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    My name is Daniel.

    The whole milieu of “Volunteering” should be one of the best environments to meet fascinating people and find true life experiences !

    I reckon the most important is sincerity, the urge to work and the experience of the field or the people.
    That’s certainly what I can and want to share after years traveling round the world !

    I’ve always been attracted by genuine human lifestyle (traditional, native) and into getting across to different culture and social back grounds, as a mean to understand people’s mind and discover what life was.

    But right now I feel the urge to do some “wholesome” activities for and with others, and practical « hands on » activity is what I want to do.

    So mostly ecological projects, farming, building or sharing experience and knowledge or perspectives acquired in other similar situation in « developing countries » native communities is the call.
    Even though my age could appear a bore to fellows volunteers, please consider the fact that habits of getting up early (5 or 6 am) for an hour meditation followed practical mainly physical, at least creative productive activity kept me in shape of spirit and body !

    My first journeys in 1968 were to North Africa then Turkey
    then in 1969 for a good 3 years living in India.
    From 1974-5 I was in Brazil and Colombia (several journeys).
    I then worked in Equator in 1978.
    I Spent 5 years in the USA with my American wife (no kids).
    After that: Japan for 18 months,
    then exploration of south East Asia for the first time.
    1990 to 2000 pretty much saw me back in EU teaching music
    with regular shorter study trips to Cuba and Africa to learn of their great music.
    In this last period 2001- 2014 I have been either teaching,
    or organizing cultural workshop-courses in Cuba and Africa
    for some of my European students, volunteering abroad,
    giving percussion “Team Building session”
    for companies mainly in Switzerland and France, etc.
    Then 2015-8 again back to Asia China playing jazz club scene or teaching English (3 years) bit of S-E Asia, meditation retreats in Myanmar, Nepal, North of Pakistan, and so on..
    During these years on the road I also have been living together with folks sometimes from very poor layers of society either in rural or urban areas, meaning I can adapt to modesty of comfort and mentality.
    Sometimes experimenting the hard work on a farm, the hardships of street sellers or finding a way to come across and teach the first English words to kids who only knew their local language as opposed to me not knowing any word of it !
    May life be good to you !

    I realize that sometimes things are so obvious that one forgets to mention.
    I am a professional musician from classical back ground having worked for symphonic orchestras
    I turned equally to jazz music and then while traveling and working In Ecuador at “ Orchestra Synfonica National”
    I got into the Latin Cuban thing which took me then into the African music and ethnic stuff.
    My last interest was for North Indian Classical Music and
    I recently spend 1 ½ years studying Tablas (surely not enough LOL)
    I have three books on percussions published by “ID Music" Paris ” “Edition musicale francaise”
    I’ve had my own teaching structure in Switzerland got involved in team building for company doing huge Djembe drum circles..

  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    Some knowledge of:  

    DIY and building projects
    Being an elderly companion
    General Maintenance
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Charity Work

    Able to teach about:  

    Language practice
    Art Projects
  • More details about your skills

    Teaching: English French Spanish /Teaching Music: and of course performing
    After  living all these years in different countries in many different type of houses: farms, fincas, tropical huts, or Himalayan traditional houses, on the survival with very basic means ( living at times on the fancy edge too LOL)
    I had to develop the basic all the around skills of one bound to fix everything with what was at hand adapting to local material !
    Basic office work on computer ! In fact after living on the road so many years I can adjuts to pretty much anything !

  • Languages spoken

    English: Fluent
    Spanish: Fluent
    French: Fluent
    Portuguese: Fluent
    Chinese (Mandarin): Fluent

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  • What else ...

    Some more about my experiences as a so called Volunteer. I have done lots of activities getting involved with local communities at a personal level travelling in Latin America Africa India China and so on. Sometimes teaching Music and either French English.
    By the way I was born in Switzerland but my father he spent his youth in England and we spoke English at home too so I could consider myself a Native English speaker.
    At many occasion while having my own enterprise abroad I realized that some young volunteers from NGO had certainly the qualification required for the jobs but no experience of the field or the people,
    and that’s certainly what I can offer after all these years of travel round the world!

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      no !! but I prefere veggies