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    Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama

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    22/10/2019 - 05/08/2020

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    After all, strangers are friends you haven't met yet!
    Second phase of Latin America to begin shortly.
    Workaway is really the ONLY way I travel and I have been very fortunate so far
    and so....
    If you're looking for personality, experience, energy, reliability, effort, leadership, team leading, as well as a team player, adaptability and of course good vibrations, you're on the right profile!
    I work well on my own, or as part of a team, whatever you need!
    I can literally talk and connect with anyone regardless of background or culture, you will usually find me chatting away at some corner of the world with the locals, camera or two at hand,, trying to get that shot, or just listening to their stories!
    I'll try to keep in brief....try is operative word, as there's so much I would like to share,
    After a break from the travel bug, I'm off traveling once more....Last year I was on a Workaway trip through Mexico, ONLY with workaway, and ended up in 5 different cities, working hostels and improving my Spanish.
    It is my wish to fully explore the country in depth while improving my already intermediate Spanish and having even newer experiences and stories.
    I was living & working in Ireland for 2 years, managing, supervising and working in the Irish Bar/Pub scene in Central Dublin, as well as plenty of TV work on various shows and photography work in events.
    Lived in England for 2 years. I have managed a pub in central London as well as worked as a social worker/support worker for adults with criminal backgrounds (talk about a challenge) . Also worked on a few tv shows as an extra, oh, and if you've seen First Dates, yes, the Irish (better) version, yes, I'm the Barman, but only if you're nice to me, otherwise, he's my younger brother haha.
    During my time in Europe, I have traveled to most countries and have spent close to 6 years in total in the continent.
    I am a well traveled individual who has spent nearly 3 years abroad in Asia/Pacific. Taught English in China. Lived & worked in Australia, China, U.S, Canada, UK, Ireland, as well as briefly lived in India, Spain, NZ, Thailand & many more. With Workaway, I have been able to stay longer in places...
    Mature, & dependable. Am socially adept at blending into any environment
    PHOTOGRAPHER in residence to many hostels I've volunteered for!
    EXPERIENCE with children, animal work, & plenty of Hospitality.
    I have experience with Animal care. Volunteered at Animal shelters and the Zoo (Australian section. Was crazy fun!), plus, I worked once as a shepherd to more than 130 Goats/sheep in a remote farm, as well as Workaway with Dogs in Alaska, Greece (with 450 Dogs!!) and recently Portugal & Mexico.
    A nomadic photographer...u can check out my work at
    as well as my FB page NomadicFox Photography /instagram @milesethanfox
    Published in Exotic Luxury Living magazine, a full 10 page spread featuring 13 of my people shots, as well as in NAA Magazine. I've been published online in a travel magazine as well as National Geographic's website. Self-published 4 photo books as well as hosted exhibitions. Certified PADI advanced diver. Hiked around the world. Looking to learn new things, meet new people from all walks of life & have fun, and come away with memorable experiences!
    What I really enjoy is Animal work, or Hostel work, 2 fields one could never have enough experience in, I believe. Also the chance for a language exchange, hospitality, tourism & travel-oriented work.
    I always write down stuff, and once it's written down, I know it:P I have the leadership skills, the confidence and would always love to learn more. I often lived and traveled in countries where I had no other choice but to converse in the local language and loved the challenge.
    Posses the leadership and problem solving skills . Confident I can contribute anywhere, and am sure you will agree as soon as you see me work. Am also a good driver, should you need that.
    I believe in driving safe and not fast.
    What I bring is character, personality, experience, leadership, reliability, dependability and trust!
    I have already contributed to a few of my workaway jobs through my photography work, helping promote their businesses and to this day, they still use my images and are grateful for it, so if I can help you grow that way, I would be more than happy to help, as I carry my own gear (though should you have extra gear lying around, give it here:P)

  • Type of help

    Babysitting / child care
    Elderly Companion
    General Maintenance
    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

  • What skills do you have?

    Beyond skills, I bring personality:)
    I've already contributed to many Workaway jobs, so I can help you there, as well with photo editing, Social Media takeovers, in order to promote your place. I've got 2 cameras with me at all times. I've covered many events, as well as photos for booking/hostelworld. So as long as you point me in the right direction, I'll TAKE IT FROM THERE!
    -HOSPITALITY experience- bar work/management of bars and pubs
    -a certified English teacher with experience (taught in China).
    -ANIMAL WORK EXPERIENCE. Great with animals and love working with them.
    I have worked and volunteered at MANY hostels and would love to do more of the same if possible. I can also TEACH Tai Chi and a bit of Yoga.
    -Well travelled & experienced, great with kids, interpersonal & leadership skills , volunteered at animal shelters, volunteered at camps as well.
    -Independent & trustworthy, sociable and adaptable. I fit in really easily!
    has construction & maintenance experience as well as vast experience in Hospitality (hotels, bars, restaurants). Fit, athletic & easygoing. Volunteered with kids from broken homes. Certified PADI advanced diver. Worked as an armed escort & medic on school/group trips/expeditions in the middle east.
    -DRIVER I've been driving for a long time, and have international licenses and can help by way or picking/dropping guests from/to your place.
    Worked as a Shepherd, it was quite the experience. Also worked on Flower farms, some gardening.
    I would love to have more hostel experience, as I have stayed in hundreds and volunteered in MANY....
    once again, if you need any quality content by way of images or help with your social media, I can help!
    I've done so in various places I volunteered at!!!!

  • Languages spoken

    English,Hebrew, Spanish, little German,Italian, Chinese, Russian

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    fruit salad, but safe to say Canadian. Earth citizen

  • What else ...

    Si, riquieres a todo en Espanol, puedo traducir jeje....
    llevarianos bien es por supuesto.
    Am sure we'll get along real well, & you'll find me highly dependable, respectful & useful.Willing and able to work hard, and have fun doing it. Plenty of volunteer experience in different fields. I'm a multi cultured & diverse individual who enjoys meeting new people & learning new things. always! working with people is what I love, but working with animals is my favorite thing, in hopes of doing so as a career.
    I'm a loyal member of couchsurfing!
    if u would like to know more about me, check out: (I've done the photography for a hostel in Catania, Sicily, Tbilisi, Georgia, & Tirana, Albania, Tulum, Mexico, Granada, Nicaragua as well as on Animal shelters)
    @MILESETHANFOX on Instagram

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      I eat anything:P


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