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    21/06/2019 - 28/07/2019

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    Hi All!
    I’m a 22 year old food enthusiast, revolving my life around food production, whether it be in the kitchen or the fields! I started cooking back when i was a teenager, doing so for friends and family, which developed into an desire to grow the food I cooked, which led me to farming, which eventually led my back to kitchens! And so my journey continues in seeing every side of food production, distribution, and consumption. I want to work to make good food more accessible to people who don’t have the privilege that’s currently necessary to access such (at least in America).

    As an individual, I’m very hard working and tend to lean into perfectionism in my workplace. I love to love my work and when i do, I work even harder! I’ll ask a hundred questions if something interests me, and keep doing so until i feel a full understanding of said concept; if someone gives me the space, I’ll ask a hundred more (the only thing that stops me is a worry that I’m bothering them). In that light, I’ll also answer a question in abundance. Essentially, I love conversation as a means of education: socially, academically, emotionally.

    In my workaway experience I have simple desires (and try to not have expectations!): Meet good people who have good morals, adventurous ideas, and provide the world with as much good as they can in whatever manner they are able. I want to learn from these people, have my mental boundaries pushed outward to allow for more understanding and compassion in myself; to obtain new information on how to live and how to give back into the world; and to discovers various forms of community that function through consideration for each other and the environment around them (near and far).

    And to be more specific to my current interest in the past year, I’d love to witness communities that have a thriving food culture based on truly accessible, truly organic food widely accepted and supported by non-farmers. I want to know why it works in those communities and why it doesn’t work in so many cities in the US. In Provence, France, I was able to get a weeks worth of fruit/vegetables from markets for $30-40 (on the high end). In my hometown of Los Angeles, the same amount would be upwards of $100, if not more. This produce was not traveling any further nor was it any better, and while i have some answers I want to full understating of why??? Why is good, healthy food a luxury for those with money, and not a right for everyone with a stomach to feed. Sorry I’m rambling, but you get it!

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    General Maintenance
    Cooking / shopping
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Art project

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    I can cook a delicious meal with almost anything; I’m notorious for making a beautiful dinner for friends/family after they open the cabinets and say “there’s nothing to eat for dinner” ! In that and all my work I’m very crafty, resourceful, and imaginative. I have good organizational skills whether it be physical layout or mental planning, and love to implement organization where it’s needed. I’m very capable when it comes to manual labor and love to work myself to a sweat, esp. if I have to combine physicality and creativity (oh, what fun!) Lastly my slight perfectionism assures a job given to me won’t be done until it’s it’s done well (and my standards are high)

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    English, very little Spanish (mostly pertaining to kitchen work)

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