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  • about 12 min
Meet the Workaway family that backpacked through 72 countries together

Have you wondered what it's like to go on a gap year with your entire family? This month, we're excited to introduce the Su family, who did just that and not only once, but THREE times. In total they backpacked through 72 countries including Workaways at a yurt camp in Mongolia, an NGO in Kazakhstan, a hostel in Egypt and a pomegranate farm in Israel – to name just a few!

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  • about 9 min
Family travel tips: on the go with kids in tow

The prospect of international travel with kids may seem a bit daunting — especially when they’re still very young — but let us reassure you that you don’t have to give up your nomadic lifestyle as a parent. Travelling with kids in tow just means that you’ve got to plan your trips a little differently! Read these useful advice and hacks on how to make your kids’ travel experience as satisfying and memorable as your own.

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  • about 7 min
Worried about travelling with kids? Use these top tips!

Travelling with kids or “en famille” is the perfect opportunity for you to leave behind the routine and responsibilities of work and school and spend some “quality time” together. A great idea in principal, but it is sometimes difficult to meet the expectations of all family members and really make the most of your time together.

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