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    **Planning to settle down in Western NC for a while. In the South East? Get in touch for collaboration!**

    Greetings, all!
    My name is Coda. I am from the "United States"; I grew up on Potawatomie, Odawa and Ojibwe ancestral lands, also known as Chicago, Illinois.

    I am a bodywork practitioner, student of herbalism. My academic background is in neuro/endocrinology. In the process of blending these disciplines together, and love to collaborate/discuss/dream about what might become! As movement/dance is part of my daily life, I love a nice floor to roll around on.

    I feel most at home in an inter-generational community or family, and love to skill share, grow food, dance, make music etc.
    My travel is open ended, and I am ultimately seeking a project where I can rest a while, and contribute to a shared vision.

    Sto studiando Italiano, aspiring Portuguese and Spanish student.

    I am queer. If this is something that you have questions about, please ask me up front. At this stage in my Iife, living in queer community is a high priority for me.

    Dreaming of alternatives to the many forms of imperialism that dominate our shared lives, and I push (within reason) the people around me to do the same. As well, I am pushed, by many loved ones and by new teachers, to continue living in integrity with my values, keeping gaze on the world being built.

  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    Animal Care
    Language practice

    Some knowledge of:  

    DIY and building projects
    Being an elderly companion
    General Maintenance
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects

    Able to teach about:  

    Babysitting and creative play
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Helping around the house
    Art Projects
  • More details about your skills

    Creating a meal for others (and myself) is an act of service I put lots of intention into. I have studied many different systems of nutrition, and treat food as medicine. Fermented, soaked, sprouted, or cultured raw grains/nuts/legumes comprise the bulk of my experimental endeavors in the kitchen. Along with cakes made from vegetables.

    I am a bodyworker (Northern Thai Style & myofascial trigger point therapy). I must limit the amount of sessions I do when I'm not around other bodyworkers. I do love teaching this practice to groups or couples.

    I have farming experience in both temperate and tropical climates, low-tech farming, vermicompost/humanure, mushroom cultivation, and maintaining a strain archive of prints and liquid cultures. I would love to learn more about animal care & eco building.

    Crafting tinctures and infused oils from herbs, fruits, mushrooms, etc. In-depth knowledge on herbal pharmacology. I'm currently carrying an ever-growing tincture apothecary with me...I dream of adding them to a community apothecary shelf one day so I have space in my bag for other things!
    I have done yoga teaching in the past, but prefer dancing, exploring and improvising with people.

    I have experience working with neurodivergent people, and people with brain injuries, or who otherwise have trouble communicating.

    Love hanging with kiddos, doing creative play. Experience with infant care.
    General housekeeping/deep cleaning....Great at organizing junk drawers and convincing you to get rid of your old clutter (:

  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    English: Fluent
    Hindi: Beginner
    Italian: Beginner
    Thai: Beginner
    Chinese (Mandarin): Beginner

    More details about my language interests
    would love to exchange english conversation for italian, portuguese, or spanish <3

    Find a language buddy

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  • What else ...

    Love making music. Guitar, piano, singing, percussion....something new!!? I am learning to be more "free" when making music/singing with other people...

    Always up for a chess game...enjoy sketching portraits and collaborating on paintings/murals.

    Of course, dancing, especially contact improv, is one of my favorite social activities. Interested in studying both Aikido and Capoeira more seriously. I've practiced a few different martial arts and would love a sparring buddy.

    Discussing and learning about astrology/cosmology, history, social dynamics, medicine, etc.,
    I listen to lots of podcasts and really enjoy being able to discuss the content with others...
    always more to add (:

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    • Special dietary requirements
      Whole & nutrient dense food is very important to me, and locally sourced when possible :)