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    It was a happy day when I finally figured out what to call this feeling that accompanies me anywhere I go, at times slumbering, at times overwhelming me with its intensity: I dare say it's love. Love and wonder for everything that is out there to see, to learn, to share with others...happiness at the thought of the beauty of life and the brilliance of people.

    I live with a constant thirst for new knowledge and new stories. This probably becomes most apparent in my interest for languages. Even though I'm only fluent in a few so far, I'm always trying to pick up more and am glad of every opportunity to be introduced to new ones.
    The quirks and peculiarities of different cultures are a source of infinite joy to me as I believe every culture has something that's worth appreciating and learning about. Coming from a diverse cultural background myself, I'm fascinated at the differences of life around the world and the common values and motivations that connect us all.

    I've walked down quite a bumpy road when it comes to my studies and choice of profession, but have finally found a goal that satisfies my desire to be helpful to other people. On the road, I've made plenty experience in helping children and young people with their studies as well as people who've fled from political persecution settle down in Germany. Together with a motivated group of friends, I'm doing youth work (mentoring, creative activities etc.) and leading a small volunteer initiative that aims at building bridges between people of different religious and cultural backgrounds in Germany.

    Books and really anything that's written down, or narrated, or sung, or played, give me joy. I love being in nature and traveling, being around animals and get my hands dirty, even though I have to admit I haven't done a lot of either of these things (yet).

    While I'm aware I lack experience in working on a farm as well as manual work, I'm eager to learn these skills that are so essential to human existence yet often under-appreciated and forgotten in the average city life.

    Let's get to know each other and see how much we gain from simply sharing in our experience of living!

  • Interests

    Charity work
    Performing arts
    Movies & TV
    Vegetarian or vegan
    Politics / Social justice
    Self development
    Events & social

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  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    DIY and building projects
    General Maintenance
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Animal Care
    Art Projects

    Some knowledge of:  

    Being an elderly companion
    Helping around the house
    Charity Work
    Helping with Computers/ Internet

    Able to teach about:  

    Language practice
  • More details about your skills

    - experience in pedagogy and youth work: four years of studying to become a teacher including some internships and tutoring positions, participating in and leading youth groups in the area of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, helping refugees settle down and adjust

    - moderate computer skills (incl. internship consisting of purely administrative and secretary work)

    - confidence in social skills and speaking publicly, appearing on stage etc.

    - have lived in an arrangement in which I had to care for most of the household myself for all my life so I'm not afraid of any work that has to be done around a house :)

  • Languages spoken

    German: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Russian: Fluent
    Turkish: Fluent
    Korean: Intermediate
    Latin: Intermediate
    Tatar: Intermediate
    Arabic: Beginner
    Kazakh: Beginner

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  • What else ...

    I'm the happy step-sister of a loving and delightfully daft Weimaraner called Harro so I'm no stranger to dogs :)

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      no meat, trying to go vegan



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