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    Canada, United Kingdom

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    01/06/2019 - 01/06/2020

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    I love being outdoors and making things happen.
    I thoroughly enjoy the company of people and animals, being creative, sharing ideas and eating tasty fresh food.
    I grow a lot of fruit and veg in my rented house with a very large garden, but dream of owning my own land and working with people to live off grid, rearing animals on a small holding and sharing responsibilities as a community.
    Professionally, I am a natural history illustrator, gardener, and a painter decorator/handy woman for various owners and their rented properties in Bristol.
    I have years of experience working with many hand tools. My mind runs on logic, function, design and I thoroughly enjoy the use of all of my senses.
    I’m honest, I believe in transparency, trust, respect, caring for others, and doing your best.
    I have spent years working as a handy/live-in-maintenance person at one of my landlords properties in a large shared Edwardian townhouse, in exchange of rent, allowing to me save up some momey towards financing my future.
    I have some chickens, most of which I hatched and raised myself, as well as a small hareem of Indian runner ducks that scamper around my garden.
    I have also hatched lots of other ducks, quails and some geese for fun.
    I have illustrated a book that was published in Aug'13 called 'See What a Seal Can Do'. Written by an author who lives in Cornwall, UK about a day in the life of a Grey Seal.
    I have also illustrated books for scientists aimed at Children raising awareness about climate change and plastics in our oceans.
    I'm hoping to do some painting and drawing of the animals and wildlife on my adventures, and eventually write a few of my own non fiction storybooks.
    I'm always making, sewing, drawing. I love to design animal houses, making mosaics, working with reclaimed timber and baking cakes.
    I have had more than a few experiences where unfortunately hosts have taken me for granted, expecting me to work for days doing ridiculously cruel and boring, lonely tasks and not having the faintest idea what my skills are or why they chose me to come in the first place...so I feel I must write this to clarify a few things:
    It’s important that I connect with hosts and that they take the time to remember me as an individual - as I have taken the time to remember them, and paid a lot of money to travel to them. And that my skills are recognised and I am assigned the right tasks.
    As some one who is well experienced in many of the areas for Workaway, I can achieve a lot more, a lot quicker and at a higher quality of work than some one with little or no skills - and that we should not be expected to work the same amount of hours.
    I will not tolerate sexism BY ANY MEANS.
    Being made to pick up sticks for 4 hours a day because I have a vagina instead of a penis, whilst the ‘men’ do all the fun stuff - i.e building things, using tools or rounding up animals, is completely unacceptable.
    I am very physically strong and not petite, and I usually have far more experience than most other Workawayers ESPECIALLY the boys - some of which seem to have never even held a drill before.
    If you intend to host and function in this manner, I suggest you warn people of your backwardsness and allow nature to take its course so you can slowly become extinct...

    This is a culture exchange, not a free labour exchange.
    I have travelled the world doing Workaway so I know when you’re not treating people with respect.
    Hopefully this message will filter out the bad eggs!

    Sorry about the strong speech.

  • Type of help

    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Art project

  • What skills do you have?

    *️️️ I thrive on problem solving and using my initiative.

    *️️️ I'm a big visual learner and catch on very quick once I've got a feel for something/understand the logic and mechanics behind it.

    *️️️ I'm good with my hands - I'm strong but also careful and good with small, intricate things.

    *️️️ Work quickly and efficiently - cooking/baking, sewing, gardening, DIY, painting, fixing.

    *️️️ I'm an experienced grower of fruit and veg, and good with animals...so far

    *️️️ Love to learn!

    *️️️ I have good observational skills

    *️️️ I'm creative and resourceful

    *️️️ I also have X-ray vision and I can breathe underwater (I wish)

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    I have Narcolepsy.

    It is a rare neurological disorder that affects my ability to rest well when I sleep, and it also effects my ability to stay awake for normal periods of time throughout the day.
    I have medicine, but I still need to have a 45min - 1hr nap on average per day, and then after that I'm good to go again.
    On average I need about 10 hours sleep and then I must eat to take my medicine.
    Because of my relentless bouts of tiredness, I normally work hard for about 4 hours before I need to sit/lie down or eat/drink something sweet. My friend says I work on an 'explosive' level, I work like this to maximize work completed before needing to stop and rest.
    I'm not a danger to anyone and I know my body well enough to deal with as it comes on.
    I am legally allowed to drive now that I have meds to control the sleepiness.

    I'm a non-smoker.

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      lactose intolerant

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