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    I am a Digital Nomad - currently working online as a Content Creator / Copywriter / Video Editor.

    I felt deeply within my heart from a very young age that I would find my purpose one day by travelling the world, and so I left South Africa when i was 18 years old, travelling 20 countries over the last 7 years, returning for a couple of months every few years to see my family in South Africa.

    I've been motivated throughout my journey by my dream to know new cultures and understand the different ways of life all over the world. I am inspired by the people I meet in my travels who share their journey with me, by helping in community projects to experience different ways of life, and growing my perspective.

    Working 2 years in the USA taught me about how important a connection with nature is to explore and deeply nurture the soul. Within fostering a deep connection with nature, we more deeply understand our inner truth.

    Backpacking Europe alone for 3 months taught me that expectations effect all experiences, and without any expectation - when we let go of our ideas of how we think an experience should be, and allow it to present itself in the way it so wishes, everything becomes an incredible fascinating experience (as either a fond memory to hold or a lesson in life).

    Teaching English in Vietnam for 2 years taught me about how different other cultures can be, and that it's so important to respect the differences of every society. I also learnt along my journey in Vietnam that home is within. It is not a destination that can be found.

    Hiking in the Himalayas in Nepal taught me that no matter how big a goal seems; we all have the ability to achieve anything that we put our minds to.. one step at a time.

    Doing a 10 day silent meditation in Northern Thailand taught me about the importance of nurturing awareness in every present moment, to keep our minds away from the past and the future we need just to recognise the ever-changing nature of each passing moment and enjoy everything that we see, have and feel now.

    Staying in Brazil over the entirety of 2020, I learned that even when the future is uncertain and things don't go to plan, if you follow your dream and trust life to guide you, you'll end up in truly indescribable places, surrounded by incredible people. It is here where I first began to understand what it is like to truly be free.

    I returned to South Africa in January 2021, after travelling for 7 years - and I have been staying in Cape Town ever since. I was blessed to receive the opportunity to attend my second Vipassana, in Worcester in June, and what I learnt there was - within breaking apart all roles, constructs and identities I have built throughout my life, I release all pressure to be anything but what is truly, authentically me, and allow myself to express that in whatever way I wish to in each new moment.

    As you can imagine, after travelling for 7 years and then returning home, I initially felt I'd lost a part of myself. The traveller within me. But through my experiences this year I have learned that it is by returning home that I have actually found myself.

    In all that I have experience so far, I have found one intimate truth - Life is best lived when you surrender to the experiences that cross your path, with an open mind and an open heart. To flow with the ever-changing and dance with the unknown. Happiness will never be handed to you from any relationship, friendship, big house, expensive car or experience. Everyday you wake up and you decide if you are going to be the victim or the hero of your own story.

    I am happy because everyday I wake up and decide to follow my dream. I wake up everyday, the hero of my story. It is for sure that not every moment of this journey has been effortless, but in the most difficult moments I've found so many lessons and invaluable personal growth.


    I play the ukelele. Expression through music is so important to me, and so as I travel I feel drawn to learn more songs, to remember and cherish each season of my journey.

    I am an avid reader and Audio-book enthusiast!

    I love to cook! I consider cooking for others to be the way I express my love and appreciation. I can cook dishes from many of the countries that I've travelled to, and I love to share that with new people I meet along my path!

    I also keep a regular meditation practice quite high up on my priority list - I've found that this keeps one grounded and present throughout the day. I am always open to sharing my knowledge on the practices of meditation that I have learnt over the last few years, with anyone who is interested!

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    Heimwerken & DIY

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  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    Up until the end of 2020, I had used a different website for volunteering, yet because of opportunities on Workaway seeming to suit my journey more, I decided to build a profile here. Because of that I have lost all of my references from my previous volunteering experiences.

    Below I describe all my experiences working and volunteering throughout my travels. If you'd like any references from the places I've volunteered at below, I'd be more than happy to provide them!

    Child Care: I spent 2 years living in the USA, working as an Au Pair (through the company - Au Pair in America). I have experience in taking care of children aged 1-8 years old, as well as a certificate from a course i did related to Early Childhood Development.

    Waitressing: I have 7 months experience working in restaurants (Bosvelder / Spur), taking orders and serving food.

    Bartending: In a pub (Mitchells Scottish Ale House), I did bartending for 4 months, where my responsiblity was making cocktails, mix drinks and shooters.

    Knowledge on Wine: I worked in a wine bar (Balthazar) for 3 months, where I was responsible for recommending and serving local and international wines and wine pairings with different foods.

    Cooking: I've volunteered for 2 months as a chef, responsible for cooking breakfast for the guests of a resort (Himmapan Resort) on an Island in Thailand. I have a lot of passion for cooking and often cook for the people around me everywhere I go!

    Teaching English: I have 2 years od experience working in different schools and language centers in Vietnam, teaching English as a second language to students aged 2 - 22 years old. I can teach every level; from Beginner to Upper Intermediate, and I have experience training students for the IELTS exam.

    The English Schools I worked at are:
    - GK International English Language Center
    - Ms Thuy Foreign Language Center
    - Leo Go English for Kids
    - Golden Bee English Center

    Cleaning / Reception: I have volunteered at 6 different hostels throughout my travels, in:

    Singapore (Happy Snail Hostel), Malaysia (Traveller Bunker Hostel), Thailand (Bodega Party Hostel) and Brazil (Aqaurela do Leme / Tropico de Capricornio / Chamos Hostel Cultural).

    In my time volunteering I learned about the different systems used in a hostel (Cloudbeds and Frontdest Master) and how to do many of the cleaning tasks expected from Volunteering. I also learned Check in and Check out procedures and how to organize extra hostel activities for guests (eg. Trivia Night)

    Night Shift: Whilst volunteering at Aquarela do Leme Hostel, I was responsible for some night shifts during the week, where I stayed at the reception from 11pm to 7am to open the gate for guests and do some administration tasks.

    Guide for Hiking: During my stay volunteering in Malaysia (at Traveller Bunker Hostel) one of my responsiblities was taking guests on guided hikes in the Tea Plantations in the Highlands. Here, I gained experience in leading a group of people through local trails, and sharing information about the town and culture of the people.

    Yoga: When I was travelling in Asia, i completed a 100h yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. With that experience I can guide informal yoga classes.

    Meditation: In Thailand, I took part in a 10 day silent Meditation at a Temple called "Wat Doi Suthep". It's here that I first learned about Meditation, and I would be happy to share that knowledge!

    Farming / Agroforestry: In Brazil, I volunteered for 2 months at an Eco Lodge (Mariri Jungle Lodge), where I learned about sustainability and how to build an "Agrofloresta". I learned how to utilize the land and its materials for creating a system where different trees can grow in line with vegetables in a way that is beneficial for both. I helped with mulching, collecting branches and leaves, planting small trees, using organic fertiliser and compost to give nutrients to the trees and plants and creating structure in the Agrofloresta.

    Gardening: In Brazil, I volunteered for 2 months at an Eco Lodge in the Mata Atlantica Rainforest (Salve Floresta), where my responsibilities included taking care of an organic vegetable garden with a variety of vegetables such as broccoli, kale, tomatoes, spring onion, carrots, lettuce and more! I had to plant seeds, take care of the seedlings and once they were strong enough i had to plant them in the patch. I learned how to turn compost into organic fertilizer and i learned how to identify and care for many different vegetable and herb plants.

    Content Writing: While volunteering at Salve Floresta, I had the opportunity to write articles for their website, explaining the importance of conservation and sharing knowledge about the animals and plants of the Mata Atlantica. I wrote about bird watching, events, guided hikes, a local village that lived near to the Eco Lodge and organic gardening.

    Website Development (Wordpress): While I was volunteering with Tropico de Capricornio Hotel (where I volunteered for 4 months) I took on a project to create the website for their brand, outlining their 7 hostels in Ubatuba. I wrote about each unique location and I set up the webiste layout with pictures of each hostel and activities around Ubatuba.

    Photography: I travel with a semi-professional Camera, and whilst volunteering at Tropico de Capricornio Hostel, I did photography work relating to 3 of their 7 hostels.

    Renovations: During my last month in Brazil, i stayed at a hostel in Sao Paulo, helping with a full renovation. There I painted walls mostly! (I have a review from this experience on my Workaway profile).

    Video Editing: I am currently working as a video editor, and travel with my Camera. I am experienced in editing with Adobe Premier Pro Software, and would be happy to volunteer making videos!

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    Some things that I feel are significant in my journey:

    July 2014 - July 2016: Whilst living in United States, working as an Au Pair, I travelled through 27 of the States by bus, plane and truck. I experienced hiking the 48 tallest mountains in the state of New Hampshire and many nights camping in the mountains as well.

    January 2017 - March 2017: I backpacked alone, through 11 Countries in Europe.

    I travelled to Rome, Naples, Florence and Venice in Italy.
    Ljubljana in Slovenia,
    Budapest in Hungary,
    Bratislava in Slovakia,
    Vienna and Graz in Austria,
    Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg in Germany,
    Amsterdam and Rotterdam in The Netherlands,
    Brussels in Belgium,
    Paris in France,
    Barcelona in Spain,
    and Dublin in Ireland.

    2018 - 2020: I took an opportunity to Volunteer teaching English in a Homestay in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Some weeks after I arrived, I lost my bank card, and was left with no choice but to start teaching English at a Language Center to sustain myself for the following months. I didn't know that I would spend the best parts of the next 2 years that followed, teaching English in Vietnam.

    January 2019 - February 2019: I travelled to Nepal, where I set off on a 2 week expedition, hiking in the Himalayas through the trails of the Annapurna base camp trek and staying in Tea houses. This was an incredible experience, as it had always been my dream to set foot in the Himalayas and I saw some of the most extraordinary views and had contact with the people of the mountain villages.

    2020 was the beginning of a new chapter for me. I bought the ticket to Brazil, with the intention of travelling for 1 - 2 years through South America, volunteering to experience different ways of life and grow as a person.

    In Brazil I got to experience cooking and eating with many Brazillian people, I learnt how to dance Forro and Samba and I bought a bicycle which allowed me to explore the city and beaches.

    I travelled in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in a blue Beach Buggy (Fusca), with 4 friends that I met in Brazil. These 4 people became my family over the span of 4 months. Never could I have imagined the impact we could have on each others lives. We experienced days hiking, nights camping, playing instruments together, afternoons in the coffee shop, late nights on the beach and so much more that words can not express! I'm so grateful to have had a crazy experience like that!

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      I currently eat Vegetarian - Keto. I follow this lifestyle with the intention to promote deep physical healing, and have found that it works fantastically for clarity of mind and energy levels. I often eat what I can from what is provided in any Volunteer