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    Andorra, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, Zambia

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    30/04/2018 - 30/11/2019

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    ----> UPDATE: I will be working at an NGO in Rwanda during 2019. I'm not available as a last minute full-time volunteer but I'm always looking forward to hearing from interesting projects! Especially if it involves animal welfare or tourism. <----

    My name is David, I'm 32 years old and I'm from Argentina. When I was born my mother pick that name for me because she wanted me to have a name that can be pronounced in different languages. Somehow she knew that when I'd grown up I was going to love traveling. Nice! isn't it!?
    I started using Workaway in May 2016 and I haven't stopped. What started as a trip is becoming a lifestyle. So far I have stayed with 4 different hosts, and I have met many others and I have been traveling almost for 2 years in a row. It has been really a life-changing experience. I want to continue traveling to learn other points of view, to meet new people and defy everything I understand as "normal".
    I think a lot, I feel a lot. I'm interested in philosophy, psychology, what some people might call "spiritual teachings", creativity, art... Besides that, I like to spend time with friends and watch movies or tv series. I'm an honest, tolerant and easy going person. I don't like to argue with others, I don't like the unnecessary drama and stress around that, I believe that things can be sorted out speaking and understanding each other's point of view. I'm not a party type of person. Don't get me wrong, I can be at a party, but given the choice, I prefer a walk in nature or a long conversation about life.
    I'm completely open -and actually looking forward- to chat or talk via Skype with you as much as possible. I also willing to share with you, my profiles on different social media platforms (facebook / linkedin / blog / etc), or anything else you need to know to have a better idea of who I am. You can also find more info about me on my website: innerlightleaks.com. There you can find vlogs, some texts and a lot of pictures. I won't try to impress you with skill sets that I don't have or pretend to be someone else, I'm a really transparent guy and I know I'm not perfect. What you see is what you get :) Feel free to contact previous hosts if you need more references.
    I don't smoke
    I only drink alcohol on rare occasions (It might sound pretty boring, but yes, I'm not a big fan of alcohol)
    I love animals. I have three crazy dogs. All my life I have had pets, so I'm used to living with them.

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    Babysitting / child care
    Cooking / shopping
    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

  • What skills do you have?

    I'm a passionately curious person and I'm continuously learning new skills. As most jacks of all trades, I'm probably not an expert in any of these skills, but I feel I have a decent level and are things that I feel comfortable doing/sharing:

    Drawing, sculpting, carving wood, photography, 3d animation, Video (filming, editing, motion graphics, etc), acting (theatre, drama),

    Carpentry (I love working with wood!), DIY type of guy, gardening. From 2013-2015 I renovated an entire house: I built an extra room, I created furniture, I repaired walls, repaired appliances, etc. So everything that has to do with that type of work is something I can do, including some electric works and some plumbing too. I'm used to working with power tools. My dad is a construction engineer, so since I was a kid I have learned how to build and repair a house. I love to combine that with my artistic background and create very polished results.

    Capoeira, Guitar, Chess, Swimming, Meditation, Juggling. I also know a little bit about training dogs, just basic stuff. I feel completely comfortable working with any kind of animal, from horses to lions... (wouldn't that be a cool thing to include in a CV!?. Sadly I still haven't worked with lions.)

    Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, office, etc. I have knowledge of everything related to computers either software or hardware.
    Blogging, WordPress, Social media, a little bit of web design and basic coding / programming skills: Css, Html, Php.

    As for my academic background, I studied Fine Arts and then I studied Filmmaking. I have worked creating animations and doing video postproduction for commercials and documentaries. I have also worked several years as a professional photographer.
    You can know more visiting my LinkedIn profile: linkedin/in/deividesteban
    Please check out the pictures below, or ask me for more information about any of these

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    Spanish (native), English (fluent), Swedish (intermediate). Thinking about learning Arabic, Japanese or German

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    What am I looking for in a host?
    When I read a profile and see the pictures, I get a sense of that host. I know it sounds weird and supernatural but is a very I think is not. Don't you experience the same when you read an e-mail or see our profiles? I don't care too much about the touristic places nearby, or how nice my accommodation will be, what I care the most is to meet and stay with someone that I get along with. We don't need to have similar mind-set, just be respectful and somehow compatible with each other. That is something hard to predict and hard to fake also. There are a lot of people on this amazing platform and I think is just a matter of finding good matches and being honest. There are some practical things that I would ask you for or look for in your profile, but above all, I'm looking for this. For me it's not just about travelling is about getting to know you, your family, staff, or whatever the case might be, and hopefully become friends or at least share some good memories together. I'm always eager for learning more stuff either practical skills or ways of living and seeing life.

    As I mentioned before, Workaway is becoming a lifestyle on its own. In that sense, I'm probably not the regular workawayer who sees this as a 6 weeks holiday. And I think is worth mentioning a few things so you have a better idea of who am I and what I'm looking for.
    I'm currently exploring and trying different ways to work as a digital nomad. I love travelling and I want to find a sustainable way of doing it. Be able to create a job that I can combine with my interests and that I can do from anywhere. Because of this, I might use some of my "free" time to work on my projects. Are you ok with this? this will not interfere with my duties at your place. I have been doing this while staying with all my hosts and I have never had a problem but I know is not the most common thing and I think is worth mentioning beforehand.
    I'm not very attached to my home country. In the long run, I don't see myself living there. I don't know if I would like to live somewhere else or continue moving... I'm exploring possibilities. After experiencing workaway, I almost feel that I have several homes around the world, which is great!. I mention this, simply because is one of the main difference with other travellers. I don't think it has any practical consequences, I just wanted to share it :P

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Playing capoeira with friends
Carving wood
I photo I took during a wedding I loved!
a sketch of an sculpture I was commissioned to do for a small church
A drawing from college
Me and my dad during a trip to Buenos Aires
The small violin finished
Me working on a small violin... or trying to hypnotize it ;)
First time acting / performing in front of a large audience
First workaway project :). Handmade lamps for a garden in Brazil
Taking care of Indy, the donkey, in France. 4th workaway experience
at my home in Sweden. My second workaway experience