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  • Country: Brazil
  • Feedback: 26
We are a family (Franco-Sud Americaine) that lives on a small coconut farm. We fight to live with a logic of sustainability, amid the unconsciousness of modernity. Recycling, planting, taking care of nature and experimenting in the creation of ......

  • Country: Brazil
  • Feedback: 2
Hi there, after living several years in USA, NL, UK, DE, AT and CH, I am back in Brazil. I am brazilian married with russian, we have a 4 year old son and 1.5 years baby. we got a sea front house in Northeast, this area has very low population ......

  • Country: Brazil
Hello, I live in Aracaju a beautiful city in northeastern Brazil that has many beaches and a beautiful culture. And I belong to other hosting sites. And I want to know all of South America and other countries around the world but for it must first ......

  • Country: Brazil
My name is Nicolas, I'm twenty-one years old, I'm from Maceió (Alagoas) and I'm studying and living in Penedo (Alagoas). It's a beautiful and historical country town, with many incredible touristics points, such as a lot of churchs and natural ......

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