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  • about min
Travel photography - "Sleeping Buddha" (Montaren-et-Saint-Médiers, France)

We loved May 2019's whimsical travel snapshots and unique Workaway experiences captured by our community! Explore some of the best images this month and enter the next competition for your chance to win our €100 prize.

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  • about 6 min
How this creative family is using their recycled art to inspire the community to reuse & recycle

We had the pleasure of getting to know a lovely family living in the UK. Drawing on their experiences as journalists and travellers, they told us how they’re creating a new project that moves beyond recycling toward something even better. Get out some scissors and glue and tap into your inner child for this special interview!

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  • about 5 min
The workawayer who discovered a passion for painting en-route and now can’t stop!

After ten months workawaying Aude is on a non-stop mission to leave a trail of inspirational murals behind her as she travels around the globe on a one way ticket. Some of her friends call her “an artwork machine“, because when she starts painting she is in the zone and there is no stopping her…!

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