all about volunteer exchanges. “Not only a travel blog: there you can find travel advice, ideas, itineraries, budget holidays, original trips and a lot of wonderful pictures!”

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  • about 8 min
10 good reasons to use Workaway to travel for longer for less

Here’s a great article written by Mandie all about how Workaway has enabled her to extend her travelling and talking about some of the added benefits of travelling this way. Her blog is called and is well worth a visit for some interesting observations and stories about travelling on a budget.

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