6 Great websites that will actually save you money on your travels

“If travel was free, you’d never see us again.”
Yeah, ok, we see this quote every other day. But it’s not free, so let’s move on.
Let’s move on to making it a lot cheaper, and these 6 brilliant websites will make it a lot easier. It’s fine, you can buy us a coffee next time we see you!

1. Momondo

Ok, there are tons of flight comparison websites out there now, but one we use ourselves for booking flights (we book about a million a year) is new kid on the block Momondo.
Google Flights searches big-name online travel agents like Orbitz, Priceline and Expedia, whereas Momondo searches the small ones that most people haven’t heard of but offer better prices on flights. However, because these smaller sites tend to charge more for cancellations and plan changes, only use Momondo if your plans are firm.

2. Groupon

Yup, that classic money saving site is still going strong, even if we have forgotten about it a bit. Have you taken a look recently? They sell full holidays, flights and hotel rooms as well as activities, restaurant vouchers and even suitcases. Pretty much everything you could need for your travels is on there – you’re just going to have to spend a few hours scrolling through.

3. TopCashback

Call us cheap, but we like to make money when we spend money. No, wait, that isn’t cheap at all, that’s just being clever. We’ve used TopCashback for years and it is a simple as earning a percentage of your money back you’ve just spent. For example when you book a hotel with Expedia you get up to 15% back. It’s the same price you would have paid directly through Expedia webiste you just go through TopCashback instead and get that 15% right back into your pocket. They have a whole travel section with everything from travel insurance to money exchange. Free money – effectively.

4. WifiMapper

Free Wi-Fi can be a great money saver when you travel, but many Wi-Fi finder apps lack the critical information you may need, like whether the hotspot is located in a train station or a bar, or whether the hotspot is actually free. The new WifiMapper app addresses the problem through crowdsourcing its data (it claims it has information on more than 500 networks across the world) and integrating the information with Foursquare, so you’ll know whether the “free” Wi-Fi at a café a few blocks away also requires the purchase of a cappuccino. In addition, it measures the quality of the Wi-Fi signal, so you can find the fastest free connection nearby to upload your workaway or vacation pics.

5. Roomer

A marketplace for unwanted hotel room reservations. You can book discounted rooms from people who would otherwise be completely out of luck, it’s a win-win. Roomer also functions as a traditional discounted hotel booking service, so they often have some of the best deals around.

6. Klook

While this is only Asia based – at the moment – it is a great resource for booking activities while in some of the main cities in the region. As the official partner of top attractions and operators worldwide, they ensure all their offerings deliver quality experiences at the best possible price. For example a ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland is HK$40 cheaper when booked through Klook.

We could have listed a hundred more, which are all pretty much the same flight comparsion or late hotel bookings, but we’ve picked the best of the best here to not only save you money but to save you time too. Now you’re all set! So see you on the road, nomads!??

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