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    Faroe Islands, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, Spain, Sweden

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    09/07/2018 - 01/01/2025

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    I have 3 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS for you... 🤔

    1) Are you the type of HOST who welcomes guests in a warmful & flexible way, providing well-earned HOSPITALITY for honest work?

    2) Are you looking for a RELIABLE workawayer, committed to helping and learning about the stuff you need to get done?

    3) What about an open-minded, POSITIVE type of person, who's capable of adapting in different contexts and situations?

    If you share these core values, I think we could potentially have a great experience together!


    Hey there! I'm Rey. :)

    Born in the Philippines and raised in Europe, I've been living a nomadic lifestyle for a few years now.

    I love immersing myself into different cultures, always looking for interesting experiences and cool new projects!

    I really enjoy outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking & backpacking.

    The most exciting part about travel to me is dealing with the unfamiliar and the growth that comes with it.

    Many of such experiences turned me into a reliable travel companion and fueled my enthusiasm for adventures!


    Professionally, I'm a freelance digital strategist & entrepreneur.

    Work, travel and play allowed me to develop good relational, communication, and diplomatic skills - teaching me to be at service to people.

    This also taught me the life philosophy of mutual respect that comes along with a mutual exchange of value.

    As a person who highly values self-development, I'm dedicated to lifelong learning and in seek for personal growth.

    For more details about my skills, check out the section below. 👇

    Looking forward to meeting you soon!


  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    DIY and building projects
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Charity Work

    Some knowledge of:  

    General Maintenance

    Able to teach about:  

    Language practice
    Helping with Computers/ Internet
  • More details about your skills

    In order to keep this section clear and well-organized, I've divided my skills into 3 categories:

    → BASIC [skills I can do as a volunteer]
    → PROFESSIONAL [skills I do for a living]
    → LEARNABLE [skills I'd like to learn]

    NOTE: I'm very flexible and willing to provide any of these skills based on your projects and the type of support you need - BUT as there's only so much I can do, please choose to invest my time and energy wisely :)

    _____[BASIC SKILLS]_____

    • 🏠 AIRBNB: I can assist you with the general management of a household!
    I've helped a variety of hostels, B&B, and Airbnb business as a volunteer.

    • 🍝 COOKING: I love cooking Italian food and I was raised with Asian cuisine!
    I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes and have developed an international taste.

    • ✨ CLEANING: I'm very used to cleaning any kind of dirty stuff unfinicky!
    I worked as a cleaner before & I personally try to have impeccable hygiene.

    • 🇺🇸 ENGLISH: I can teach English and you can practice it with me!
    I am highly fluent and have developed an American accent.

    • 🇮🇹 ITALIAN: I can teach Italian and you can practice it with me!
    My Italian is perfect and by all means, it became my mother tongue.

    • 🇪🇸 SPANISH: I can teach BASIC Spanish, especially simple grammar for kids!
    I've lived in Spain for over a year and have a Spanish school as a client.

    • 🎸 GUITAR: I can teach you how to play the guitar, starting with the rudiments.
    I've played the guitar for many years and was part of a rock band!

    • 🏋️ LIFTING: I can carry around reasonably heavy objects for you.
    I actually worked in a warehouse as a summer job!

    • 💪 OTHER MANUAL JOBS: driving, buying grocery, gardening, fruit picking.
    I am not a picky guy (pun intended) so you just name it. :D

    • 🐕 ANIMALS: I can do some dogsitting/catsitting!
    It was one of my first jobs when I was younger.


    • 🌐 DIGITAL MARKETING: I am a certified Digital Strategist and can help grow the marketing of your business.
    I support agencies, small business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs with their digital presence!

    • 📝 CONTENT CREATION: I can help with your business blog & social media with content creation.
    I know how to study and tailor valuable content for your audience to convert them into customers!

    • ⚡️ SEO: I can optimize your website and make it search engine friendly!
    I know the mechanics of SEO and could implement off-site SEO strategies for your website.

    • 🎬 VIDEOGRAPHY: I am good at video editing and have experienced growing YT channels!
    I can create promo videos as I've always loved making fun & creative videos.

    • 📸 PHOTOGRAPHY: I can shoot eye pleasing promotional pictures for you!
    I have an eye for great photos & I know some post-production editing.

    • 💡 APP PROTOTYPING: I can help turn your idea for an app into a real working mock-up!
    I've lead teams of startups winning multiple hackathons and pitching competitions.

    • 🤖 CHATBOTS: I can create a chat support AI that can assist your customer service!
    This is an emerging technology that could be used for your own business.

    • 🔥 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: I have a lot to share about the art and science of self-improvement.
    This is one of the things I always try to study and passionately read about!

    _______[SKILLS TO LEARN]_________

    • ⚓ SAILING: I have NO sailing experience but would really LOVE to learn it!
    Highly motivated and very willing, always dreamt about learning how to sail.

    • 🛠️ CARPENTRY: If you need help with construction/renovation, please teach me.
    I don't know much about building but I've helped with some renovation before!

    • 💬 FRENCH/GERMAN/RUSSIAN: I would definitely love to learn these languages.
    I might've studied a bit of grammar before but I need tons of practice!

    • 💰 BUSINESS NICHES: I would love to see how you operate your business.
    There's always plenty to learn from any system of a business and its industry!

  • Languages spoken

    English: Fluent
    Italian: Fluent
    Tagalog: Fluent
    Spanish: Intermediate

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  • What else ...

    Workaway gave me access to genuine experiences that traditional travel would never be able to provide.

    What I really like about it is being able to meet and develope unexpected connections with people from different walks of life around the world.

    As I like to think of myself as a continuous work in progress, I believe there is no better teacher in life than the world itself and the people in it.


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