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    Chile, Moldova, Republic of, United Kingdom

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    01/12/2020 - 30/04/2021

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    I am a 56 years old Russian woman (22 April 1963), Anna Petrukhina (from Moscow, Russia), friendly, very overt, can discuss anything (except politics). Have two adult children, son (1986) and daughter (1987). Love being close to the forest/ocean/sea etc. as much as possible. Like communicate with people, travel, read, write, walk, ride a bicycle, watch movies on computer, etc. I really need a private room for sleeping time, so, dorm doesn't work for me. (I thought it is obvious, but talking with other WArs I realized sometimes it is not, so, I would like to have about 20°C in my room in the evening, when I have my free time, and ~ 16-18°C temperature in my bedroom at night, and hot water in the shower minimum once per week:).
    I have problems with my back and hips, so, I don't do heavy things.
    In May 2019 I've got through the surgery (breast cancer), and now I'm going back to my new "normal life". So, I am not a hard worker)) I put this information about my health condition in my profile now; I really don't want to be rejected again because of that (I had to inform about it one host who invited me to visit him in January 2020, and after that he wrote he "can't give me accommodation". The answer on my question "Why" in person was: "My house is not a hospital"...)
    Some days are good, some days are not so good, I have my limits, but I still can do lots of things with great pleasure.
    I am not a smoker, not a gamer (I don't do even board games, sorry, guys:) Played guitar and song, when I was younger and in love.
    I have lots of pictures on Picasa (didn't post since Jun 2013 unfortunately, but now Picasa doesn't work. Whatever, they say everyone can use my Picasa Archives:)

  • Type of help

    Cuidar de bebê / criança
    Companhia para idosos
    Cozinhar / compras
    Ajuda nas tarefas domésticas
    Cuidar de animais
    Ajudar turistas
    Praticar idiomas
    Projetos artísticos

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    I like to work with plants, animals. Can help with kids and seniors. I like to create coziness and working order in the house. I can help to declutter your space, if you are ready for that, but need some help, advice or push (I am kinda natural de-clattering person, I have been doing that since I was a little girl, when this special word was not so popular...).
    Actually, I am a biologist, scientist (Moscow State University, 1980-1985, Institute of Immunology, Moscow, 1985-2011, writer and editor (Cosmetic and Medicine, 1999-2008). I am not working in that area now, but it is a part of me, my background, the way I think (and I hope it will be as long as I will be able to think=).
    Now I'm traveling and working as a freelancer/volunteer.

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    Russian as native, English

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    I like to be out as much as possible. I prefer to live inside the Nature, having some facilities and Internet of course (I don't need TV). I strongly love the water and very happy if I can swim. I can talk, and hear, and be silent. I am thinking and trying to live this way: we really have the only one world. All creatures, plants, minerals, soils, etc. - all of them together - what we still have. So, if we destroy it, we destroy our world and ourselves. Of course we have to do some for living, but not because we stronger and have a right. Killing lab animals for example. Or killing animals and plants for eating them. But we have to handle it with minimum damages, saying sorry and thanks, as some tribal people did... Something like that...
    My WA 2016
    I came back from Greece (was there one month, 17 Nov-16 Dec 2016, and must say it was great, lots of experience, impressions, memories...). It was my first WA trip, two places (Messinia, Arcadia) and 3hs walk in Athens during my last day with WA host who likes to be a guide in Athens (Very serious man:) He rated me "good" in feedback, that means 3, I was really surprised, we were just walking around Acropolis. When I asked "why?", he answered: "I don't know you good enough...":)
    I'm going to French Pyrenees in January 2017 for other WA project!
    My WA 2017
    And now I can say it was amazing... One month at Sue place in Bugard (11 Jan - 6 Feb 2017).
    ...and I decided to come back to Pyrenees for other month, in the middle of March! I hope I can help one great local man (André) to became a new WorkAway host:)
    I was at André place from 11 March to 6 April, in Bugard, beautiful time, Spring in progress. What can I say now, André is not ready to continue as WA host with unknown people, maybe he needs more time... But my other local friend, Eva Mohle, from Bonnefont, is already online as a Work Away host!
    In April, 2018, I finished my 7-years California period (2011-2018), during those years I was spending in California most of my cold seasons, lots of time... This season was my last time in the US. So, I am going to continue that amazing experience with WorkAway. I will try to find some new WA places with warm climate, and warm people! And I really miss my favorite Californian places, beaches, especially Black's Beach, Torrey Pines Gliderport, Encinitas, Carlsbad (were I lived), Brown pelicans, that magic birds, they took my heart away... And I would love to find new places like that, but not in the US. If somebody can recommend me something like that, warm during my winter, I would really appreciate it.
    I do WA from October/November to March/April. During our Summer time I have lots of things to do in Russia, with my family and friends, living in our village place and traveling around.
    My WA 2018-2019
    Just came back from Germany. Spent one month at Dagmar's place (23 Oct -20 Nov 2018). New experience, lots of emotions, very warm feelings in my heart. Gorgeous Upper Franconia!
    I spent one month in Portugal (10 Dec 2018 - 9 Jan 2019). 3 weeks at Anir Witt place, in São Bartolomeu dos Gallegos, and 5 days in Lisbon. It was amazing. And I am going to Porto on my own for two weeks (20 March - 2 Apr 2019).
    My WA 2020 year started very unusual. I was invited not by host, but WorkAwayer. She was at home, in Gijón, checking travel buddy and decided to invite me to help her to improve her apartment and her land. And I just checked tickets and bought them. She was really surprised I am going to fly from Moscow. She was sure I was kinda around, in Spain or Portugal... And I am sorry only about one thing: I couldn't start two weeks earlier, just when she wrote me. She is amazing woman, and she has huge possibilities to be a host, she has lots of offers for WArs. And I really hope I inspired her to start to be a host. She showed me lots of beautiful places of Asturias, and I really felt in love and want to continue to explore Spain, she told me about places I would really love. We did a lot, and lots of things are waiting to be done. I really would love to come back, who knows, maybe I will. Thank you Montse, for everything, there's no enough words to say what you did for me. 6 days in Bilbao on my own and I will back home, to Moscow...
    And my trip to Italy March 13-April 6 2020 was cancelled. I was waiting for information about lockdown process in Italy. 8 March it was 15 provinces closed, but on March 9 it was all Italy closed. My flight to Italy was cancelled... I was invited (and I bought the tickets) in November 2019. We were in touch almost every day these months. Nobody knows when I can start to travel again and we can finally meet.

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      Milk, yogurt, cereals, olive oil, eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruits, greens, fish and seafood, wine, nuts, etc. I am not vegetarian, but I am ok with vegetarian food, most of my meals are vegetarian.


Marina di Massa, Toscana, Italy. June, 27, 2014
WorkAway 1: 19.11.2016, Lagkada, Messinia, Greece.
With Julia, Aris's mother, 20 November 2016. WorkAway 1: Lagkada, Messinia, Greece.
WorkAway 2: 1.12.2016, Megalopoli, Arcadia, Greece.
Hotel Leto, with Alex. 1 December 2016. WorkAway 2: Megalopoli, Arcadia, Greece
With Alex, 8 December 2016. WorkAway 2: Megalopoli, Arcadia, Greece
WorkAway 4: 18.01.2017, Bugard, Pyrenees, France.
Golf Club Lannemezan, 26 March 2017, with Sue, André (his BD), and Jude. (Restaurant Le Pre Vert) WorkAway 4: 26.03.2017, Bugard, Pyrenees, France.
WorkAway 5: 26.03.2017, Bugard, Pyrenees, France.
WorkAway 6: 26.10.2018, Hochstall, Upper Franconia, Germany.
With Dagmar, 26 October 2018. WorkAway 6: Hochstall, Upper Franconia, Germany.
WorkAway 7: 2.01.2019, Peniche, with Anir/São Bartolomeu dos Galegos, Portugal.
Nai Harn Beach, Phuket, Thailand. Feb 25, 2019
Zolotilovo/Khot'kovo, Moscow oblast, Russia. May 24, 2019
WorkAway 8: With Montse, 9.02.2020, Asturias, Spain.