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    24/06/2018 - 20/03/2019

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    *️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️UPDATE: I wish to learn the skills that would allow me to LIVE OFF GRID without visiting the supermercado every other day!

    Skills like knowing how to set up a dry toilet, solar panels for electricity, build a yurt/a cabin/ a straw bale house, a simple tiny home made from natural materials like clay, cob, straw…

    ...install an off-grid water system, grow my own diverse and happy mix of veggies that do pretty well without any spraying and for little work (permaculture),
    learn how to cook delicious, nurturing and simple meat-free dishes (homemade pasta, jams, sourdough, tomato sauce etc included).

    I want to get to know myself through others and spirituality is a THE driving force behind it. I’ve had the chance to learn from an actual Sikh kundalini yoga master, get a taste of qigong from a tantra master… needless to say, I’ve fallen in love with both.
    Shamanism, kung fu, reiki are on the bucket list too.

    *️️*️️*️️Since my last profile edit (about a month ago, September 15th 2018) I have met amazing people, and experienced mindblowing and earth-shattering ideas penetrating and twisting my mind...

    I fell in love with workaway.

    When I left my old soul-sucking job I could have never imagined what happens when you follow your gut.

    My past way of life—screen-bound copywriting—was like a ticking bomb for my sanity. Despite feeling financially secure, something needed to change. Life needed to become simpler.

    So I took a big breather and stripped one layer, quit the job and bought a one way to Bristol, and then Barcelona, Tortosa... with many more one-way tickets to be bought.

    I figured all I need in life to feel at peace is a sharp pencil, paper, some land on my own with a 5x5 cabin by the woods... with enough space to grow tomatoes and cauliflower and stuff...

    Now, the big idea is to breathe, move, eat, love, think and feel like a key part of Mother Nature.

    I want a place for myself to get lost. And that's kinda it.

    What I LOVE are simple, rugged but cosy common spaces that are a perfect place for having deep and meaningful convos around some simple meat-free food, connecting human to human, uncovering layers between us and sharing whatever feels comfortable at the moment… well loved old school stove kitchens scented by the smell of baking bread mmm yes, please.

    So let us connect with the essence of life, minimize distractions (screens, news, dirty food, empty chatter), and maximize life - enjoy good clean food, shared moments of calm and insight, and share an experience or two.
    Most importantly, let us work to live and not the other way around.

    - Open and honest communication (I've been living in dorms, shared flats, and hostels since I was 15 - I got a feeling for making friends out of strangers)
    - Basic natural construction skills (have built a straw bale stable)
    - A spontaneous existentialist joke here and there
    - Quite solid cooking skills (the traditional Slovenian guilt free workaway desert is very much in order)
    - Can light up a party with finger rolls of fire - darbuka (Balkan blood is stronk with this one)
    - An eye for what has to be done
    - Mad writing skills (see below)

    Lata Gata!

    PS: Can help you with your website copy and texts (+ translation into English from German, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian). After a year in marketing, I've begun to despise selling... but there's nothing wrong in helping a fellow soul share his or her passion for free... if I believe in the things you are giving to the world.

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    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care

  • What skills do you have?

    Can cook a rather tasty (but simple) vegetarian/vegan - still a lot to learn though. Oatmeal, peanut butter, and almond milk is my staple food. Pasta with tomatoes, basil, and peppers is my 'religion.'
    *️️️️*️️️️ I fast 1 day per week = more food for you!

    Have built a straw bale house from ground to roof, housed 10 chickens, and lived with dogs for the better part of my life (a Stafford named Koko was my latest project - left in Slovenia unfortunately :(.

    Can shoot up to 3 motivational quotes per second.

    Can teach meditation, qigong, and some basic kundalini yoga. Yes, I'm profoundly spiritual. The daily yoga and meditation practice is the pinnacle of my day. The rest is a mere bonus.
    I play darbuka so I could teach you some finger rolls.
    Self-proclaimed movie aficionado with an admirable bookmarked movies selection.

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    English, German, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian

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    Right now, James Brown is telling me to get up and drive my funkaaaay soul. I'm struggling with being still... Off to do some yoga.

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      I could go full vegetarian, or vegan. Rarely eat meat though.


impro akro-yoga 'performance' at its best (smiling and agony go together in my world)
finishing my first foundation for the straw bale stable in Spain... not 100% leveled but close enough, hope it will protect the piggies from becoming pancakes :/ :)
guilt-free super filling Slovenian surprise dessert (that is sort of becoming a Workaway tradition)
when you take the perfect selfie with the gang! (after picking potatoes)
Koko - a 3y old Stafford that remained a pup... never met such an annoying but loving dog.
the winter night view on Ljubljana... if you flip your screen it looks like a spaceship is invading Earth