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    26/01/2015 - 25/01/2017

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    I'm a peaceful person with an open mind, curios, determined, looking to experience the most out of every situation and improve myself every day. More and more I feel the need to spend my time in nature, being active doing sport, helping animals and working on some interesting project.
    I'm really interested in permaculture, ecological projects, natural building, self sustainable living and would like to meet some like minded people with who share ideas and learn from each other.

    My main activity and passion at the moment Is wood carving, I'm happy with the fact that I always discover some new possibility, technique or material that at the moment I don't know and then change the way I express myself and enjoy the evolution of my creativity! I find that this happens the most while I travel and visit new places, meet new people and have new experiences.
    Since some time I'm trying to make something more out of this passion, so wherever I go, I will bring my tools with me and you'll probably see me carving some jewelry during the day.

    I'm really interested in different languages and I somehow find very exiting to find my self in a place of which I don't understand a word. What maybe inspires me the most is the possibility to express myself in a more complete or different way. I'm making some translation from time to time and and I really like it, hope to do it even more in the future.

    Not much time ago I discovered mountain biking and since I find that it always makes my trips more special, I will be traveling with 2 wheels. I'm getting more and more into sport and wherever I will go I will enjoy a ride on the hills or a trekking day on the mountains.

    I truly believe in food as medicine for body and mind and since few years I changed my diet in vegetarian (now mostly vegan), and appreciate more raw and fresh food. This is another aspect that I would like to know more in deep and I like to discover new fruit or herbs to add to my recipes.

    I can't wait to go on the road again and see what amazing things will come out of it!

  • Type of help

    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project

  • What skills do you have?

    I can help in many ways and I'm of course open to learn new skills. Since I was in school until 2 years ago, I can't say I'm a master in any particular field even if I already experienced and worked in many different ones (also through volunteering). This makes me even more determined and exited to learn new things. Despite that, I'm adaptable to many situations, I can help specially in artistic projects, in which I have some experience. Languages are also one of my passions and I would like to practice them, both learn and help. I would mostly love to have some project outside, building, in the garden or whatever interesting and productive!

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    Italian, English, I understand some Spanish

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      For food I'm not picky, but I'm trying to avoid gluten from my meals since I noticed that it creates me some problem. This doesn't mean I will never eat it, but if there is the possibility I would choose rise instead of pasta ;)

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