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    01/07/2018 - 31/10/2020

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    Welcome to my super long profile. I tried to make It short and I failed big time; so here’s the first fact about me: I like to write.

    I’m Luisa, a writer from Chile living the digital nomad life.

    **At this moment, October 2020, I'm back in Chile, looking for workaway in beach places from December (could make It November) until March 2021**.

    I have experience doing Workaway. So far, I worked in Pacasmayo, Perú; San Andrés, Colombia; Río de Janeiro, Brazil, Rome, Italy; Brasov, Romania and Ljubliana, Slovenia (that was through another site, so the reference is not here). All of them have been amazing experiences and I have great feedback from my performance. You can check It at the end of this profile. I also been a host for several people, so if you check my host profile you will see my reviews from that.

    During this new chapter of Workaway, my main goal is to live life as a local. I do a lot of Couchsurfing also (for short stays), so I’m used to share with people and I can adapt very fast to new environments and circumstances.

    I speak 3 languages:

    Spanish: native. And since I’m a journalist my knowledge of Spanish is beyond being able to speak It and write It. I am a writer, I have done radio shows during several years, I wrote theater critic for almost a decade, so Spanish for me is a passion and I respect It and honor It in all the ways that I use It.

    English: fluent. I learned the basic grammar in school and the rest by watching movies and reading tons of journalistic articles and some novels. I’m able to speak It fluently and to write pieces with a high blogger standard.

    Portuguese: basic. I can speak It quite well, but my writing and spelling still needs a lot of work so I’m still in the process of improvement. It’s important to mention that I learned It in Brazil.

    I am working as a journalist while traveling. I have a few clients from Chile. I do PR management for them in general, and some press management depending on the time of the year. That is how I pay for my trip. So... having good Wifi is a must for me. I can not work in a place that has bad Wifi because of my job.

    I can do a lot of different things for you, so I decided to make a list.

    1. Writing. This is my thing. I can write content for a blog, a magazine, a newspaper... every kind of publication. I can write content for your website also. I can write articles recommending to your readers or clients, anything that you need for them to know. I can write the content of your brochures and printed materials. This I can do It in Spanish and English.

    2. Practicing Spanish. I won’t say that I can teach Spanish, although I probably can, because I think that you need an extra skill for that: the teaching skill. I haven’t done any course to teach Spanish, so I only know what I know by knowing this language so well. That’s why I think I’m a good fit for people who wants to practice, improve It or develop deeper understandings on how It works. No children, only adults.

    3. Creating content for social media. I have large experience managing social media networks, specially FaceBook and Instagram. I can manage the communities quite well because I have an obsession with unread messages. I can not have unread messages. That would just kill me, so I have to answer everyone and everything. Do you need to set a newsletter on Mailchimp? Let’s do that! Programmed your accounts in advance to have content ready to published without having to dedicate hours to do It? Let me create the system for you using free tools available to anyone. Your Paypal account is giving you problems? I can research how to solve It. Do you want to monetize your YouTube channel? I had a YouTube channel, so who’s better to do this? Your website is not showing the images? Give me an hour to investigate what happened and give you a solution (true story). I solve problems related with communications in general. I don’t know everything, but I’m a good researcher.

    4. Being a great receptionist. I’m good with the front desk. People come to me looking for answers or to check in, and I just love to help them with everything. Giving them tips on what to do, where to go, what to eat... I usually make a lot of friends between the guests of hostels and I take them to my favorite activities. This has a lot to do with my main passion: communication. Whether It is writing or managing social media, I just love to interact with people on clear basis. The good thing about having me on the front desk, is that I can do other things while I’m there. I can write and I can manage social media, so you will be having a lot of tasks done in the same amount of time. I know My Alocator software and I have use a lot of “homemade” booking systems that every place that I worked with had implemented. I’m a fast learner, so you can count that you won’t spend a lot of time teaching me the basics.

    5. Teaching or applying makeup. That’s right. Besides being a journalist, I’m also a makeup artist. I studied in Buenos Aires and perfected my art in the Theater School of Universidad de Chile. I have worked in several plays, short films, music video clips and also done tones of classes for institutions and on my own. I do bridal makeup, social makeup in general and I teach how to apply It to yourself or as an activity to develop professionally. I listed It in the 5th position because I’m traveling without a makeup kit, so I will have to use what you have. Let me tell you that I prefer a very natural style in makeup, luminous, clean, simple. If you’re looking for Instagram makeup trends, I’m not your person.

    6. Taking care of cats. I’m a cat lover, so if you need someone to take care of your cat while you’re gone, I’m the person. I will take care of your home also, of course, but I know that the most important thing is to recognize who’s the queen/king of the house and treating her/him us such. I have to do a lot of writing, so your baby will be in my company most of the time.

    7. Preparing breakfast. I’m not a great cook but I can do basic things, and in Río de Janeiro I was in charge of the breakfast with good results. I like to develop routines and follow them, that way I can be very fast setting the place and getting things ready.

    Well, that’s too long already. My idea of a work exchange is that I’m going to be at your place for you. Whatever you need that I can provide with my talents, I will. And if you happen to need something urgently in another area, I’m a team player, so I won’t leave you alone. We can work together to face the problems that every project has.

    Anyway, let me know if you need to know something more about me.

    Here’s me celebrating 1 year of traveling a few years ago:
    I hope to get to know you and to work with you. In the meantime, all the best!

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    Being an elderly companion
    Language practice
    Helping with Computers/ Internet
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    All the skills listed above.

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    Spanish: Fluent
    English: Beginner
    Portuguese: Beginner

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    Chilena | Chilean

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    Cat lover.

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