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    28/02/2018 - 07/07/2019

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    My name is Alaya, but you can call me "Diya", as it is my dharma name [spiritual name]. If we connect via messenger on FB to communicate beyond email, this is the name that will show up.
    I document my dreams as they are a source of wisdom and spiritual guidance, am a dancer, writer, self-taught visual artist, and an ongoing student of transpersonal psychology. I completed my master's in Transpersonal Psychology in order to deepen my understanding of my dream experiences. This journey is a deeply personal one steeped in the origins of the Black Madonna and the very obscure Sibyl tradition that are connected to a few civilizations in antiquity.
    I presented at a dream research conference in Kerkrade, Netherlands in June 2016: "Can cultural memory [and knowledge] be passed down through dreams?", demonstrating the value of dreams for personal growth and research. It was through this presentation that I made the connection to the Black Madonna, the Sibyls, Buddhism and the Mahari Tradition of Northern India.
    My focus, in addition to writing and self-publishing, is to follow the guidance revealed in my dreams: find a location in Italy - between Bologna and Firenze - to create a museum and a retreat center or sanctuary dedicated to the Black Madonna and the Sibyls; and to develop ongoing retreats and workshops for those interested in learning dance and exploring their creativity.
    All of my inspiration comes from the knowledge revealed in my dreams and I'd like to share it with those willing to embark on a journey of a lifetime.
    I also want to develop a dance company where the focus is on storytelling through the movement and art, with dreams as the source of inspiration. Maybe sometime in the future. ^_^
    The practical me: I am a woman of mixed heritage: Dutch, Israeli, North & East African on my mother's side; and Scottish-English, Indian (South Asian), South African on my father's side. My diverse ancestry is the inspiration that aides in my pursuit of dream studies as dreams were of great value to these antiquated cultures.
    As a dancer, I've trained in Ballet, Middle Eastern Dance/American Bellydance, Salsa, to name a few; and have developed a personal practice of Authentic Movement which contributes greatly to my ability to improvise [in dance...and in life]. I'm currently studying Odissi - one of India's classical dances; as it is not only just a part of my heritage, it is something I have been taught in my dreams for several years, however without knowing that it was Odissi I was being taught. It was only recently that I learned what style of dance it is [via my dreams]. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to go to India and do an intensive study of this dance form.

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    I am computer savvy - well versed in Microsoft word [sorry, I'm a PC devotee; I haven't explored Mac as of yet] capable of putting a website together [from setup to design - design from a template, not from coding/scratch - however I am also capable of editing code if need be]; amateur travel photographer; I love, love, love arts & crafts - craft wire [for jewelry or decor], paper crafts, jewelry making...and I Love to cook. I think food tastes so much better when lots of love goes into the preparation and cooking of food.

    I'm really good at photo editing; video and sound editing; GIMP knowledgeable [free alternative to Photoshop].

    Here are some of my crafty creations:

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    And I do eat meat based protein [mostly eggs, sometimes lamb, chicken, beef, or seafood] - I'm G6PD deficient so a vegan diet consisting of beans and lentils would actually do more harm than good seeing as most of the good plant proteins are legumes [chickpeas, red, white, black beans, peanuts].

    This means my red blood cell does not contain the enzyme G6PD to enable healthy cell metabolism. Thus, my red blood cells are destroyed faster than my body can remake them.

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      All Legumes/Beans [lima, kidney, white, red, black, peas, peanuts, anything in the bean family; Penecillin

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      Yes; I am G6PD deficient; this means I cannot eat any legumes [peanuts included]; and must stay away from all sulfates.


My attempts at a selfie on the rooftop of the villa I stayed at.
View of the villa I stayed in and rice field from the kitchen...
From inside the airport in Bali
Fountain that was next to my room
The bed I slept in....
One of the many temples in the city of Ubud, Bali.
Entrance to the Dragonfly Village, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud.
One of the water temples of Dewi Danu, on Lake Batur [one of the four lakes on Bali].
Just below the very top of Mt. Batur at sunrise. Took about 4 hours to climb...
At Himeji Temple in Japan [2010]
One part of Himeji Castle...
Another angle. I fell in love with this castle that I took a lot of pictures of it, and have not gotten to editing them all...
Kinkakuji [Golden Pavilion] in Kyoto...
Koken garden in Himeji City, Japan....right next to the castle.
Winter in South Korea, at a small park next to my apartment. [2009]
Park next to my apartment, S. Korea.
Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan
View from my apartment: Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.