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  • about 10 min
The Best Workaway Experiences for Eco-Warriors

We each have a part to play in protecting our planet and here at Workaway, we have literally THOUSANDS of projects that can support your Eco-warrior ways. From animal welfare and sustainable education projects, to local marine conservation communities, here are our top Workaway picks for host projects that you can get involved in and help support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!

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  • about 3 min
5 Irresistible workaway experiences to give back to the world

You all know by now how Workaway works and the benefits of volunteering compared to aimless travel, so we won’t go on about that again, but sometimes it’s just nice to highlight some of the 28,000+ hosts in over 155 countries we now have online – especially the ones that are really making a difference to our planet and are giving back to the local communities.

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