Travel Safely With Workaway Emergency Help

We understand the importance of safety when travelling

Our priority has always been to provide the safest way of travelling as possible. Workaway Emergency Help is now available to all new Workaway members.

Designed to give you peace of mind before your travels

We know that when travelling, things may not always go as expected, which is why we provide around the clock support to all our members. We also aim to provide as much practical information as we can to help you avoid difficult situations.

Should there be an emergency situation where the host has failed to fulfil their accommodation commitments and the Workawayer feels they have been left in a difficult situation as a result, the Workaway Emergency Help can provide assistance up to the amount of your subscription fee to help towards unplanned accommodation costs.

Our support team is always here to help

If you are having difficulties with a host, our admins will try to provide advice and assistance. Our experienced support staff have travelled extensively themselves and are empathic when dealing with issues, often providing solutions that might not have been considered by travellers in the middle of unforeseen situations.

Should you feel the need to activate the Emergency Help it's important that you immediately contact our international team who will try to provide support and suggest the best ways to resolve your issue.

Eligibility Guidelines for Workaway Emergency Help

Should you find yourself in a dangerous or difficult situation and feel that you need to activate emergency help, it's important to be aware of the following guidelines:

  • The Workaway Emergency Help will apply only in cases where the host has been negligent and holds full responsibility.
  • Your complete Workaway stay MUST be arranged and confirmed through the Workaway messaging system (not using any external platform) including any date changes. This enables us to verify any arrangements that you have made.
  • Workaway Emergency Help is valid for a maximum of 3 months during any exchange.
  • The Workaway Emergency Help can only be provided to workawayers who subscribed after 6th December 2022.
  • Should you wish to make a request for Emergency Help, the Workaway safety team must have been previously contacted and informed of the situation.
  • The workawayer will be asked to fill an Emergency Help Application Form, which must be completed in full. It will then be submitted for assessment by the Workaway support team.
  • Alternative accommodation receipts must be kept and forwarded to the Workaway team.
  • If the workawayer is relocated and pays for a hostel directly, they must keep and send daily receipts for these payments to Workaway support. Assistance can only be provided if approved by the Workaway team beforehand.
  • Workaway is not responsible for any fees charged for depositing funds following activation of the Emergency Help.
  • Your original payment method will be used in order to receive any Emergency Help payment.
  • If it is not possible to use your original payment method, an active PayPal account is required to receive any Emergency Help payment.
  • One Emergency Help available per subscription.
  • The maximum amount that can be requested via the Emergency Help is limited to your subscription payment amount.

Please remember

We offer the Workaway Emergency Help to assist in a worst-case scenario. It is vitally important that you contact our friendly international support team if you are having difficulties with a host so that we can try to provide advice before any request for assistance. This will allow us time to suggest alternatives to you.

What we do to keep Workaway safe

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