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    25/09/2015 - 24/09/2017

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    I am enjoying a little time away from my job (that I enjoy very, very much as well) for a couple of months now and since I am the naturally curious type I try to explore different walks of life when I get the chance. Traveling has been a long-time favorite way to get there and now I'd love to give the work exchange concept a shot, because obviously nothing beats first-hand experience.

    Give us a chance and you'll quickly discover what a social, seriously funny, diligent, creative, collaborative, playful, adventurous, self-motivated, hard-working, and reliable all-rounder I am. I'm also second to no one at patting myself - but I hate doing that, so let me stop right here and contact you directly...for words are the beat it takes deeds to dance to ;)

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    Languages I know (survival 1 - 9 native level):

    Chinese 6
    English 8
    French 3
    German 9
    Italian 6
    Polish 9
    Portuguese (reading only)
    Spanish 4

    I got my M.A. in musicology, economic'n'social history, and Italian literature - but I realised that the workaway demand for musicologists is somewhat underwhelming, so here's a list of what else I have, am, can do, know about, or have at least heard of:

    Analytical and problem solving skills // Chop wood & carry water // Computer savvy (Windows only, though) // Cubase and sound production in general // Exploration // Fire spitting // Getting my hands dirrrty // Guitar // Hospitality business // Improvisation // Interactive theater // Keeping my cool // Low-cost travelling // Lucid dreaming // Management and project leading experience // Manually not too clumsy (I have helped in building two houses foundation-to-rooftiles, so I am experienced, but no pro) // Mediation // Meditation // OK chef & chauffeur // Photoshop and illustrator // Physically fit // Research // Sport and relaxation massage // Teaching experience (German, Chinese, and guitar to students in an age range of 5 - 55 years) // Webdesign (html, css, joomla, dreamweaver) // Working with earth, plants, and animals // Writing

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    German Polish English Chinese Italian Spanish French

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    German / Polish

  • What else ...

    Since people always ask about my job:

    It's fairly inexplicable.

    But, in a nutshell, it is about creating and integrating custom-tailored experiences of 'wow!' into somebody's everyday life without that person ever realising that it's all been a set-up. Usually, someone rather close to our protagonist pays for the whole charade, then we (essentially a team of five plus whomever we hire for a specific project) do a couple of months' worth of research, then 'stage' the whole thing during a few more months...and finally everybody is supposed to be happier than they've been before.

    Apart from really happy I'm always really exhausted then. Going for two or three days with barely any sleep is nothing exceptional, and yet one has to stay focused and super-conspirative all the time. No wonder that afterwards I prefer travelling, demanding but straightforward physical activities, and social interaction with 'real' people - you will be able to tell by the very honest joy in my eyes about whatever you throw at me :)

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