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    'Through the gateway to your weakness, lies your strength' - Ann Brennan

    Hi all, my name is Sarah, I'd like to introduce myself. Please read this before accepting me to ensure that we will mesh or that I am suitable.

    About my current situation: I will shortly be graduating from university, with an undergrad psychology degree. I am eager for the adventures to begin! As a student, my lifestyle has been quite sedentary, while I enjoy being intellectually stimulated, I am aware that I am yearning for more engagement with the outdoors and physical fulfilment. I have been living too in my mind and would now like to come back into my body. I have also been living in a city for too long and would like to escape to the outdoors. The north of Scotland is stunning, but my circumstances don't often allow me to get out and about as much as I'd like. To counteract this, I'd like to actually live in a beautiful location, so I wouldn't feel the need to escape! I am in a cross-over period of my life which means following university I would like to travel until I get a clearer idea of where I would like to settle, if anywhere. This means that I am free to help out with a large degree of flexibility and open-mindedness. I am not waiting for my next chapter to begin: this IS my next chapter.

    My previous experience: as a young person I have done standard jobs: bar work, waitressing etc, but in terms of paid employment nothing fulfilling. I have gained more fulfilment from volunteer roles which have included fundraiising for charity, phone counselling, and running community cafes and so on. I also have foundational qualifications in person-centred counselling. Regardless of whether I go back to do a post-grad in counselling, I know I will always have a calling to be a listener. I have done two vastly different work aways to date, both of which were educational and memorable. I love the immense opportunity this organisation offers to meet and network with others and exchange and learn.

    What I am like: I was always brought up to be polite and considerate - these were the most important qualities i was taught to possess. This said, I think I have always possessed empathic qualities which has made me sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. I gain fulfilment from helping others and making other people happy. I also strive for deep connection with people: struggling to forge superficial conversations or friendships if I don't feel them. However, now I am learning that it is equally important to be true to yourself as well and to never hold back or repress emotions. This means that I now share my own opinions more freely and assess my own reactions and feelings to events as i do them/ as they happen. Being young (and naive) I am of course trying to find myself and am constantly assessing my own reactions to things. With this, I am trying to be even more spontaneous and open to life. Unless it is not immediately obvious, I am a deep thinker (which is a blessing as much as a curse) and while this is important, as i said earlier I'd like to become more intuitive, or at least let intuition guide without rationalising everything.

    I have always appreciated the beauty in watching life unfold in front of you, I am trying to find the balance between organisation without attachment and spontaneity. I live for new experiences: meeting new people, discovering new music, tastes, philosophies and so on. My longer standing relationships with friends, family and home also matter greatly to me but I am at a stage where I want to learn as much about myself as possible in order to fly. I ask myself constantly, 'does this make my heart sing?' and 'what is it about it that either makes my heart sing or not?'. I encourage others to ask the same questions.

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    My interests and influences: my desire to help and interest in the mind has brought me to an interest in psychotherapy and the healing aspects of Buddhism. I am influenced by psychotherapists such as William James and John Welwood, and physicians such as Gabor Mate, although aim to expand this in time. Through my own physio issues and learning about the body's emotional reactions to pain, I have developed an interest in massage and Reiki through both being given and giving it (despite having no formal training I've been told I'm very good at giving massages). I would furthermore like to explore more techniques and learn along the way. A desire to calm my mind and come back into my body has introduced me to meditation. I am not a devoutly 'spiritual' person in an institutional sense but realise that spirituality is a way of being, and I try to engage in this dynamic principle without getting too bogged down with theory. I love the philosophies of teachers such as Ram Dass and Osho, despite having a psychological background. Becoming vegetarian for political reasons led me to an interest in nutrition and so I am a very experimental cook - I have always been brought up to believe you are what you eat so cherish good food, which is often but not exclusively healthy and good quality. As can be often assumed with this website, I am also a nature lover and am keen to learn more gardening, permaculture, horticulture and agricultural techniques.

    My vision: As said I'd like to expand and deepen my current interests, particularly in aromatherapy and other therapeutic disciplines should they reveal themselves to me. While I'm in a transformative period of my life, I don't intend to ever stop learning. I'd like to continue seeking formative experiences and create healing environments for myself and others around me. I am intrigued by communal living, particularly operating in part in gift economies, and would like to experience some examples of this. I would like to learn how to make crafts such as soaps and oils, and offer these in addition to massage, listening or food.

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    What I'd like to experience with workaway: I would like to expand on areas mentioned earlier: therapy, permaculture, gardening and farming, as well as gain and exchange any other interesting experiences or knowledge such as DIY. I would like to engage in physical activities and become stronger. As I've expressed, I see learning as an exchange, so to be worth both of our time am keen to learn and share. I would also love to continue building a network with creative, inspiring individuals who I can leave freely knowing that I have somewhere to return to, and feel enriched by and grateful for the experiences.

    I would NOT like to feel like an unpaid worker, or experience life at a fast pace as I don't think either are conducive to learning. If I am with a family, I will feel self-conscious about imposing so would only like to visit those who accept mistakes without judgement and are laid back. I would prefer to work with other volunteers, as part of a team, and would not like to be spending large periods in solitude while I can work independently. Also being new to a lot of the work on offer, I would like to be able to learn from someone with experience; from someone happy to explain the process and with patience. Despite this, I'd love to contribute ideas and other creative inputs. As my quote said at the top, this is a journey of self-discovery. As I listen to others, I am also learning to listen to myself and learn from everything. This means acknowledging difficulty, facing it, and excelling.

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