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Help in our organic, self-sufficient fruit garden in the valleys in Germany
Help in an organic, self-sufficient fruit garden in the valleys close to the Saxon Switzerland and a lake Come and help pick herbs and fruits from trees and bushes inside and close to the forest Enjoy Nature and a little stream There is a well:) and ......


Help out in our small community seeking an alternative way of life near Aracena, Spain
Our newborn community arises from the conviction of a group of friends (Marta, David and María) in an alternative way of life, different from that sells markets, multinationals, governments and the media. We have two associations, one about ......


Help and learn in medicinal plant gardens in the Upper Amazon of Ecuador
I'm a long time alternative healer (shamanic craniosacral work, homeopathy, entheogens, etc) living in Ecuador for 5yrs with my partner and 4 children


Get to know the principles of attachment parenting in the lovely city of Ghent, Belgium
Hello dear volunteer! I am a young mum (27) living together with my lovely baby of ten months and another mother with her daughter of six years old. We are a small happy community, the mothers help eachother, the kids play with eachother. We live ......

 United States

Volunteer on a project in Washington State.
Our farm is an ever evolving project in an effort to create a self sustaining communal lifestyle that combines the perfect balance of work and play. We build, we skate, we garden, we surf, we tend the animals, we fish the river. Surrounded by one ......


Help our happy family with wood carving, carpentry and our garden near Sofia, Bulgaria
Hello people, We are establishing and art space in nature called Bulgarayya. Our desire is to create space for artistic projects in the field of dance, music theater and other arts. Kind of residency for artists. There is already plenty of space ......


Join a group of friends reforming a beautiful house, in a peaceful neighbourhood near down town in Santiago de Chile, Chile
We are a group of friends and we have a beautiful house, in a peaceful neighborhood, near down town in Santiago de Chile. group of friends and we have a beautiful house, in a peaceful neighborhood We have plans of self- fixing this house and share ......


Come join our house by the river in central Melbourne. Help us transform our home with building and garden projects, Australia.
House of four lovely ladies and a lop eared rabbit named George Clooney. We live in a home on the Yarra River in central Melbourne. The home is located on an amazing bush block with space for camping, fire circles, kayaking, slack lining and fire ......


Help our association at our farm and mountain house on the Northern Aegean Coast of Turkey
Although we have acquired the land in 2009, we had to wait till we actually founded the association. That was on the 18th of January in 2010. We have 24 members at one of the extending branches of mythological Mt. Ida in the Northern Aegean Coast of ......


Help at eco-farm on Isla San Cristóbal in Bocas de Toro, Panama.
Greetings! We have a couple of little lagoon front jungle huts and a jungle house on a piece of land (60 acres) on the beautiful Isla San Cristóbal in the Bocas del Toro area of Panama. We are about a 30 minute ride by boat from the town of Bocas ......


Help a grassroots community development organization - needed graphic designers, videographers and hard working farmers north of Chiang Mai!
Our project is a big family - really big. My wife, Evelind Schecter, and I started our project seven years ago based on our experience as parents and foster parents in the US. We opened its doors in July 2008 and accepted its first 5 children in ......


Welcome to Montpellier! Help us with construction of wood an strawbale houses
We are 4 families. We built our one houses (we built 440 m2) in wood and strawbales, in a village just near Montpellier, France. You wish to be a part of the great adventure of participatory construction? Fantastic! We have lived in this setting ......


Help a community of Hare Krishna monks surrounded by forests in Kaunas, Lithuania
We are an international, spiritual (Hare Krishna), rural living community of monks in the forest of eastern Lithuania between Kaunas and Vilnus. Mainly in the Monastery live young male monks 27-35 years old. We are engaged in the protection of ......


Help our comunity in natural environment in Sierra Nevada Santa Marta, Colombia
We are a community, a collective of mestizo artists committed to the preservation of life. Our principles are inspired by the lifestyles and ancestral customs of indigenous, Latinos-Americans and Oriental peoples. After several sustainable projects ......

 Sri Lanka

Lend a hand at a social, sustainable agriculture farming project in Sri Lanka
Our project is a social sustainable agriculture farming project in Sri Lanka. In 2011, we bought an 8-hectare piece of land in the Northwest of the island, in 2013 we were able to buy an adjoining 6.5 hectare lot. At that time a brownfield site, ......

 Czech Republic

Join our unique and exciting project in the Frydlant, Czech Republic
UPDATE! Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone to help me with an exciting project this summer. I am an artist from the UK working primarily with video, text and installation. My work explores the construction of identity through processes of ......


Eco-Lab, San Marcos Sierras, Cordoba, Argentina.
We are four funky chaps who are building a sustainable habitat in the north west of Cordoba, Argentina. We are interested in bio-construction, organic farming, geodesic domes, appropriate technologies, permaculture design and natural waste ......


Looking for volunteers to help us with internal fixing and gardening at our space for families in center in Basque Country, Spain
I am Auria , mother of two daughters , we love nature and live in freedom. We have a familiar space for Parenting and Family, we are a place for families to meet and to weave a social network. .... please reply to host in Spanish.... Soy Auria, ......


Learn about growing organic food and living off the land on 2 acre block in Healesville in the Yarra Valley, Australia
We are a household of three guys and soon to be five people living on a 2 acre block in Healesville in the Yarra Valley, we are growing organic fruit and vegetables trying to develop and grow the garden to produce as much as possible to live off and ......


Help out with gardening and with vegetables in beautiful Tuscan hills, close to Florence, Italy
We are some friends living all together in a happy house in the beautiful tuscan hills, close to Florence. Sometime we could need help in the house, such as repairing the washing-machine, cleaning parts of the house, building a wooden wall in order ......