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    Antilles, Aruba, Bahamas, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela

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    01/11/2016 - 31/01/2017

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    Get out of my tunnel vision, Learn all about this beautiful planet and all the cultures,
    I am looking for a nice place to stay with some nice friendly people. Learn about your country and culture and have a good time working and meeting people. I use to run a horse riding school, so I know responsibilities . Always friendly and happy to help were needed.I love organising fun activities and events. people and nature in it!

    My name is Leonie. I am a 30 years old female of the Netherlands. I am a sporty and active person. I have been practising al kinds of sports, at the moment it is mainly hiking, cycling, sailing, swimming and last but not least horseriding. Further I do diving, cycling, climbing, surfing (wind and kite) I tried surfing at waves a couple of times, dancing, walking, squash and so on. I love outdoors and sun. I am a horse trainer / rider and teacher. I use to work also as a sail instructor. At the moment I am studying to become a science and geographic teacher for secondary school.

    I am a professional horse trainer and instructor. In the Netherlands, before I started travaling I use to run a horse riding school. There I did the training of the horses. As well dressage as jumping, foundation training of the young horses form the vary first start to higher levels dressage and jumping. I have specialised in rehabilitating / retraining horses with problems. I school other riders and trainers how to deal with and improve unwanted and problematic behavior. This can be anything according to riding, handling the hose, trailer loading and whatever you can think of. I help them to retrain the horse or I do it for them and give a couple of lessons how to proceed in the futher so problems don't return. Training of the horses is always done in a honest and friendly way. The base is explaining the horse the wanted behavior what replaces the unwanted behavior, the clear signals where the hose should respond to, clear boundaries so the horse knows what to expect. This reduces stress and relaxes the horse. And we work on the motivation so this will be improved.
    Besides that I did a lot of teaching, young kids, adults, group lessons and private lessons. All at all levels and guiding rides outside. Running the horse riding school is more than just horses. Taking care of the costumers, doing administrative work, logistics and everything what comes to it. Of course I am certified for teaching, and working as a behaviorist, I have my EFR and also I am certified as a dog trainer and behaviorist (to help out training and retraining dogs with behavioral issues).

    Beside being a trainer I am a professional photographer. You can have a look at my website www.leonietack.com see my photo's and blog.

    I have been teaching lessons in Dutch and English so both are fluent. Further I understand German and speak it quite okay. French I know the basic, basics. Spanish I am learning at the moment.

    I am very good with people and love to meet new ones and always happy to help out where needed. I am patience, happy and always in for a good time and some laughter! Running a horse riding school makes me very experienced with tourists and profiting service.

    Before getting in the horses I have had a lot of experience working in the horeca. At the riding schoo it self we also had a bar. I have been organising events and so on.

    I can build wordpress websites.

    I am certified as a divemaster.

    I have been working as a au pair for three girls in the age of 4, 7 and 9 years old.

    In my previous workaway projects I have: build a webpage, cleaned beaches, trained wild horses, helped in an animal shelter, helped in a cat shelter, helped constructing, worked in a couple of hostels, worked behind a bar, worked with cattle and have been photographing.

    I am looking for a place where it is a fun to work with a positive atmosphere and some happy people. I like to train horses, guide rides and teach. Work in the restaurants, bars, beach bars, guide dives, take photos, watch children, work with animals, language exchange, building, or take part in any kind of job to develop myself and experience your culture and country.

    Let me know what you can offer and if you are interested in having me over! I would like to know more about the work, how many hours, what kind actually, what about the place I am going to stay, food, transportation, beside work activities, is it all included. What to expect???

    One of the goal's of my travelling is to really get more word wise. I want to evolve my perspective of this world. To see the real lives of people all over the world. What you do to get by, how you live, what kind of work you do, what the important things in life are for you, what you do for fun, where you are proud about culture and country wise. And what are the difficulties living in your country, what are the benefits, how is living in your country like compared to what I know and used to. So I really want to learn about your country, culture and life.

    Let me know and who knows..... see you soon?

    Best regards Leonie Tack

  • Type of help

    Babysitting / child care
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project

  • What skills do you have?

    A lot! Ha ha
    documentairy maker (photographing and writing)
    Horse trainer (and instructor)
    Dog trainer (and instructor)
    Good with people
    Sailing (Instructor)
    Internet and website building
    Sports (many kinds, outdoor and water sports!)
    Fun to be around
    Use to be an au pair
    Languages: Dutch and English fluent. German and Spanish understanding, speaking it a bit (working at the Spanish at daily base)

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    Dutch, English, a bit of German, Spanish

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